Andrew Little just making stuff up

Another day and another Labour politician makes stuff up.

One of Labour’s own donors, Bill Liu is currently before the courts…and for some reason Andrew Little is trying to smear everyone else.

New Zealand political parties have been offered handsome donations from corrupt Chinese migrants looking for favours, Labour leader Andrew Little says.

The revelation comes as China’s president Xi Jinping seeks an extradition treaty with New Zealand to allow the return of Chinese citizens he believes are living here on the proceeds of corrupt activities.

Mr Little said the Labour Party was approached on a couple of occasions by Chinese people offering large donations.

“When I was party president we were approached, being offered handsome donations,” he said.

“We weren’t sure what the origin of their wealth was and we weren’t satisfied, we weren’t comfortable, (so) we didn’t accept the donation.”

Asked if he believed corrupt monies had been donated to other New Zealand political parties, he said: “It could not be ruled out.”  

“It beggars belief that they wouldn’t have approached other political parties then and since,” Mr Little said.

He did not forward the details to the police as it was “only a hunch”.

“I didn’t have hard evidence,” Mr Little said.


Just like David Parker making stuff up in parliament, we now have Andrew Little doing the same thing.

But he forgets the Labour party, far from turning down money, actually took money from Bill Liu…and he did get favours like his rapid citizenship arrangement at the behest of Dover Samuels.

Then there are the Donghua Liu donations to Labour as well.

Labour sniffs some trouble around Chinese donors and so Andrew Little is looking to front foot the issue.

So here we have Andrew Little saying he had a hunch, no evidence, and didn’t involve police…hmmm..sounds like bullshit to me.

Name them or it didn’t happen.

Little is just smearing like David “Goat” Parker.


– 3 News


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  • john Doe

    Little knows he has the compliant unionised media workforce in the palm of his hand. He and his caucus mates will continue to mask the truth until someone has the guts to stand them up on theses mistruths, untruths and lies. Keep it up WO.

  • John1234

    Who were Cunliffe’s “secret” donors again?


    Little wouldn’t try to put the focus on ‘possible donations to other parties’ and distract the focus away from Labour if they didn’t have another skeleton in their own closet…..

  • jethro

    He’s been taking lessons from Rusty Norman..

  • 1951

    Now stand back and watch Sofa turn this into an anti-Nat piece to lead the Pack with it.

  • kayaker

    I heard the interview with Guyon this morning. I think Guyon was genuinely floored that A.little came out with this. Guyon’s questioning then became very persistent and A.little was trying to backpedal so fast, he couldn’t wait for the the interview to finish.

    I think this could well be the beginning of the undoing of A.little. This was a huge rabbit hole to go down – very silly.

    • Captain Darling

      I tried to listen to the interview, but Little’s voice is so soporific I had to give up.

    • Second time around

      It’s the xenophobia route again. Plenty of Chinese have made money through honest business ventures, but Andrew Little finds it more convenient to brand the lot of them as corrupt. Even the corrupt ones only became corrupt recently when the Chinese Communist Party became aware that corruption might be eroding its control of the country.

  • cows4me

    Andy is buying time till he gives the roller a quick paint job and changes the plates.

  • Kelvinmyhero

    To successfully lead the Labour Party you have to stick to the mantra of the three wise monkeys and I’d have to say that Andy is doing a fine job thus far.

    • Diddle_De_Dee

      Monkeys, yes, although that is being a little unkind to monkeys but “wise” definitely not.

  • This is why you play the ball in politics and not the man. It gives your oppositions a reason to dig dirt and ask questions about your own not so squeaky clean practices. No mater what you do, or the good intentions behind it, somebody will always find a negative interpretation on it.

  • Hard1

    I was in the same city as Andrew Little when I was offered sex by a Ladyboy. I declined the offer as I wasn’t comfortable.

    Asked by the media if I believed Andrew Little had accepted sexual services from the Ladyboy, I said: “It could not be ruled out.”

    “It beggars belief that the Ladyboy wouldn’t have approached Andrew Little then and since,” I said.

  • Kitschinsync

    Mr Little bit angry is heading straight into the cunliffe zone with this blatant lie..he’s quickly getting sucked into the vortex that saw the cunliffe destroyed…..

  • Dave_1924

    Didn’t Labour go cap in hand to Donghua pre-election and apologise to stop the info flow? It seemed so as they changed tune quickly from attacking National to shutting the donations story down…. do they never learn?

  • Timboh

    Obviously the Labour party and Little has problems with “handsome donations” but all others were taken no questions asked. I heard him on RNZ this morning and you could drive a truck through the holes in his statements which were not explored by the RNZ interviewer of course.

  • Wine Man

    Glad to see Dirty Politics are being continued to be played by the nasty Labour Party, JK and National dealt to this at the last election and if Labour think National will roll over on this one they are more stupider than their front bench looks.

  • The Whinging Pom

    I can’t fathom why Labour considers it wise to keep banging the ‘donations for influence’ drum.

    Their only significant donors – the old left unions – have bought so much influence that they effectively had the casting vote for leader of the party and (God help us) the figurehead which Labour will promote as the potential next Prime Minister.

    I’m surprised that National don’t keep reminding the public of this fact, which is far more significant than any influence the Exclusive Brethren would ever have had.

  • Huia

    Angry Little Andy needs to come clean about the donations Labour received. Silly man making statements that everyone can see through. A lot of egg on that angry face I think.

  • Tom

    Andrew Little has zero credibility anyway. Amazes me people even mention the fool.

  • Bartman

    Haha “Goat” got me laughing outrageously, good way to cap off the news this evening. Cheers!

  • Billythekid

    The way he’s going, he’s gonna become the hunchback of the Taranaki.

  • Kiwibabe

    Another “Game changer”; think this too will fall apart with time.