Angry Andy sticks


The Labour staffers and/or donation launderers at The Standard are upset that Andrew Little is being framed as Angry Andy.

So too are the twatterati.

But let’s examine this then.

According to the mouth breathers at The Standard National has now completed their focus groups and polling and got the memo from Crosby|Textor that Andrew Little should be framed up as Angry Andy.

If brains were dynamite that lot wouldn’t have a combined amount to blow their noses.

If the National party truly has conducted¬†polling and focus groups, and I don’t believe they have, then the Labour geniuses have a problem. ¬†

And it isn’t a problem of the National party’s making.

Consider this.

If it is as they claim, the result of polling and focus groups then the public thinks that Andrew Little is Angry Andy, not the National party.

Can you see their “Little” problem now?

After ranting and raving in the parliament and hurling abuse across the house it is little wonder that he has picked up the moniker Angry Andy.

He created the narrative, and the public picked up what he was putting down.

Labour has a problem and for some reason, as usual, it is the polls fault, Crosby|Textor’s fault or the fault of focus groups.

They really need to understand that if the public think you are tits, or that your leader is perceived as “Angry” then that is your fault not the voters fault.

Is that the ISIS symbol?

Is that the ISIS symbol?


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  • dgrogan

    Pretty sure a lot of us recognised Angry Andy Little’s tantrum throwing, immediately he started spitting his dummy, all over the House – and called him out for it immediately.

    • Monito

      David Carter is going to have to call him out for it shortly..

  • Not Clinically Insane

    The union bully boy knows no other way. Yell, scream, wave finger and all that. True colours on show

    • Justsayn

      Wait until the election review is finished and Angry Andy commences the now traditional Labour caucus game of “pin the blame on the scab”.

      • That would be “pin the blame on the scab, comrade”

    • Whitey

      All he needs is a cloth cap and an anti-Thatcher placard.

  • Just Mick

    All i can say is that good old line….Labour are the gift that keeps on giving. LOL

  • Justsayn

    I think that what annoys them the most is that all their attempts to make up stuff slogans about Key (be it donkey, shonkey…) are, accurately, written off by the public for the desperate convulsions of drowning political movement, but all it takes is for a few people to point out the obvious alliteration and before he can say “I’m sorry to be a unionist” Angry Andy has stuck.

    • peterwn

      And of course trying to frame John Key as ‘slippery’, including trying to push this in a poll (I laughed my head off at the pollster when she said this).

  • JC

    Interesting, isn’t it.. AA has a pretty good reputation as a union negotiator for being hardheaded but reasonable and has the confidence of a number of employers as a result.

    But like the recent leaders before him he believes he has to change his native style to something the Angry Left will like.. ranting seems to be the trademark they insist on.

    I think thats why the MPs are concentrating precious time on Key, WO, Collins and historic stuff of little substance.. it’s hard to rant when debating the boring nuts and bolts of governance.


  • Monito

    John Key expressed it well this morning on TV1 he said that most politicians just respect parliament and would not stoop to yelling “Cut the Crap!” it’s just a step too far. It is certainly ill mannered and confirms that Angry Andy is indeed a loose lips kind of man.

  • Benoni

    I blame whale oil for the monicker “Angry Andy ” . He was elected leader on 18 November and on 28 November WhaleOil was headlining him as “Angry Andy”. The left is right. Whale does have lots of power over the debate. Well done WhaleOil !

  • Alexander K

    The nickname fits well, almost as if he deliberately created it for himself. And I agree with Key – Shouting ‘Cut the Crap’ is a long way from (intelligent) Parliamentary language. when I was at high school, ‘unparliamentary language’ was a euphemism for swearing.
    Benoni, you have joined the dots, but in the wrong order!

  • Monty

    Angry Andy – I thought it was Little Angry Andy.
    anyway Ive been using that term since I heard his first speech – nearly three years ago. Angry Andy has obviously taken lessons from the vein popping Phool Goof in faux anger.
    Thank Labour for giving the little nick name some much needed publicity.

  • timemagazine

    I hope this Angry Andy will stick until the next elections.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    I prefer Handy Andy or Chicken Little….just sayin…

    • Nige.

      Angry Spittle is my preferred option.

  • Captain Darling

    Angry Andy – if the (cloth) cap fits….

    • caochladh

      Just like Andy Capp, the working man who has never done a days work in his life perhaps?

  • Heather Baugh

    Andrew Little makes David Cunnliffe look good .IMHO

  • *Mouthbreathe’ it’s aggression and not anger!!!! *Mouthbreath*……

    I had to stop reading it made my ribs ache

    plus now in my head to the tune of ‘Hungry Hungry Hippo” all I got is “Angry Andy Little”

  • Day Day

    Don’t know that anyone votes for Angry pants.

  • Falcor

    Looks like the woman behind him is determining a blade placement somewhere on the flip side of him.

  • kayaker

    Can’t help noticing that the expressions on the faces of the two women on Angry Andy’s right do not change.

    • Platinum Fox

      Sepuloni looks confused in both shots, while Annie seems to have a permanent smirk these days (maybe she keeps thinking about the windfall gain she is receiving from the salary uplift she gained by being elected deputy leader and its beneficial impact on her soon to be available parliamentary super).

  • Bluemanning

    Anger Management required. From all the women I know, they will not vote for angry man.

  • Sagacious Blonde

    He’s locked in 1950’s (or even 30’s) Union Rally mode. With McCarten as his Chief of staff that isn’t going to change.

    Edit: hit wrong button& posted too soon.

    • Cadwallader

      He waves his arms around like Huey Long did all those many years ago. Huey claimed he copied his oratory skills from Southern Baptist ministers. Angry Andy looks a bit more like a hungover fish-wife.

  • wooted

    Labour just won’t admit it’s the message that we can’t stand, and keep fiddling with the presentation.

    Try lying? Didn’t work.
    How about stuttering? Yeah, Nah.
    Smirking? Dream on!
    I know, let’s try angry…….

  • dale

    Well I’m furious, I was the one that named him Angry Andy on the standard the day he was elected! Now those lefty bastards go and give the credit to National. This is intolerable!!!