Andrew Little is the “2% man”


Labour got themselves a massive 2% bounce above the election result since Andrew Little took over and started hammering Key and National about their relationship with some vile, despicable, toxic blogger who is the most hated and despised person in New Zealand (after Kim Dotcom).  

You’d think Labour were looking for more of a recovery having ejected Cunliffe, run a month of primaries with free Labour advertising on a daily basis, and a couple of caustic weeks in parliament.

This, at the same time as Key was unable to remember texting with me the night before.  And so on, and so on.

Two percent?  Is that all?

If an election was held today, National would still be in government.

Andrew 2% Little, the game changing circuit breaker.


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  • jude

    This is no surprise really. I am sick to death of the incessant whining from Labour.
    It has been all of nearly 3 months since the election.
    The left make it seem a lot longer.Goodness knows how we will all feel after three years if this is as good as it gets from the left wing of politics!

    • stanace

      Have I forgotten, but since when did Labour have a leader that had the support of their caucus.
      Shearer said he didn’t, Cunliffe and Little both got in due to the union vote, surely any party that is this fragmented can never expect to regain power.

  • conwaycaptain

    Wait until Little Andy lets loose the attack dogs on National. Grant “Cardy” Robertson, Carmel “Septic Tank’ Sepuloni, Jacinda “The Horse” Ardern. National Front Bench will be quivering in their boots.

  • Aucky

    The results are hardly surpising. What has labour done to change voters’ perceptions of them since the election? Same old team, same old negativity, same old character assassination tactics. Just a new bloke at the top who has no caucus support. It’s not what the public want to hear or see. They want a positive Opposition with new ideas and progressive policies.

    It seems that Russel hasn’t learned anything from the election either.

    • dgrogan

      Same, Chief of Staff too. McCarten has no ideas except, Dirty Politics, so, no – no surprises there at all.

    • caochladh

      The longer the Green controllers keep the Aussie tool in their tool box and don’t replace it with something resembling a Rod, the longer they will stay irrelevant.

  • Time For Accountability

    We need to modify calling labour left and instead refer to it an the unionised party.

    unions have gerimandered the power votes to put itself ahead of the gaggle and sisterhood.

    Where amongst that lot is any connect to the average hard working family.
    They just do not get it. Clarkes lot are irrelevant to all but themselves.

    • xennex

      Labour = NZ union party
      Greens = NZ socialist party
      Perhaps both should be forced to change names as their current names are misleading.

      • ex-JAFA

        The Greens don’t like such far right concepts as socialism. Socialism still has allowance for some people to gross more than others, even though everyone will nett the same under that system. Too much danger of people finding a way to rort the system and keep some of their earnings, and perhaps continue to make some of their own decisions. Communism is much more attractive to the Greens – everyone gets the same (nothing) and is told precisely what to do.

        • Monito

          I suspect that is good for Grant Robertson actually, Angry Andy will run out of puff and wind shortly and if Grant is smart he will be rearing to go with new, strong positive policy and since there is no one left they will have to vote for him.

  • labour up, greens down = essentially no change.

    • johcar

      Given my druthers, this would be my preference for any shift in support….

  • George

    So our Prime Minister “in waiting” could be waiting for some time!

    • Cadwallader

      When will the pack of losers masquerading as an Opposition panic and ditch Andy in favour of another experiment? I have an idea; bring back Cunners he may be good for an additional 2%? Grant (twice defeated) Robertson is another fresh and vibrant prospect in tandem with Jacinda however wouldn’t this be a case of “Cart Before Horse?” There is simply nothing there is there?

      • wooted

        What Labour needs is a “game changer”

        • Cadwallader

          Their present game being Russian Roulette for their so-called “leaders.”

        • Chiefsfan73

          What they need to do is realise this is not a game. A large enough proportion of the voting public are not as stupid as they think. Long may their naval gazing ignorance rein.

  • steve and monique

    2%. Seems some voters have shifted around in the opposition parties. Greens are down, so Little, or no change.

  • It’s early days

    • andrewo

      2% for a honeymoon bounce isn’t really much is it?

  • Curly1952

    Looks like the left have moved the deck chairs on the Titanic. They do not appear to realise that their negative view of everything National does just doesn’t wash with the public anymore

    • ex-JAFA

      A few chairs moved from the starboard (green) side to port (red). Still surrounded by a deep blue. Clever people should get on the yellow liferafts to avoid the black shark fins!

  • Damon Mudgway

    2%? Wow…they’ll be popping the top off the bubbles over that stunning increase.

    As for the MSM espousing Little as the new messiah for middle NZ, which is me, I simply see him as another opportunistic plonker in a long line of plonkers, beginning with HC herself.

  • Catriona

    Well, let’s not forget he has Matt McCarten of the War Room still on board. Wasn’t he supposed to be the big game changer for Cunliffe? Nothing happened there so what’s going to change now?

  • Kiwikea

    ACT has gone up 1% with no media support, imagine if he had the Labour media machine behind him.
    N.b. This is Roy Morgan however…..

  • That’s the problem. The phone isn’t off the hook, it’s been disconnected. Labour are going to have a hard time climbing out of their ditch. Also, for all the Little ‘praise’, it’s singing from the chorus. How many centrist New Zealanders have suddenly gone, ‘Oh, yeah, that dour chap who likes to swear in Parliament, yup, voter changer for me!’? More of the same, but with a different face. His only achievements have been to put someone even worse than Parker in Finance…an actual achievement and to abolish some crap policies, but with no current alternatives…

  • Chris EM

    Waiting for Lprent to turn up here and boast about how the tide is turning, and this spells the end of the National government. Just as she/he did after a similar poll before the election.

  • timemagazine

    I must confess, I have a masochistic delight watching little Andrew in parliament getting angry and using the language of his Bolshevik mentors from the beginning of the last century. I hope he will keep it up like this.

    • Aucky

      Totally agree TM. Bear in mind that he used to be the most virulent of the abusive backbench hecklers before he was elevated to the position of Chief Commissar by his union ‘fixers’. He has a style that audiences soon tire of – reminds me of Josef Goebbels in so many ways.

      • Monito

        I;m waiting for them all to salute him with a straight arm!

  • 2% would be close to the margin of error wouldn’t it? If there are 2.4 million voters in NZ, then 2% of that is a meer 47k people that now prefer the Labour leader as PM, Now I’m sure somebody can tell me how much extra traffic Whaleoil is getting with their 2 months free advertising and how that compares to Labours 2 months of free advertising

  • Jayar

    Over at The Standard they are hailing this result as “Labour supporters can now be quietly confident”.

    • D.Dave

      Quietly confident after 2%, GOOD GRIEF, they would be positively orgasmic with 4 or 5% then……

  • chwaga

    Remind me again….what was the bounce when Cunliffe was appointed…is this just same old same old

  • cmm

    I don’t think that’s where the the bounce is coming from.

    Talk is cheap. People will wax lyrically about how they would vote red, but that’s only because there is no election looming so they don’t have to put their money where their mouth is.

    Besides, any gains they’ve made would seem to be coming off Green who have lost more than anyone else. It is not so much that Little is ABC, he’s also ABNorman. If that eloquent/moderate Green bloke hits his straps then he will take those Green votes back of Little.

  • Warren Murray

    Is this the proverbial dead cat bouncing?

    Seriously, it’s very early days. The gen pop wasn’t interested in the Labour Party’s awful process for changing its leader (again), so I wasn’t expecting a sugar hit to their popularity ratings. Looking out for his personal ratings though. Perhaps when Andrew starts producing policies that matter, he might shake off the voters’ apathy and the perception, ‘same funk; same old Labour odour’.

  • Tom

    Andrew who ?