Someone should tell Colin that the election was over on September 20

Colin Craig has spent literally millions of dollars in past years losing.

The best he has ever done was getting slayed by Mark Mitchell in Rodney in 2011.

Before that he came third in the 2010 mayoral election.

The man is politically retarded, and continues to prove that.

political retards

Someone needs to tell Colin craig and his little band of single issue nutters that the election was held on September 20, and that Roy Morgan polls are on crack and of no import by clear thinking political strategists.

These dreamers need some sound advice from Daryl Kerrigan.

The Conservative party continues to fail because their leader is tone deaf and a complete political retard.

There could be some hope though, I mean they couldn’t go far wrong asking Wrongly Wrongson, the blogger formerly known as Martin Martyn Bradbury, to give them some tips now his gig with Internet Mana is up.