A timely tune up for NZ media

This story is a?timely tune up for NZ media.

It is not ok to hack phones but journos think it’s ok to reproduce stories off hacks in NZ, and worse still a hack against?another journalist.

A former journalist with British tabloid the Sunday Mirror has pleaded guilty to hacking into voicemails in pursuit of an exclusive story.

Graham Johnson admitted guilt Thursday and will be sentenced Nov. 27. The 46-year-old had turned himself in to police after learning of the arrest of colleagues on similar charges.

Johnson said he was taught how to hack into voicemails by a supervisor and had used the technique in 2001 while investigating a possible affair between a soap opera actress and a gangster. He told the court he didn’t know the hacking was illegal when he did it.

District Judge Quentin Purdy praised Johnson for confessing his crime.

Britain’s long-running phone hacking scandal has led to the closure of the News of the World tabloid and numerous arrests.

While the media were busy feeding on my carcass they never even bothered to be outraged that News of the World style hacking had now been brought to New Zealand by Nicky Hager and his “good guy” hacker pal.

Not a single thing has been written about the hacker, not a single news organisation in New Zealand has bothered to express outrage at these developments.

They even argued in court that this is a good thing.

They should beware what they wish for. One day someone is going to go after them and then we will see their selective, sanctimonious and ?hypocritical outrage come pouring out and there will likely be somewhere around who will point out their hypocrisy for them as they find their lives unpacked.

The final irony is the worst protagonist during the Dirty Politics outrage, the NZ Herald, is the media organisation reporting this.


– NZ Herald