Andrew Little admits to his role in Dirty Politics

In a rather silly article about John Key’s improved golfing prowess, Andrew Little has admitted to his role in Dirty Politics.

Labour leader Andrew Little, also a keen golfer, said Mr Key obviously had spare time on his hands.

Despite enjoying the game, Mr Little did not rate his own skills on the golf course – “I’m a hacker.”

Nice of him to admit he’s donkey deep in dirty politics. I wonder when the others will come clean?

But seriously, this article is a story how?

Is it the Herald’s attempt to say John Key is more concerned with his golf handicap than running the country?  

I just bet that is exactly how the Labour staffers blogging at The Standard will spin it, or Wrongly Wrongson (the blogger formerly known as Martyn Martin Bradbury).

The Herald even went to the effort of publishing an infographic to show how serious a dropping golf handicap is.


They even needed two reporters for this astonishing expose.

This is the sort of nonsense reporting the public is demanding to be FREED from.


– NZ Herald


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  • Justsayn

    I think we’d be much better off with a PM that is useless at anything he tried to do.

    • caochladh

      Like the Gween lunatic, Wussel the Magnificent??

  • taurangaruru

    Key should be applauded, managed to steer the economy through a particularly difficult period, managed to wade through knee high left wing pooh & still managed to lower the gold handicap – the man is a colossus.

    • Justsayn

      Thanks Bronagh, but that is way more than we needed to know.

      It shouldn’t be surprising that the left see success (and Key seems to have an endless parade of it) as a bad thing. At least they don’t have to worry about their election performance – par for the course I guess.

  • It seems the Horrid’s repeaters are all handicapped. They’ve aimed high, trying to shoot for an eagle, but instead only scored a turkey… and plenty of bogey’s also as they try to find the 19th…

  • Pete

    I wonder when the second part of this staggering expose on the Prime Minister will hit the news stands, I hear through the grapevine the Herald have been working on it for weeks, and have had some pretty heavy hitters working on it, they ask several pointed questions of the PM such as “Who’s your favourite pop star?” and “if you were an animal, what would it be?”, a couple of questions were pulled at the last minute as it was felt they were too probing, one was, “what is your favourite movie?” and “do you like salad”?

    Forgive my cynicism and sarcasm!

  • Eiselmann

    Newsflash: Key plays golf-causing his game to improve. Angry Andrew doesn’t understand how that could happen.

    • zotaccore

      It’s called work – something Little despises given his union background.

  • Jas

    Story will probably have the opposite effect amongst all but the most left wing moaners

  • nellie

    The graphic is wrong anyway, since when is going from 15 to 16.5 (Jan-Mar 2014) a Drop?

    • Justsayn

      In the same world where 16.5 in April 2013 to 16.5 in March 2014 is a drop. Or March’s 16.5 is lower than Septembers 14.2/

      I suspect the author of the “misinfo-graphic” helped with the formulation of Labour’s CGT, or came up with the slogan “moment of truth”

    • Wheninrome

      I wonder if they understood that you get a different handicap depending on what course you play on. It is your Index that is the important number.

      • burns_well_eh

        That is his handicap index. The slope rating, course index and tee you play off on each particular course determines your playing handicap on the day.

  • Tom McKechnie

    Mr Little continues his ” great start ” as Labour Leader with ” Mr Key obviously had spare time on his hands “.
    What an utterly childish comment.

    • nellie

      And it looks like he’s only played 4 times in 2014 – that doesn’t really indicate a real heap of spare time does it…

      • Wheninrome

        He will have played in Hawaii, this will only be games he has played in NZ, (I presume he has put all his cards in, we don’t want Labour to suggest he is a cheat)

        • nellie

          A better tack from the left (if they were smart enough) would be to say what a rich wastrel he is when he can spend x thousands of dollars in membership fees at probably the most exclusive club in AKL, and only play there twice in a year – that’s pretty hefty green fees.

  • dgrogan

    And what does Angry Andy Little do to relax and relieve stress? Stand around with his mates, drinking home made brew, throwing darts at pictures of capitalists and singing “Solidarity Forever”?

  • Tom McKechnie

    So will The Herald run an article titled ” ANDREW LITTLE’S HANDICAP ” ?

    • Wheninrome

      Working on his handicap, the front bench, the back bench and those in the middle, not to forget the staff.

  • timemagazine

    What could we expect from the house paper of the left?

  • Kiwibabe

    Could our MSM be a bit more thankful for what we’ve got; the Australians seem to think Key is doing a fantastic job, one which they would like to emulate:

    • pisces8284 .

      Yes, while I was in Sydney a gorgeous elderly woman upon finding out I was from New Zealand said you seem to have a very popular prime minister, he seems very nice and getting the job done. They are extremely envious of us

  • Grendel_from_the_dead

    Note how on the famous golfers list they put down George bush, but left off Obama, i thought he would have made more sense for the list as he has played with Key, but the left dont want to ruin their having a go at Key for playing golf by reminding us their messiah does as well.

    • louie

      In the US it is regarded as racist to comment on Obama and his frequent golfing. The left have a problem there after criticising Bush for playing the game about once a year and Obama plays once a week.

  • Ross15

    So the Left and their MSM haven’t learnt anything from election –going after JK before the election failed so they keep going ( you know the old story about the definition of insanity !!). Yes , I know I’m like a cracked record keeping on repeating this but it obviously is going take more repeats from us all to help get the message through to them.
    Maybe it will take FREED’s launch to really hit a home run on the message.

  • kayaker

    Silly Angry Andy. More than 50% of voting New Zealanders will regard his comments as silliness fueled by anger and subsets of anger – fear and jealousy. If JK has spare time on his hands, this means he is an excellent manager of time and looks after his life balance. A.little, that’s something to aspire to, not be critical of.

  • So in an interview situation where presumably the aim is to get the new leader out there and known, he can’t help himself talking about his opponents. You have a new leader of a commercial operation, even if its a very competitive game interviewed in an industry magazine, the name of any opposition company will not even be mentioned. Why do they insist on giving free advertising to National? They do the same for WO of course and i’m sure neither WO or National will complain about that but it does hint at a degree of commercial naivety.

    Not that JK’s golf prowess is any endorsement to me, the only game of golf i have ever played my 3 person team both won the intra company cup and won the most golf(me)..

  • Macca

    One word to describe Little – puerile!

  • Jimmie

    So does this cement the golfers vote for JK? Its called unforeseen consequences.

    Bunch of ninnies – can’t even prepare an attack article properly.

  • zotaccore

    Appears to be a sign of things to come from Little. In what was a topic that was non-political, he turned it into one with a snide remark – this is the measure of the man. The Nats will need to record what this man’s says and use it when appropriate.

  • wilson

    Wouldn’t want to be following angry little on a golf course. Broken flags. Huge unfilled divots. Crashed golf carts. Clubs in two. Empty bunkers. Is a very frustrating game.

  • Teletubby

    I was going to point out that we know from the negative coverage of John Key playing golf with Obama that Max Key also plays that could quite simply be about a father spending a few hours with his son on a Saturday afternoon but then I see that he has actually only played four rounds of golf since September last year. This reeks of the media tossing up a soft pitch for Little to hit out of the park, sadly nearly all the people that read this in the MSM will not question it and leap straight to the conclusion that the MSM want which is John Key get a big fat pay check but spends all his time playing golf but Our boy Andy is too dedicated to have time to play golf

    • Aucky

      Absolutely spot on comments re the MSM Tele.

  • Mav E Rick

    I take it that Angry Little has no spare time and spends all available time committed to his work in Govt. No time for wifey, family, friends, sport or social occasions. Another reason why I never vote for anyone on the left. They try to make out that they are too important to do the things that most NZ families value (Family and a well balanced life) and as a consequence are not in tune with the real NZ’er. They are too busy fussing about in the beehive to actually have a life. Back in the day a lot of the Pollies owned a farm and in the down time they did some farming. Good Kiwi blokes. Perhaps Angry Little has the Cunliffe disease and wants to appear to everyone as he thinks he needs to appear.

  • R&BAvenger

    Yes another non-story about JK. Gosh, he and his team can achieve so much with the NZ economy when has been focussing on his golf handicap. Imagine what the economy would be like if he concentrated 100% on being Prime Minister!!!

  • zotaccore

    Go watch this vid clip of JK in the studio. what’s really noticeable between Little and Key is that Key is such a natural person to talk to… Little, predominantly comes across as angry or attacking and seems to just want to fight everything in any dialogue people have with him. Sorry Labour – you’ve made the wrong choice… again.

    • Bartman

      Basically, and it’s been said before, he’s just a likeable bloke who can hold a conversation and keep it at the level necessary to remain engaging and balance listening and speaking. Pretty easy really!

  • Fritz

    To me it means that John Key is good at setting goals and achieving them.

  • Annoyed

    If Key can get better at Golf while running a country then Little, who doesn’t even have an electorate to look after should have the time to do so as well.
    Added bonus: golf is played in wide open areas, it should help Little see the knifes coming.

  • Aucky

    I reckon there’s a touch of envy going on with Angry Andy – when is he likely ever to discuss matters of state with the US President over a game of golf?

    • Wheninrome

      In the old days cloth caps were never welcome on the Golf Course, (unless you were a Caddy) let alone in the Club Rooms, you needed a collar and tie, now at the very least a collar on your shirt, at least in the better Golf Clubs with a strict dress code.

      • Bruce Rayner

        Angry Andy invited to play golf with Obama, not bloody likely
        or get invited to spend xmas with the royals.JK like us all has his faults but is still the best ambassador NZ has ever had

    • Imogen B

      Would Andrew Little get lots more time to discuss stuff with POTUS if he has to play 120 shots a round?

  • kaykaybee

    As someone the other day said on Twitter, when it comes to NZ MSM it’s
    what they aren’t reporting that will be the death of their medium.

    Didn’t a large bottomed Kardashian break a heel this week? Didn’t Kanye buy North a second tiara for Xmas or something really newsworthy. That’s their usual daily fodder!

    I guess Key could rather just join the journos smoking their weekend weed with their scruffy hippy mates, listen to something acceptably on trend on vinyl and bleat about the lack of an organic sushi in Grey Lynn. But no, he plays a bit of golf and he’s improves. How dare he?

    Every day the Herald bleeds readers from the middle classes and this sort of churlish malice, this green-eyed ridiculous page filling garbage is the sort of claptrap we need to be spared.

  • Kev

    Ah yes The Herald. Tabloid in size, tabloid in nature.

  • Karma

    So the PM plays golf in his down time. Why all the fuss? Isn’t it called a healthy life/work balance? Perhaps Angry Andy needs to play a few more rounds and then he wouldn’t be as up tight as an ill-fitting pair of undies.

    • Aucky

      Maybe Angry Andy could try for a healthy life balance and use his downtime for some anger management courses.

  • pisces8284 .

    John Key popped in uninvited to Mike Hosking’s show this morning and as you can see he has one hour’s lesson a week. How shocking. He comes across as a natural, funny guy – we are very lucky

  • Daniel

    Nice of them to have manipulated the X axis to make the improvement in his golf game look more dramatic (Look how the 23.9 is about 4 times as high as the 10.9).