Murdering pedo scumbag doesn’t like hard lag, might return voluntarily, if they let him

Poor little murdering pedo scumbag?Phillip Smith doesn’t like life sitting in a steamy cell in Brazil and is contemplating coming home voluntarily.

Runaway killer Phillip John Smith will voluntarily return to New Zealand to escape harsh conditions in the Brazilian jail system, says his lawyer.

Smith was transferred from the notorious Ary Franco Prison to the Bandeira Stampa public jail, part of the Gericino Penitentiary Complex – the largest public prison in Brazil – on Friday.

If the 40-year-old sex offender chooses to fight his extradition to New Zealand, he could face several months in a dangerous and basic South American prison.

Smith boasted from Brazil that New Zealand would have considerable difficulty getting him back – if they caught him.

But given the conditions behind bars, lawyer Tony Ellis said he expected his client would voluntarily return to New Zealand, rather than go through an extradition or deportation process.

“The conditions will be pretty awful in jail,” he told the Herald on Sunday.

Oh boo hoo.?Honestly I don’t know why he is complaining, he told the apartment agent he swings both ways.

Smith told Jonsson his name was Phil Daniels, and that he came from Australia. He also said he had lost his passport in the taxi from the airport, and claimed that he would head to the Australian consulate to sort out some temporary papers.

Smith was also keen to find out about the nightlife in the area.

“He told me that ‘he swings both ways’ and that he was really interested in finding out about the gay bars in the area,” Jonsson said.

“There’s a gay bar called ‘Le Boy’ not far from here so I pointed it out to him.”

Oh the irony.

But don’t you just love how the media are all over this now, pushing the pedo killer scumbag’s point of view, hugging up real close to him, making him a celebrity in the process.

If I was in charge of the repatriation process I’d want to make sure I had a Portugese speaking assistant…oh bugger the only one available to assist with the process has just gone on maternity leave.

Of course documents can easily be misplaced, such is the bureaucracy in both countries…could be several months before travel documents can be re-issued and delivered safely to Brazil.

When he gets back I think he should go straight to Pare Max, no more holiday camp stays at Springhill Prison.


– NZ Herald