From the passenger seat: It’s only just begun

by Pete

If you haven’t yet, read Cam’s 8:00am article first.

We have gone through a period where people have asked me how I can possibly be associated with “someone like” Cameron Slater.  We’ve been quiet, taking the blows, day after day.  Occasionally a post to warn people to choose which side of history they want to be on.

As with Kim Dotcom, when we told people to pick carefully, this particular story has had too many people pile on top of Cameron thinking that the guy who laughs at dead babies, calls people feral and is generally unpleasant (all extreme distortions floated by his enemies) was going down.  As happens in cases like these, when people sense blood on the floor, they pile in.

Personally, I am bursting at the seams.  I’ve been wanting to tell the story for months now.  But being quiet and letting the investigations continue have paid off.  We don’t care who rawshark is.  We’ve known for months.  We don’t care who paid him.  We’ve known for months.   The patience to stay quiet has taken some energy, and it is still not the right time to tell all.

Occasionally there have been strong warnings for people to choose which side they want to be on.  This has generally been interpreted as threats.  It has been interpreted as angry Cam lashing out.  What we’ve tried to do is stop the vortex that is pulling in people that should know better, but with the available information to date, felt it was time to take an anti-Cameron stance.

Once again, people completely underestimate what’s going on.

And, they underestimate their adversary.  Cam Slater is generally considered to be a loud mouthed boorish angry idiot with a blog where he somehow magically fools people into returning every day because of cat videos and outrageous ‘shock jock’ tactics.

A few, at the center of the criminal conspiracy know and fear Cam Slater for the right reasons:  they know exactly what his power is.  And that is why they got together to create a plan that they hoped would topple Cam Slater’s will to live.

It wasn’t all about Cam Slater of course, but many of the conspirators had overlapping aims.  Some wanted a National government taken out.  Others wanted Judith Collins taken down.  But a fair proportion were busy trying to undermine the support network behind Cameron Slater.  There were even commercial incentives, as media at large knew Cameron was setting up a new media company to compete for their  customers.

The breadth of the conspiracy is breathtaking.  It has mowed down people’s careers, it’s cost business, it has created reputational damage.  Dimwits believing the conspirators’ stories wanted nothing to do with Cam Slater and anything do with him.  Thinking that being an early adopter of the righteous position was going to be just great (waves at 2 Degrees), the also piled in.

At some point people will get placed in a few boxes:  those who funded it, those who broke the law, those who took the fruits of a criminal conspiracy and used it knowing it was unethical and possibly illegal, those who got together to plan to systematically tear Cameron Slater’s life apart, including those who hoped Cam would do them the favour of ending his own.

We are often accused to hanging tantalising bits of information out there and then not following through.  Apart from the fact that that’s our prerogative, this will not be one of those occasion.  But it is critical that we stick to certain rules.  We can not tell you what we know, what we have hard proof of, until there is no damage to the process of justice.  The reason we’ve been so quiet, and we will not publish everything at once, is because doing so will damage our position.

The pressure they put on Cam was otherworldly.  Right now, the biggest pressure is financial.  In spite of trying to keep the cost down by representing himself in various courts and inquiries, it has been heartbreaking to see Nicky Hager clock up $50k in donations on the basis of a story that was obtained by crime, based on crime, and surrounded by crime.

It is time for the “good guys” to be counted.  Right now, we need our legal debts paid and some left over to deal with the remaining legal problems.   The majority of these problems were caused by the people in the conspiracy, directly or indirectly.  I’ve even found evidential links between the ongoing defamation case, the media and Nicky Hager.   It shouldn’t surprise me – they all have the same aim:  Destroy Cam Slater.

We normally don’t beg, and it is not Cam’s way.  But I can tell you that we’re now in a position where we want to start to push back.  We want to start telling the real story behind the Dirty Politics conspiracy.  And we want to bring all the conspirators into the sunlight.

These people generally have access to money, we’re out.

I know we’ve asked for your financial support to keep the blog running.  I can tell you that’s not under threat, in spite of the scumbags attempts to undermine its financial viability.  But Cam personally is very hard hit.  His closest friends have come to the end of their ability to help out.

We now come to you with the begging bowl:

UPDATE 11:14 am 3 Nov 2014:  

The account details here have been withdrawn and will shortly be updated.
Keep your eye on a post that will be published shortly.

UPDATE: 12:21 pm – please click here for account details.


This money will not go to Cam personally.  He won’t be buying a tank or the latest scope for his rifle.

We need 100 people to give him $500.   Out of 200,000+ readers, we need 100 of you to be part of keeping this man standing and capable of fighting back.   To some degree, it’s only him.  And the conspiracy group contains at least one millionaire, some blogs, political parties, activists and a huge band of people that have drunk the Koolaid.

Please step up.  We really need you now.

This just in

Name: John F

Email: [email protected]

Message: Toughen up whimp and stop bleating ,and a thought your blog
is an echo chamber as every one is scared of being banned like me. In
concluding more power to Hager and anyone who dislikes you,thousands
apon thousands

The daily barrage of trying to drag Cam’s spirits down continues.  The emails, comments (you don’t get to see), TXT messages and facebook messages are a constant refrain telling him he is useless, his support is imaginary, and all he is doing is destroying himself and all his friends.

Time to push back.

Please help.


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  • lightseed

    from the passenger seat I always find to be some of the most interesting articles on this site, thanks for sharing Pete

  • Lion_ess

    Paid $50 towards your fight and invite 9 others to match it. Good luck.

    • Carl

      Have just matched your payment. Waiting for the next person.

      • Chris

        Just paid $100, will do the same for the next 4 weeks to make $500

      • rantykiwi

        Just dropped $100 in. Who’s next?

      • InnerCityDweller

        Done, $100, and happy birthday Cam

    • exactchange


    • Bunter

      Just put our $50 worth in too. Happy birthday Cam and good luck with your efforts. Await with baited breath

    • Sally


    • Saggy

      Me too

    • chef01

      Matched and hope you and the family had a great day Cam. Thanks Pete for all the support you and the others provide Cam and his family.

  • steve and monique

    Have been reading both Cam, and Pete,s posts, and am appalled to hear of the mongrels who have resorted to nothing but scumbag tactics to remove both this site, and Cam from the planet. They deserve to have the light shined on them. I hope the donations to the legal fund exceed your expectations, so you can take these clowns to task. Keep up the good work team, and know the faithful are behind you, now, and in the future. And to Cam, keep strong, keep focused, you are one of a kind, and the world is a better place with you in it.,

    EDIT= have donated what we can

  • Steve (North Shore)

    200,000 + readers? Well even if 1000 readers donate $50 there is your first $50K.
    Think of it as a bonus over and above your subscription (I hope you all donate monthly)

  • jude

    Have just donated.We read Whale daily and rely on this blog for our news , and have done for some time now.
    It would be good to know when you reach your target.
    I am hopeful that like your donate button ,you exceed your target. You most certainly deserve to ! :)

    • MoggieManiac

      I’d like to think we could forget about targets.

      If half of the readers here, (100,000) just contributed $5 to the fighting fund Whaleoil would have $500,000 to do the job of bringing these b’s to justice.

      ps. I really do have empathy for any family who can’t manage $5 for upholding the law of justice and decency in NZ

      • jude

        I would find it tremendously satisfying to know that the legal fees are covered, was what I mean’t :)

      • MoggieManiac

        Just contributed $50.
        $5 for me and 9 other people who can’t manage a $5 contribution.

    • Nige.

      ^this from Jude. Who has had multiplete comments deleted, been blocked/banned, told off, warned but never ever (to my knowlege) been anti or upset over it. Yet your still here and have learned from it and are STILL willing to help out.

      A lot of people could learn from your composure.

      Thanks Jude. You rock.

      • jude

        There were occasions I was muttering about you mods under my breath!!
        Compare the comments here to other sites and I just think it is all too obvious why this blog will continue to grow and build momentum.
        Do not fret if the number of comments drop.
        In the build up to Christmas people will get busy but your blog will still be being read, have no doubt about that!:)

        • Wasapilot

          And here was I thinking you were a good girl Jude :-)

          • jude

            I am! :). Jeepers, Nige,!
            I have a Rum Pot recipe for you, Wasapilot.. I will keep for later. Makes a great xmas gift :)

          • Wasapilot

            Sounds great Jude. I will pass it on to Mrs Wasapilot, as my cooking skills are on a similar level to where I understand Lux is at.

  • Chris EM

    Very happy to help.

    The generous will prosper,
    those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.

  • Kelvin

    Done.$1k. Better than sky tv for entertainment.

  • Mother of ten

    $100 from me. All the best Cam and team

    • Ilovelife

      $100 from me too…done.

  • Have just donated. Every bit helps

  • pisces8284 .

    Donated $50 – NZ and democracy needs you

  • Wasapilot

    We have made a donation too. We are often keen to say things like “fight them Cam”, this is a way to help the fight.

    Apart from the balance I get from WO compared to left wing MSM, I have also got a lot of other great stuff out of my time on WO, such as –
    A lot of laughs at many of the witty comments.
    Recipies from Jude.
    Great computer advice from Greg Moore.
    A developing interest in feline videos.

    Thanks WO, and good luck with the fight

  • sin-ic

    $100 with my best wishes. Have a very Happy Birthday and get refreshed to carry on your great work. Big thumbs up for all your team.

  • Neil

    $50 from me, hope you get your legal costs covered as you are fighting for all of us.Well done to all WO staff!

  • Clutch Cargo

    Hey WO team, I have made two $100 donations today, one to the Koanga Gardens to help preserve heritage seeds and the other to Cams fighting fund to help eliminate weeds. Seeds and Weeds, has a nice ring to it!!!

  • yossarian

    My donation just made. All power to Cam and the team. Let the sun shine soon on the dark and nasty.


    Just done my bit….Go and shine some light on these ‘lovely people’

  • Not Clinically Insane

    And done here. The whole truth needs to be told…. not just one mans take on a heavily edited version of it

  • Toothbrush76

    Use your knowledge wisely and hold on.
    Help is on the way

  • STAG

    Kia Kaha Cam & Co. Don’t let the bad guys get you down.

  • StacyMcNaught

    Donated also, fairly sure it will be a wise investment in entertainment no matter what the outcome. Get up ’em

  • Franco.Prussia

    I have been getting a free 5 week “trial” of the Herald as part of my AA membership. It’s handy to have some newspaper for the garden, etc. Anyway, long story short, they called me the other day with their subscription offer… it felt good to say no to them, and it feels even better to say I’ve donated to you instead.

    • Wasapilot

      I notice now that even our fish and chips aren’t rapped in newspaper as they used to be. Even the fish must find the left wing MSM print publications abhorent, or maybe newspaper just leaves a horrible taste in peoples mouths these days.

      • Jafarma

        Or maybe newspaper circulation has dropped so much there are more fish and chips produced than there are newspapers to wrap them

        • Dave

          Or maybe most people don’t want their shark n tatties wrapped in tainted heralds.

  • Kiwi girl

    I dont like dishonesty or bullying from the media or politicians.

    Whaleoil provides a refreshing viewpoint. We need to protect and guard freedom of speech. I dont share Whaleoils views on some issues but as long as I can respectfully put my point of view long may this blog continue.

    Have just donated $200.00. Called putting your money where your mouth is.

    • Jonathan P

      You don’t like bullying? Best you do a little research on previous WO articles.

  • bjmarsh

    As a disabled War Pensioner my means are limited so have only been able to send you $100 on line. Keep the faith and don’t give an inch. Kia Kaha, Onwards and Happy Birthday Cam, thanks Pete et al.

  • ToboldLeeGoh

    A very happy Birthday to Cam. A courageous and honest man.
    $500 in the collection plate – will be processed tomorrow.
    Come on all you readers and supporters stand up and be counted – every little bit helps – give what you can and let’s rid our beautiful country of the scourge of ‘the end justifies the means’ brigade. Time we were FREED!

  • Blackcap

    $50 donated, keep up the fight.

  • Vladath

    I don’t like people who profit from illegal activity such as hacking computers and emails, be they criminal gangs or pseudo journalists. Have therefore donated.

  • KiwiDR

    $250 donated. All the best guys and happy birthday Cam.

  • Tony

    Good luck everyone

  • haysel

    Whale, I don’t always agree with you, but on the whole I like what you do and I want you and your team to continue, you are doing important work.
    Just dropped ya a hundee

  • Myangle

    $100 on the way from me. Go get em!
    Fat finger problem

  • gambler

    Altho your going up against a larger foe, you don’t back off and go hard.. NZ needs more ppl like the WO team..Hope my contribution helps.

  • Sooty

    I hope that you deal to them real soon and put us out our misery. The waiting is getting to us. Do we need to to order in truck loads of popcorn? Happy birthday mate!

  • Karl

    My $200 sent with best wishes to help you fight the good fight

  • roblin

    Have been a silent reader for a year. My small donation is on the way. Keep up the good work and stay strong Cam/SB and WO crew!

  • Dave

    Having read and re-read your post and Cams, then a brief tour of twitter and some of the very lowly ranked bogs, it’s easy to put 2+2 together and come up with thousands, especially when one very bitter blogger with a doctorate in flower arranging is so outspoken on twitter, he won’t sleep very well. Good luck to Cam , Pete,SB and the entire team, stay strong! Suggest Karma is best served slowly to extract maximum discomfort.

  • The Peoples Poet Says….

    Hey Cam…Mate just got back. Just chucked $150 in to the bucket – and if I can do anything else outside f this let me know. We need to be Freed!!

  • rua kenana

    It’s value for money, Pete, not begging.
    I don’t agree with everything said here, but I do value freedom of speech above most other things. Limited freedom of speech is limited democracy. This blog is a great NZ asset in that regard and I want it to keep going.
    Unfortunately can’t make $500 right now, but hope that $107.31 will help somewhat. (The oddball amount is so WO can check that I did as I say).

  • benniedawg

    Great work as always and happy to chip in $50.

    • disqus_CnsZbZYKMl

      A privilege to donate $100 Cam. Enjoy reading your blog every day. Just taking down the loathsome Lynn Prentice is worth every penny! Keep up the good work

  • Jonathan P

    I think its all fair and fine to disagree with Cam and his methods, depending on who you are this may come easier than not.
    Even wishing that he would disappear from the media landscape is ok.
    Taking action to have such things happen is of course another thing, every person should be free to pursue what they wish as long as it is legal to the best of their ability (and to date I don’t think Cam has done anything deemed illegal, immoral maybe, to shut him down).
    As for the wishing of death etc that just goes without saying its just wrong.

    I do find it curious that you dislike what these people are trying to do to you yet you seem to enjoy the thought of what will be the impending revenge.
    Its not ok if someone is offending against you but when the shoe is on your foot its acceptable.

    You will do what you wish as you always have done

    • Euan Ross-Taylor

      “I do find it curious that you dislike what these people are trying to do to you yet you seem to enjoy the thought of what will be the impending revenge.’

      You do say some silly things Jonathan. Let me spell it out for you – their methods are bad (inciting suicide), WO methods are about letting the law follow its course, then exposing who have conspired to support hackers and thieves. Your moral compass seems a little skewed?

  • Lord Evans

    You have my full support in this fight for justice plus sending some Karma missiles back to the scum who have tried to take you out. I expect this will take some time and come at some cost, so I’m budgeting another $50 a month for the foreseeable future.