Some questions I’d like The Nation to ask Laila


I see Laila Harre is going on The Nation this weekend.

This weekend on The Nation? Laila Harre breaks her post-election silence? the veteran activist of the left fronts up on the future of the Internet Party, her own leadership, and what?s next for her.

Most likely it will be promoting the thing her and her sister are doing.

I also see that Matthew Hooton is adding commentary. I hope that both him and Laila have declared that they are about to jet off to Colorado on a skiing holiday together.

It really should be declared if you are going to provide commentary about her. ?

But here are the questions I’d like The Nation to ask Laila Harre:

  1. What was her actual involvement in Dirty Politics
  2. Will Laila come clean about how Nicky Hager was contacted and by whom before he received the information from the hacker
  3. What does she know about the value of bitcoins?
  4. Why did she tell Mark Mitchell at a meeting at Paremoremo that he hadn’t been hacked?
  5. How could she know this?
  6. Can she categorically rule out Kim Dotcom as the funder and organiser of the crimes against me?
  7. How closely did she work with Matt McCarten, Martyn Bradbury, Lynn Prentice, Giovanni Tiso and the hacker in feeding the illegally obtained information to various media outlets and other parties?
  8. Who really played Dirty Politics Laila?
  9. Does she think she will go to jail over Dirty Politics or does she think she has covered her tracks sufficiently to weasel out of it?
  10. Will she tell the truth about the reason why her and Hone Harawira went their different ways?