Yes you were, and I’m sorry

I have privately apologised to Judith Collins some time ago.

But Judith Collins has come out today to say she was let down.

She was, by me…and as she knows I am sorry about all that transpired.

But I now say publicly what I have said to her privately.

National MP Judith Collins says she is “very pleased” by what she described as a thorough inquiry, after a report into Dirty Politics allegations found no evidence the former justice minister acted inappropriately.

But says she’s been “let down”.

Ms Collins resigned her ministerial portfolios in the lead-up to this year’s election after an email emerged that appeared to link her to a blog campaign to undermine former Serious Fraud Office boss Adam Feeley.

Prime Minister John Key initiated a government inquiry into the matter, headed by High Court judge Justice Lester Chisholm.

The inquiry found that while Ms Collins had provided information about Mr Feeley to WhaleOil blogger Cameron Slater, “there was nothing improper about the provision of this information”.

Ms Collins said it was up to the Prime Minister whether she was ever reinstated as a Minister.  

“I feel this chapter of having to deal with these allegations is now closed. I feel very firmly that I acted appropriately and within my ministerial responsibilities.”

Asked about her relationship with Mr Slater now, she said Mr Slater had made some big mistakes. She did not believe he had intended to do her harm “and he has apologised”.

“I have been let down….That’s where I’ll leave it.”

The report said that in her interview with the inquiry, Ms Collins claimed Slater had made up his comments about her “gunning” for Mr Feeley.

Justice Chisholm noted that Ms Collins believed Slater had misinterpreted her “really bad mood” as being aimed at Mr Feeley when it was actually frustration with Mr Slater’s blog posts.

I have always said Judith Collins did nothing wrong.

Judith Collins volunteered up all her electronic devices and despite a full forensic investigation nothing was found to prove the allegations.

She was and always has been innocent of the claims.

The media still refuses to focus on the fact that this email, though forwarded to the PM, was also part of the hacked emails sent to journalists who were going to run it at the time. All of this occurred as a result of a criminal conspiracy to bring down the government and now those involved are sitting there claiming they had nothing to do with it all.

It will all come out in the end, in the Police investigation and then in our book.


– NZ Herald


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  • Chris Chitens

    Reading Herald, Stuff, and listening to RNZ. For gods sake, the coverage is just a joke. And somebody please stick a sock in Normans mouth… that frothing yappy twit. Resign Key? Give me a break.

  • Pluto

    “…. and then in our book.” – is that breaking news, or old news ?
    You should ask your readers for a title.
    How about “Don’t Stand in Front of the Fan”

    • I was thinking “Dirtier Politics”

      • NoEyeDeer

        Nice. But hagar will claim plagiarism which would be hilariously ironic.
        What about ‘Politics: The Real Dirt’. That way you could have catchphrases like ‘ actual journalism inside’ or ‘carefully researched and investigated’.

        • GenericUsername101

          Irony? What about when Hagar claimed that people had hacked into the Labour Party website, but how did he know? well, because he hacked into their websites to try and find out.

      • Dave

        “Dirtier Politics – Who is who in the zoo. Sign me up for a signed copy please!

      • EveryWhichWayButLeft

        I’d go with ‘Plain Old Politics’ (all politics is dirty by nature)…

        Have you thought about a kickstarter campaign or similar?

        I’d throw $30-50 at it if I could get a first run copy – esp. if the first run was numbered. It would potentially provide an income stream while you (and any other authors) were writing it.

        alt. Ordinary Politics, Regular Politics, etc..

        Edit: Second thoughts – ‘Raw Politics’ as a nice play on Rawshark

        • Nechtan

          Pod Politics, or The Good Oil. ??

      • Time For Accountability

        We should pay extra for signed copies. The extra should be a gratuity to SB for her always brilliant posts which highlight her career background.

        Face of the day is the first thing i read every day.

      • disqus_DU7T1pNtzv

        Would you mind taking pre-orders when you have a publication date? This is one book I don’t want to miss out on!! Also happy to pay a bit extra towards the cause for a signed copy :)

      • kehua

        The word `stinking` would fit in there some where.

    • Groinpiece

      Or perhaps, “Those Who Live in Glass Houses…”

  • Kiwibabe

    Having followed all this today including parliament and Cam on Williams and having enjoyed the putting back in their place of the spurious Labour Party I feel Mr Slator is an asset to this country, as is John Key and his key team members.
    By contrast, ALL the opposition looked very light weight in the house today.

  • kiwibattler

    Not sure if she can be too upset by Cam considering his private conversation was hacked by the left – everybody has a right to express themselves freely in such an environment, embellishment or not.

  • Nechtan

    I hope there are more than a few sphincters tightening over the police investigation and the upcoming book, and NZ gets to see who the real dirty players are.

  • Finn Oliver Goode

    “Judith Collins volunteered up all her electronic devices and despite a full forensic investigation nothing was found to prove the allegations.”

    What about her Facebook message history?