Is there anything that Kim Dotcom won’t steal?

Kim Dotcom is wanted in the US on copyright, money laundering and racketeering charges.

He claims he is innocent and hasn’t stolen a thing, nor made any money from stolen works.

But it isn’t just the US studio who he thieves from, it appears he has also directly stolen or plagiarised the BBC’s award wining show Top Gear.

On 21 November 2004 Top Gear went to air with episode 5 in series 5. In that episode was a piece where Jeremy Clarkson had to drive a diesel Jaguar S-type around the Nurburgring in under 10 minutes.

After much practice, Clarkson took a diesel Jaguar S-Type around the Nürburgring at 9:59, just under ten minutes. His instructor, Sabine Schmitz, exclaimed “I could do that in a van”. She then took the Jaguar out and recorded a lap time much quicker on her first try, at 9:12.

At the start of the clip was an overview of the Nurburgring by Clarkson.  

On 21 April 2012 Kim Dotcom posted a video of his escapades around the Nurburgring, eight years after the Top Gear episode went to air.

Did he plagiarise/steal Top Gear’s ideas and intellectual property?

You be the judge.

Is there anything Kim Dotcom won’t steal?



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  • steve and monique

    Seeing as he is pretty fake in most of what he says, and does, then yes just a stolen idea.

  • Reaper

    Almost word-for-word Noticed the shot just before the end “Kim Ich liebe dich”. I suppose he had to make a point of including that.

  • sheppy

    I’d like to see him do a lap in 9:59 in a manual S-Type Diesel…
    Not convinced he could do that let alone get anywhere near the time of Sabine Schmitz (9:12) who was on the same episode in the same car with a much quicker time

    • All_on_Red

      30,000+ laps! She is awesome. A “taxi” ride round there is on my bucket list.

  • HSV325

    Yep nicked the idea and the production cost would have heve several hundred thousand I reckon. The Phantom Drophead at the end of the video must be the one he has stashed in the UK unless he flew over the one he had here

  • 2rotorbro

    The fat & friendless german thief has only ever had one original idea in his life and that was to plagiarise others intellectual property & productions.

    • OneTrack

      And the left love him for it – he helps them get free stuff.

  • coltheman

    More Charges?

  • Couldn’t steal and election though