Dissent of the Day – There is nothing to worry about? Yeah, Nah!

by Travis Poulson

After the post Dissent of the Day – There is nothing to worry about I thought I’d do a little homework in regards to the writers attitude of ‘we’re not that bad really‘.

Below I have compiled a list of current world conflicts and highlighted the ones that involve Muslims or Islamic extremists in bold text, not exclusively but involved as a combatant in some capacity.

For some of the conflicts I have listed the groups for the obvious lesser known involvement

+Mexican drug war Iran (alleged), Hezbollah (alleged)
+Syrian Civil War
+Iraqi insurgency
+2014 Iraq Crisis
+South Sudanese Civil War
+Israeli?Palestinian conflict
+Afghan Civil War (Taliban insurgency)
+Somali Civil War (numerous Islamist groups)
+Islamist insurgency in Nigeria
+War in North-West Pakistan (Al Qaeda and numerous other Islamist groups)
+SInai Insurgency (multiple Islamic groups)
+2014 Libyan Conflict (multiple Islamic groups)
+Central African Republic conflict (multiple allied Islamic groups)
+War in Ukraine
+Insurgency in the North Caucasus (Three Islamic militant groups)
+Kashmir conflict (Pakistan, multiple Islamic groups)
+Balochistan conflict (multiple Islamic groups)
+ internal conflict in Burma (Mujahideen)
+Insurgency in Northeast India
+Colombian conflict
+Naxalite?Maoist insurgency
+Moro insurgency in the Philippines (multiple Islamic groups)
+Xinjiang conflict (several Islamic groups)
+Al-Qaeda insurgency in Yemen
+War in Darfur
+Shia insurgency in Yemen
+South Thailand Insurgency (multiple Islamic groups)
+Allied Democratic Forces insurgency (al shabaab, aligned with Al Qaeda)
+Syrian Civil War spillover in Lebanon (ISIS & multiple Islamic groups)
+Korean Conflict
+Papua Conflict (Indonesia)
+Communist insurgency in the Philippines
+Internal conflict in Peru
+Turkey?PKK conflict
+Lord’s Resistance Army insurgency
+Nagorno-Karabakh conflict
+Insurgency in the Maghreb (multiple Islamic groups)
+Sudan?SRF conflict (multiple Islamist groups)

Nothing to be alarmed about here then.