Anti-Israeli protestors turfed from Pak’NSave

Anti-Israeli protestors who are wanting a boycott of Israeli products at supermarkets have been turfed from Pak’NSave in Hamilton.

What is worse though is Fairfax promoting their cause, and even adding a link to their Facebook page in the story.


It seems Fairfax is a political brand though, pushing a pro-Palestinian agenda and an anti-Israeli one.

Police were called to escort a group of about 12 human rights protesters out of the Pak’N Save supermarket in Mill St, Hamilton, today.

The multicultural organisation called Palestine Human Rights Campaign Waikato had entered the store and were distributing leaflets calling on customers not to buy goods made in Israel.

Protest organiser Ahmed Khaled said the protest was aimed at raising awareness of ongoing violence and the persecution of people in the Gaza Strip.

“We don’t want to single out Pak’N Save.”

The lengthy conflict has escalated this year. Between July 8 and August 27, more than 2100 Palestinians were killed in Gaza, and 66 Israeli soldiers and seven civilians in Israel. The United Nations says most of the Palestinians were civilians.

Pak’N Save store manager Stefan Hance had previously asked the group to restrict their activities to the roadside kerb outside the supermarket – however it was not long before they walked in and quickly dispersed throughout the store, quietly handing out flyers and talking to shoppers about why they were there.

Two of the group wheeled in shopping trolleys and before long homed in on a display stand with Beigel and Biegel Pretzels, one of the Israeli-made products on sale. After packing the pretzel packets into the trolley, Ruba Niza, another member of the group, sprinkled rose petals over them – a move she said signified the peaceful nature of their visit.

The protesters spent about 20 minutes inside the store before the police arrived, and once told to leave they complied.

If they are interested in practising what they preach then there is a long list of Israeli inventions that they should stop using immediately.

Here’s a partial list of Jewish Inventions that these protestors may want to stop using:

REALLY  PRACTICAL INVENTIONS: Jeans, Lipstick, the Ballpoint Pen, Contraceptives, Instant Coffee, Television Remote Control, Traffic Lights, Scotchguard, the Flexistraw.

REALLY BIG INVENTIONS: The Atomic Bomb, the Thermonuclear Bomb, God, Genetic Engineering, the Nuclear Chain Reactor, Virtual Reality.

CULTURAL CONTRIBUTIONS: Hollywood, the Sit-Com, the Long Playing Record, Woodstock, Sound Movies, Videotape, Color Television, Instant Photography, Holography

GAME CHANGERS: Monotheism, Psychoanalysis, the Theory of Relativity, the Weekend (Shabbat)

INVENTIONS BEGINNING WITH THE LETTER “C’: Capitalism, Communism, Circumcision, Cheesecake, Cafeterias

NEVER BUY RETAIL: Discount Stores, Pawn Shops, the Shopping Cart and the Ready-to-Wear Clothing Industry

I FEEL BETTER ALREADY: Prozac, Valium, The Polio Vaccine, Radiation, Chemotherapy, the Artificial Kidney Dialysis machine, the Defibrillator, the Cardiac Pacemaker, Vaccination against the deadly “Hepatitis B” virus, the Vaccinating Needle, Laser Technology

CHAI TECH: Google, the Wire Transmission Facsimilie (FAX) , the Microphone, the Gramophone, the Microprocessing Chip, Optical Fiber Cable,  Laser, Cellular Technology, the Videotape Recorder

HOW DID WE LIVE WITHOUT THESE?: Drip Irrigation, Scale Model Electric Trains, the Pager,  the Walkie-talkie,  Refrigerated Railroad Car, High-vacuum Electron Tubes, the Incandescent Lamp, Kodachrome Film, the Blimp, the Adding Machine,  Stainless Steel, Tapered Roller Bearings.

A NOBLE PEOPLE: At least 178 Jews have been awarded the Nobel Prize, accounting for 23% of all individual recipients worldwide between 1901 and 2008, and constituting 37% of all US recipients during the same period.  In the scientific research fields of Chemistry, Economics, Medicine and Physics, the corresponding world and US percentages are 27% and 40%, respectively.  (Jews currently make up approximately 0.25% of the world’s population and 2% of the US population).

they should also stop using Youtube (video compression), Facebook (many add-ons are Israeli inventions) and USB drives as well.

Oh and stop using their cellphones as well as the algorithms that compress voice traffic are an Israeli invention too.

Unfortunately for them there simply isn’t any credible sources for a list of Muslim inventions.

These protestors need to get a life and do some proper research before gobbing off.




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  • LabTested

    I remember back in the 70’s as a young lad wondering why all the Labour Union spokesmen on the TV news were obviously from the UK & why Poms were so busy trying to tell us how to run NZ. Now I may be jumping to conclusions, but the 1st thing I noticed about this article was that the individuals telling us what to buy are named Ahmed Khaled & Ruba Niza.

    They (& the Pommy unionists) can go back to where they came from & let us live our own lives.

    • Kevin

      I remember that too. They used to come over from England and become bus drivers.

    • andrew carrot

      Brian Gould – failed ex-leader of the UK Labour Party and Waikato Uni. academic – still instructs NZers that the wonderful economic model his UK Labour colleagues insisted would save post-war UK remains viable in the modern context and NZ should readopt it to escape perdition. Another pom with a high opinion of his economic infallibility, Austin Mitchell – socialist, Labour MP for Grimsby since 1977, and claimant of illegal Parliamentary expenses – also harangues NZ (too quiet, conservative, unworldly, ignorant and naive in the 60s; too market oriented in the 80s, etc) for adopting the current model. Why an English MP from North Yorkshire deems it necessary to pontificate on the ‘shortcomings’ of our successful economic model is beyond me.

    • thehawkreturns

      Most Poms coming here now are scared for their lives in the Uk and are coming as hard working people proud to be Kiwis. There is no pride to being “British” any more even if the English rugby supporters, who generally come from rich southern counties outside central London, are still so deluded.

  • Justsayn

    When I saw your article I assumed they there cutting the heads off the broccoli.

    Stupid, completely stupid.

    • Aucky

      As long as it was only broccoli they were looking to cut the heads off.

  • BlitzkriegNZ

    Inventions – god. Ah well, no one is perfect.

  • Eiselmann

    In all honesty I don’t think I’ve ever brought something from the supermarket that was produced in Israel , its just something that’s never entered my buying radar……until now.
    Thanks Palestine Human Rights Campaign Waikato….on my next shopping trip I’m going to buy some Beigel and Beigel Pretzels and since I have to drive thru Hamilton this coming weekend I know just which Pak N Save store to use

    • Mark

      It wasn’t till the recent fuss over some actress & Sodastream advts that I had any idea they were from Israel,no earthly need for one but I have one now.Still have an UZI on the shopping list,might get some bagels (ooops Pretzels) while I think of more reasons to get one?

    • Aucky

      I’m sure that I bought some excellent couscous from Israel at Pak n Save.

      I’ll be looking out for Israeli goods from now on.

      • thehawkreturns

        I pay extra if it’s Israeli! They make top quality plastic goods – outdoor storage bins etc. “Keter” is the brand and I have had them in the sun for over ten years and they are still going well.

        • Albert Lane

          Wish I could share your opinion. I have a plastic hose reel made in Israel. It is the worst thing I have ever bought, and it keeps falling to bits, and I’m running out of Araldite.

          • thehawkreturns

            Take it back to the shop. Not fit for purpose. Consumer Guarantees Act I think? How old is though?

          • Albert Lane

            Bought it from Aldi’s in Australia about four years ago. It was cheap. But as long as you don’t try winding the handle or moving it, it still works.

  • It would have been nice to have meet these people.
    The Israelis have every right to protect their people and their borders, just like every other nation.
    Until the Palestinians and their terrorist friends accept and acknowledge this why would anyone support them?

  • Ghost

    “Multicultural Organization” ?? What is it with this mind set of naming something that is the opposite of what it stands for, like a lot of the socialist lefty speakers who call themselves “progressive” “liberal” “Democratic”. I bet this Multicultural Organization wouldn’t have many Jewish members, possibly few Christians, Atheists etc.

    • thehawkreturns

      Agree 100%. Multiculturalism cannot exist.
      Several cultures co-existing yes, but there can only be one law. Of course if you slip in a bit of Sharia here and there you can call it the “UK”. For now.

  • M C Chinaman

    Steady on, this is like saying anti-apartheid protestors had no right to dialysis, Blu-ray, audio cassettes and orange coloured carrots because the Dutch invented them. Aren’t you confusing Jewish inventions with Israeli inventions?

  • bristol

    Here we go again, the annual Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel festival is back in town! This Jew hating carnival has become a regular event for Jew haters, bigots & other losers with an identity problem, and where nothing is what it seems. The claim that they are boycotting ‘apartheid’ in Israel is the biggest lie there ever was. There might be many things wrong in Israel, but apartheid is not one of them. They claim they are boycotting the ‘occupier’ Israel, because of ‘historical Palestinian rights.’ If that is so, they should boycott at least another 50 countries who are ‘occupying’ other parts of the world, and in the process learn some basic history as to understand who is occupying who! They claim that Israel is a ‘racist’ country, while people of all colour, religion & gender live together in a free & democratic multicultural society. They claim many things but none of them could pass a lie detector test.

    • Kevin

      Palestinian Israelis have a higher standard of living than those Palestinians living in the PA/Hamas controlled areas.

      “Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.” – Golda Meir

      • Albert Lane

        The Admiral won’t like reading your comment Kevin. You could provoke him to intense anger.

  • cows4me

    “Really big inventions, God”, I’m sure this shall be news to God and here was I thinking it was the other way around :-) Anyhow this sort of action should be expected it is the full moon.

  • Bruce Rayner

    Bet none of these lemings have ever been to Israel to see what life is like there, or even know where it is on a world map. For many years I traded with 2 Israel security companies, became very friendly with one in particular and got a good insight into their way of life.Perhaps these lemings could imagine Huntly allowed terrorists to domicile there and bomb Hamilton on a daily basis. Imagine the outrage!

    • Kevin

      I’d like to ask one of them to point out where Palestine is on the map since no country or nation called Palestine has ever existed. The closest there has even been is a land region.

      • Admiral_Moorer_believed

        Can you point out the borders of Israel for me?

        • Albert Lane

          Would be a waste of time. You’re obviously blind in one eye, and you can’t see out of the other.

          • Admiral_Moorer_believed

            Greater Israel then?

            You know. The one that includes the Sinai (occupied by Israel a while ago), Lebanon to the Litani River (you know. the area occupied by Israel until thrown out), East Jerusalem, The Palestinian West Bank, The Golan (stolen in the Israeli attack on the neighbours in 1967).

            But then. There is also Jordan, more of Syria, parts of Iraq and Saudi Arabia and more of Egypt.

            Talking about being blind. You have read the question. Get an answer?

            Where are the borders of Israel?

          • Pharmachick

            The borders of Israel are easily discernible by a simple Google (™) search. Here is the currently accepted (by the UN) map of Israel :


          • Admiral_Moorer_believed

            You will be supportive of the 500,000 Jewish colonists having to leave Palestinian lands then.

          • Albert Lane

            There are a lot of eminent historians who will tell you that the Palestinians are actually Jordanians. And if you read a certain book called The Bible, you may find that the area is actually the homeland of people called the Israelites.

          • Dave_1924

            Really????? “The Golan (stolen in the Israeli attack on the neighbours in 1967).” Really????

            You mean when israel was attacked from all sides in a co-ordinated attack and decide to take the strategically important Golan Heights to stop Syrian heavy artillery have a great spot to bombard the north of Israel?

            Thats not stolen chap thats spoils of war along with the West Bank and the Sinai….

            Isn’t it interesting that Egypt taht signa peace deal with israel and has stuck to the bargin got the Sinai back??

            You sir are having a fun time no doubt – enjoy your day

            EDIT: Added quotes to make it clear what I am contesting…

          • Admiral_Moorer_believed

            “Isn’t it interesting that Egypt taht signa peace deal with israel”.

            President Carter forced the peace agreement down Israels throat. Israel had plans for a city of 200,000 Jews in the Sinai and had to withdraw 20,000 colonists when it was forced into the treaty. Israel had every intention to keep the Sinai until kicked out by Carter.

            A question. Why did Israel ethnically cleanse the Golan of Arabs after the end of hostilities in 1967 only allowing the Druze to stay?

            And the old “Thats not stolen chap thats spoils of war”. So you suggest that the US and Russia would have been justified in keeping Germany. Italy and Japan at the end of WW2? Such idiocy from someone posting here.

            You seem little more than zionist talking points and adhere to the “approved narrative”.

            If you are actually honest, you will read past the approved and look for truth. But then. That would choke any real zionist. Good luck with that.

          • Dave_1924

            Bait all you want, insult all you want – just shows you have little of substance to say…. And frankly your attempts to rewrite what happened on the Golan are just poor. Syria were the aggressor the were defeated on the battlefield.

            Israel and Syria exist in a state of truce nothing more and Israel have no need to relinquish the Golan so Syria can bombard their citizens at will.

            And as for being a Zionist – you are way off base. I actually want a two state solution – but that would require genuine goodwill on the Arab side. And outside of Jordan and Egypt there is little goodwill towards Israel in the Middle East….

            Enjoy your day – you’re obviously having what passes as fun where you come from

          • Admiral_Moorer_believed

            You should read the interview with the Israeli soldiers after the end of the 1967 war wondering why they were ordered to round up the Arabs on the Golan and shove them into other Syrian territory.

            But, as I said, you would have to be open to the facts and truth.

            Ever read Benny Morris?

            On the two state solution. That is long gone. 500,000 colonists on Arabs lands have finished that.

            All that is there is a single bi-national state. The problem for Israel is that it is an racist apartheid state where people who have been under Israeli governance for over 40 years are disenfranchised.

            PS. Would you agree with Israel abiding by it’s declaration of independence?

          • Actually 85% of Israels water comes from de-salination plants on the coast

          • Albert Lane

            I understand that Saudi Arabia is desperately worried about Iran’s quest to be a nuclear power. The Obama administration knows full well, that if Iran has nuclear weapons, the whole of the Middle East is going to change – for the worse. It seems obvious that the Americans are going to do nothing to deter them, and it seems that if anything is going to be done, it will have to be done by Israel. In the past, Saudi Arabia and Israel haven’t been on talking terms. Now it seems apparent that the old adage of the enemy of my enemy is my good friend, and they are becoming allies over this one major problem. It’s funny how things can change almost overnight. Turkey, a Nato power is now distrusted by the Kurds in Syria, because they are apparently allowing ISIS troops access to their border areas. So what’s next? If the ISIS terrorists invade Shi-ite Lebanon, then what? Now it seems that Iran is gearing up to fight ISIS. Who would want to live in that part of the world?

      • parorchestia

        The Hebrew term for the country districts strongly identifying with Egypt was “pelistim”. It occurs 286 times in the Hebrew Bible. They were thought to b e iron aged people so repeatedly defeated the bronze aged Israelites who lived in the drier areas in the centre of the fertile crescent. Palatine derives from a modification of this ancient term.

        Modern archaeology has found no evidence for the wars of conquest described in the Bible (such as conducted by Joshua and other mythical figures). The most likely theory is that all the peoples of that region derived from Canaanites and became distinct once the city states of Canaan declined (there is no evidence of warfare or conquest in any of the Canaanite cities). The Israelites were poor Canaanites identical with those earlier people except for the design of their very modest houses. So they probably sprung from the lower classes of Canaan society. Thus the important points are that there is no evidence for the stories in the Old Testament – no Abraham, no Moses, no Joshua – and the present day Israelites and Palestinians are from the same stock. DNA analysis supports this view.

        Peace can only come when both parties acknowledge the right of the other to exist. Israel must be given these assurances and must be guaranteed the integrity of its territory and peace over the whole region. Israel could start negotiations with the people of the West Bank, since they are more moderate, and ignore Gaza for the present, until they come to their senses. But the rule of law must be applied to all involved. Israel must stop encroaching on Palestinian territory and the Palestinians must stop their aggression. Israel has done this with respect to Egypt and Jordan, so the fault must lie with the Palestinians.

  • Lee

    What’s wrong with the western world with this Israel hating mentality. I keep saying to these lunatics that if they are on holiday one day and some lunatic wanted to kill a westerner via a bomb, decapitation, or shooting, I can guarantee it won’t be no Jew or Christian doing the killing. It’ll be people of the same ilk or the people who are part of your delusional cause who will kill you. Barrack Obama, Russel Brand, David Cameron are the new Jew and Israel haters and Obama is drumming up the hatred against Israel and the white community in the US especially the white police officers via his race hustling henchmen (Al Sharpton) he’s appointed to drum up the black against white protests.
    The world is turned on its head at the minute and with Obama at the helm with his surreptitious backing of everything Islam we are indeed in a very dark place especially when the US and western left wing media fail to report what he’s actually doing and saying.
    Hillary Clinton the other day gave a speech saying “we should empathise with our enemies and understand why they hate us so much”. This coming from a ‘possible, hopefully never’ next US president. I fully suspect this fancy new thinking is coming via orders from Obama to reach out to the religion of peace.
    No wander these lunatics who hate Israel and Jews feel emboldened and empowered when the leader of the free world and the sycophantic western press fawn over his every word just because he’s black and possibly a Muslim and they fear the race card and being labelled racist if they dare to criticize him.

  • mike

    Israeli or Jewish. The two are not the same, just because you are Jewish doesn’t automatically make you an Israeli.

    Remember Israeli Is a nationality, Jewish is a religion.

    • Pharmachick

      Actually, all Jews have a right to Israeli citizenship. Although not all Israeli’s are Jews.

      • Admiral_Moorer_believed

        What about the refugees from the land that is now Israel?

        • Pharmachick

          I don’t know about that Admiral. I just know that, by law in Israel, all Jews can claim citizenship if they choose to.

          I understand that after WW2 there was an “assignation” of the place that is now Israel. We also need to understand that Israel was NOT the aggressor int he 6 day war. But they won decisively. I have not heard, ever; of another nation that responded to a war of aggression being asked to “give back” the territory. Pffft.

          Also, I note your avatar. Given that today (Dec 7th, in North America) is the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbour and also on Midway, perhaps a more moderate stance would be appropriate.

          • Admiral_Moorer_believed

            There always seems to be an excuse to divert attention from the Israeli governments abuses.

            Who attacked who in 1967? You may want to look it up and do some real research. Why did the Israeli generals describe the Egyptian moves as an “Opportunity” rather than a threat? Whose airforces were destroyed on the ground set out in peace time formations.

            You should actually do some real research into Israel’s actions in 1967. zionist talking points just don’t cut it with anyone who has actually read up on the issue.

            PS. When will Israel release the photos it took positively identifying the USS Liberty as a US ship at 6am on the morning before attacking it in 1967? 8 hours before the attack. . . Why is Israel too afraid to release the photos?

            On giving back territory captured in war. Does the US, UK and Russia still hold onto German, Italian and Japanese lands? Your post just shows up your slanted position towards Israel. Try again. Read past the “approved narrative”. That is if you are honest about the facts and truth.

    • Admiral_Moorer_believed

      Can you be an atheist Jew?

      • Albert Lane

        What about you Admiral_Moorer etc? I can guarantee that you are not an atheist. More’s the pity.

        • Admiral_Moorer_believed

          You read a lot into a simple question.

          Maybe you are into projection with your ad hominum attack here.

          Back to the question. “Can you be an atheist and a Jew”?

          Hint. Ben Gurion was. . .

          And yet he used the excuse of God (you know, the one he didn’t believe in) giving the land to the Jews as a reason for setting up Israel.

          Don’t you think that is just so funny. An Atheist quoting God to justify something. ;-)

          • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

            “You read a lot into a simple question.”
            Well Mr. Rear Admiral, you do reveal a lot about yourself.

          • Admiral_Moorer_believed

            Any comment on Ben Gurion, an atheist, using God as an excuse for establishing the state of Israel?

      • parorchestia

        From memory yes. I think an Israeli Court ruled that Jewishness is a cultural spectrum ranging from conservative, non-liberal sects to atheism – the important points are that the person identifies with Jewishness and lives a life compatible with Jewish values. But this ruling would not be acceptable to the traditionalists – not much is.

  • Michael

    And if Israel had backed the Soviet Union in the Cold War then it would be Arab products being boycotted.

  • Curious

    Why is it we have yet see a BDS-type movement to block sales of ISIS oil? This pariah group is selling between $2m-$3m in discounted oil every day, to finance their ‘caliphate’. However, as their customers include Jordan, Turkey, Syria and Iran, I am guessing the BDS types have no real interest protesting the actions of Moslem countries of the Middle East, only the Jewish one.

  • louie

    Shouldn’t they have focused on Egyptian products given their recent actions at the Gaza crossing. ?

  • Admiral_Moorer_believed

    Any position on the recent unprovoked bombing attack by Israel on Syria?

    Or is bombing the neighbours just OK now?

    • Albert Lane

      You’re not prejudiced at all are you? What are your thoughts about ISIS beheading their prisoners? What do you think of them murdering any non-Sunni people? What do you think of their obvious enjoyment in the disgraceful and inhumane acts they carry out? And what do you think about Iran having victims of rape stoned to death? And what do you think about Saudi Arabia not allowing any churches to be built in their country, while they happily sponsor mosques being built in the West (and probably in Taihape)? Or are you simply focused against the only Middle-eastern democracy – Israel? And about my initial question to you, we don’t need an answer. The answer is obvious. You should be ashamed to be using the crest of one of the forces of the free West, or are you using that to mask the truth of where you actually come from?

      • Admiral_Moorer_believed

        Standard “Bait and Switch” from the Hasbara troll handbook.

        So. No comment on the unprovoked bombing of Syria by Israel then.

        • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

          So, OK, the Syrian government did not provoke anything this time, but as stated, if you would only read and digest the answer from Dave, the bombing had nothing to do with the Syrian government.

          It had eveyrthing to do with what appears to be your close friends – IS.

          You know, Mr. Rear Admiral, you do reveal a lot about yourself.

          • Admiral_Moorer_believed

            Another foolish post. Suggesting I support ISIL. Nothing I write suggests that.

            But then. Your adherence to Hasbara Troll doctrine is admirable. Next, you will be calling me an anti-Semite for disagreeing with the policies and actions of the government of Israel.

    • Dave_1924

      Bombing facilities in danger of falling into extremists hands as said extermists take advantage of the weakness of central state control in Syria is called common sense when you are surrounded by implacable enemies who promulgate you total destruction. Strategically and tactical sound action by Israel in the circumstances Admiral, don’t you think. There you go direct response to your post. have a nice day…

      • Admiral_Moorer_believed

        One mans extremist is another mans army.

        I am not sure that “said extremists” are exploiting Syrias weakness.

        My understanding is that Iran and Syria are rearming one of the military factions involved in defending Lebanon from outside aggression.

        On total destruction. Ever heard of Moshe Dayan? And his theory for the Israeli military. It includes the war crime of attacking civilian infrastructure to create a “Deterrence”. “Israel will act like a Mad Dog. Too dangerous to bother”.

        That is why Israel continually and systematically destroys civilian infrastructure in countries it attacks. Ever heard about Israel killing the 200,000 terrorist chickens in Gaza a few years ago? Sewerage pumping stations? Water wells? Hospitals and schools?

        Ever wondered why Israel’s neighbours have issues with Israel?

        • Dave_1924

          Undermining an enemies economic infrastructure is a fact of war. Has been for millenia. Dayan was just explicitly saying what has been valid miltitary tactics fora very long time. If it was a war crime as you say, why was Bomber Harris not put on trial??? As just one example. War and survival are not a game

          Gaza is a tragedy. But if Gazans stopped throwing rockets over the border maybe their lot would improve.

          Afterall the Arab world, let alone the large world Muslim community, is very wealthy. They could turn a Palestine state in to a paradise – if they wished. Instead the choose hard line parties to lead the Palestinian people and it has inevitable consequences.

          Israel is by no means perfect, it is by no means an innocent abroad. But then again the Jewish people have been inured by pograms, massacres and holacaust atrocities over the years. Those long bitter experiences have made a part of the jewish people hard and desparate. They have a homeland and the rights and wrongs of its formation by the UN are history. It is now a fact and it will not go away

          What people would willingly accept genocide by laying down their arms – that is what beckons the state of Israel and the jewish people who reside there, if they stopped defending themselves. And it is the stated aim of many palestinian organisations like Hamas….

          Anyway enough put up common sense – your view is fixed and will not change. Enjoy your day

  • Admiral_Moorer_believed

    I never knew that no one else would have invented the nuclear bomb if a Jew hadn’t invented one.

    Same for the rest of the stuff in WO’s rant.

    • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

      Once again, Mr. Rear Admiral, you do reveal a lot about yourself.

      • Admiral_Moorer_believed

        You may have missed Cam’s trip to Israel on Israels dime earlier this year.

  • Eddie

    Not surprisingly, Stuff and TV3 were the only media apparently giving these Israel-haters oxygen. I’m surprised Mike McRoberts wasn’t sent to “the field” to report on the depressing situation of the Palestinians and how we should all hate Israel and Jews enough to ensure they are economically ruined and cannot defend their borders anymore.

    “Mike here, reporting live from Pak&Save where some of the bravest Kiwis have just sent a strong message to the world. One is Jewish so this can’t be anti-Semitic. They were brutalised by the police as they were forcibly taken out of the store. It’s so depressing. Please send money to Hamas. …”

  • abbaby

    That big list, it is like saying well, the Moslem world invented math, and the alphabet, preceeding every one of those Jewish inventions.

    • Pharmachick

      Hmmmm, there have been several alphabets invented over the ages. The current “English” alphabet is quite derivative of greek, yet has little, if anything; to do with Sanskrit (from whence the current Punjabi and several other indo-asian languages derive their alphabet), nor from ancient Persia, where much of the Arabic language derives its written language from (Farsi).

      And as for “inventing” math … yep, understanding that y = mx+c is *totally* the same as Pythagoras’ theorem, Euclidean math etc etc

      Cameron made a broad statement about the importance of Israeli/Jewish influence on innovation in the world. Broad brush statement are always going to be just that … by definition they miss the fine points. But your attempt at rebuttal was dismally short.

  • parorchestia

    I didn’t know that Milton Reynolds (the first to make and sell a practical ball point pen following the many dozens of inventors who preceded him with faulty or buggy pens) was Jewish? The Biro pen that Cam is probably referring to wasn’t a perfect pen by any means. My Dad had one – what a disaster – purple ink everywhere!

    The same with many of these inventions – there are almost always a number of people involved in the development of new products. There were 29 or so “inventors” of the incandescence light bulb; not just Edison and Swan (were they Jewish too?)

    And, frankly, in my opinion hate speech from either side is counter productive – no matter whether you support Israel or Palestine.

  • intelligentes candida diva

    I applaud your commitment to sharing facts and thanks for the lists, I didn’t know many of them.

    If they had a life they probably would have done their research, this type of protest is soley disruptive and achieves nothing but disdain.

    I would have felt resentful if I was doing my shopping and they approached me even if I had supported them in principle.

  • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

    Some years ago, Mill St. PnS used to openly stock Halal meat, but must have found that it didn’t sell too well.

    So, they stopped advertising it as such, even though it still is sacrificed in the name of allah by Malay priests/slaughtermen (normal practice in our “secular” society)

  • Wallace Westland

    Personally I love my soda stream and the towel heads can naff off. I need the gas refills and flavours from time to time for splits!

  • Patterson

  • Patterson

  • Tom

    If they want to protest put them on a plane home.

  • burns_well_eh

    I completely disagree with the protesters’ actions, but Cam’s argument is specious. The protesters aren’t calling for a boycott because Israeli products are no good; rather they’re trying to hurt Israel economically.

    The correct response (apart from what Pak’n’Save did, and good on them) is not to point out how many clever inventions or important things have been developed by Israelis or Jews, and how few have been developed by Muslims. That has nothing to do with it.

    The Nazis came up with some amazing inventions and brilliant processes – they were one of the most ruthlessly efficient bureaucracies known to man. They recorded everything they did, they invented some fantastic weaponry and aircraft, they made important medical breakthroughs (albeit by conducting the most despicable experiments you could conceive) – but none of that is any reason not to condemn them for their actions.

    The protesters – however misguided and delude they are – are protesting Israel’s actions, not its inventions.

    • Patterson

      The protesters are attacking Israels right to exist. Their aim is to destroy Israel. The BDS has a genocidal aim it’s a movement that is a wolf in sheep’s clothing aimed to hoodwink well meaning people into supporting their struggle…. supporting the BDS movement is like supporting the NAZI’s in their “struggle” against the Jews…

      • burns_well_eh

        I don’t disagree. That’s not the point I was making.

        • Patterson

          I hear what you are saying… I guess the Israeli/Jews inventions angle is also a bit of humour …. Jews and then Israelis have contributed so much out of all proportion to their population size that imagining the modern world without their contributions is kinda well laughable…. but i do understand the point u r making…