Why the silence? Bludgers don’t want us to know how much bludging they are doing

Team NZ always asking for more

Team NZ always asking for more

The bludgers in Team NZ are being assisted by the government who is playing secrets over precisely how large the bludging is.

This is?completely unacceptable.

If taxpayers are stumping up cash then we are entitled to know just how much extra corporate bludging that Steven Joyce is happy to fund.

The Government will not say how much taxpayer cash Team New Zealand have requested to help bankroll their next tilt at the America’s Cup.

Documents about public funding of the yachting syndicate sought by the Herald through the Official Information Act were either heavily redacted or withheld by officials acting for Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce.

Citing the public’s right to know how its money is spent by public officials, theHerald has lodged an urgent appeal with the Ombudsman.?

Information kept secret includes the amount of money requested for the current campaign, and details of how the $5 million provided so far has been spent.

In an email to the Herald a spokeswoman for Mr Joyce said the America’s Cup represented “a highly competitive and commercially sensitive environment, and release of budget and funding information of this nature would be likely to unreasonably prejudice the commercial position of Team NZ, providing advantageous information to competitors”.

There was no explanation as to why knowing how much taxpayer funding Team NZ had requested would help the syndicate’s competitors, which are all privately owned.

The spokeswoman did say the public purse would not be drained by any more than the $40.05 million handed out during the yachting syndicate’s last, unsuccessful campaign.

Team NZ should be told to piss off.

It’s a rich man’s sport and they are hoovering up funding for sport that would be better spent on much more popular sports.

If they can’t fund it themselves then they can piss off.


– NZ Herald