Whinging Poms seem to want to stop Israel defending itself

Me with the Iron Dome Photo/ Cam Slater, Whaleoil Media

Pommy whingers and haters of Israel seem to want to stop Israel from defending itself by opposing the shipping of vital components for their defence forces.

Britain approved the sale of arms to Israel worth ?7m in the six months before its offensive on Gaza this summer, including components for drones, combat aircraft and helicopters along with spare parts for sniper rifles, according to figures seen byThe Independent.

The government data will raise fresh concerns that British-made equipment was used by the Israeli military during Operation Protective Edge in Gaza in July and August, which led to more than 2,000 Palestinian deaths and 73 Israeli fatalities, 66 of them soldiers.

The Independent can reveal that ministers in the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) have also ordered a fresh review of military export licences to Israel granted prior to the outbreak of the conflict after officials found 12 instances where arms containing British components may have been used in Gaza by the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF).

The refusal of the Government to suspend these licences caused a split in the Coalition and led to the resignation of Foreign Office minister Baroness Warsi, who described Britain?s stance during the Israeli land and air assault as ?morally indefensible?.

Official figures declared to the Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) show that Britain granted 68 export licences for ?6.96 of military-use items to be sent to Israel between January and the end of June this year.

The licences covered a broad range of weaponry, including parts for drones and combat jets as well as military radar components and ?600,000 of ?high-power RF weapon systems?, in effect energy ray weapons which can be used for purposes from air defence to disabling cars.

The licences also included armour plating, anti-armour ammunition, electronic warfare components, sniper rifle parts and technology for weapons sights. One licence for an unspecified amount of small arms ammunition was refused on grounds of ?risk of diversion or re-export to undesirable end-users?.?

?7m is bugger all, and these items are vital for Israel to defend themselves.

The only reason why you would oppose those shipments is because you think it is OK for Qatar and Iran to supply and fund Hamas with their weapons but not OK for Israel to defend themselves against them.

As I said??7m is bugger all, each missile interdiction by The Iron Dome system uses two Rafael?missiles at a cost of US$50,000 each. So US$100,000 for each interception. Do the math. US$100k in pounds is around??64k, which means for??7M you’d only get under 150 interceptions. In the last round of hostilities Hamas fired 3824 rockets. Not all rockets are intercepted but you get the picture.

These whinging Poms are actively seeking to ensure Israel cannot defend itself.

The Israelis know this though and so they will now be starting their own weapons development to keep designs and manufacture in-house so attempted boycotts like this don’t work.