If Andrew Little started using these words I would be concerned

The porridge wogs in Labour have elected a new leader.

Jim Murphy is the new leader of the Scottish Labour party.

And he is using bloody interesting language for a Labour leader.

Mr Murphy said the best way to tackle poverty was to boost the economy.

“The most effective anti poverty measure is a successful economy,” he said.   

“It’s about backing businesses, it’s about creating jobs, because if redistribution is our aim, which it is, then we need more wealth not less. We want more entrepreneurs, not fewer. A growing middle class that more families are able to join.

“The debate about how we spend our wealth starts with how we earn it.”

That last line is an absolute cracker.

If only Labour in New Zealand could utter these words and start focussing on what works instead of those who don’t.

The reason National was re-elected was because of the successful and thriving economy.

Labour wrongly thought smears, attacks and dirty politics of their own would get them across the line.

if Andrew Little started using these words then I would start to worry.


– The Telegraph



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  • MaryLou

    Clever little porridge wogs! Never heard that term, but laughed out loud, despite it somewhat applying to me!

    Yes that’s exactly the sort of thing Labour should be saying here, and I think maybe Andrew Little knows it. But there are still so many vitriloic factions i Labour that I don’t know how likely that message is to be heard…

  • john Doe

    Mr Murphy has obviously had a bump on the head and is singing from the wrong song sheet. Might find himself being replaced with that sort of talk.

  • Reaper

    If Andrew Little started using these words then people might actually start to listen to him.

    Some wise words for Andrew Little:

  • Alright

    No! This is not the way! The Labour Party horse pushes the cart, it doesn’t pull it!

    Next he’ll be saying things like “a rising tide pushes all boats up.”

    He’s a gone burger.

  • Kip_Dynamite

    What just happened? A Labour party talking about boosting the economy, creating wealth, more entrepreneurs? I’m confused, have we entered some kind of twilight zone? .

    I see he got word ‘redistribution’ in there though – so I see a thread of socialism in there.

    • MaryLou

      Of course, but most “right” leaning people also see capitalism as a way to improve outcomes for the majority of the population, not just themselves… I reckon he’s onto a winner. Let’s hope Little doesn’t catch on…!

    • OneTrack

      The flaw in the plan is, what is he going to do to “boost” the economy? And what does he think a “boosted” economy looks like – the government choosing and funding businesses that he likes, the government entering the market and putting other players out of business, …?

      Is it likely that that he means boosting business activity by reducing tax rates or supporting, say, 90 day trials of employees to encourage employment. Hmm, maybe not.

      • johcar

        Remember that “boost” is also used in the vernacular as a synonym for “steal”…

  • Muffin

    He won’t, he thinks employers are scum.

  • sheppy

    no danger of Little spouting that, it isn’t guaranteed to increase Union membership for his financiers

  • Mountie

    Greg Dixon on NZH web site gets his leftist view when commenting on TV programs!!!

    “”Seven Sharp. Fake bonhomie? Drink! Forced laugh? Scull! Phoney empathy? Bottoms up! Why so many people watch it is a mystery to me … but then so was that business of one million people voting for National.””


    • Kevin

      Sounds like he’s still bitter.

    • Carl

      Campbell live is a living god. I need a drink after reading that.

      • Hard1

        Should be called “Campbell Alive”.

  • Kevin

    National has figured out that to stay in power you don’t have to please everyone; you just have to please the majority. Until Labour figures that out, and stops being a party for the disenfranchised, they will never get into power.

    • Billythekid

      Ssshhhh not too loud ?

  • Alright

    A thought…he might be Tim’s uncle.

  • BlitzkriegNZ

    I really really hope that the union slaves in Labour are having a day off reading Whale Oil today! As soon as angry andy pandy latches onto this sort of talk you’ll have the lame stream news repeating it as if they’re words from jebus! National will be sitting there thinking ‘What the hell! We’ve been saying this for 6 years!’

  • cows4me

    He won’t go far.

  • andrewo

    Ah, the ‘Sweaty Socks’ are catching on!

    SOCIALISTS: seek to divide the pie more equally (whilst ensuring they have a large slice)

    CAPITALISTS: bake more pies

  • Well it is an option for Labour. National is currently the most left leaning National government since Rob Muldoon, if Labour wants to differentiate themselves, they can either drift further left in with the loonies or they can start taking some of Nationals traditional terrotory. I’m not sure that approach will work with the leader and caucus they have, nor will they get the approval from their party, but it is an option they have.

  • armotur

    Perhaps Jim Murphy has read about Margaret Thatcher.

    “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”
    ― Margaret Thatcher

  • dgrogan

    Unlikely Angry Andy Little will start talking about backing big business any time soon. He’s a union man after all.