Aussies flip the bird at UN climate fund

Good on the Aussie government, they have flipped the bird at the UN climate fund refusing to contribute anymore to it.

Australia has refused to pay into the UN’s Green Climate Fund, designed to pay for climate change adaptations for developing nations, preferring to cut out the ‘Green blob’ middleman and finance initiatives directly. The Chinese delegation said that this was “not good news”. Speaking at the UN Climate Summit in Peru, the Australian delegates also called for commitments from all major economies including China on emissions. (h/t Jo Nova)

Speaking to Associated Press before the summit in Lima, Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, said: “The Green Climate Fund is about supporting developing countries build resilience to climate change. Australia is already doing that through our aid program. From my experience, bilateral work is able to customize responses when we’re working directly with another partner country.”

So far about $10 billion a year has been pledged by rich countries, but the ambition is to go much further. Su Wei, China’s lead negotiator said: “It is not good news [about] Australia, if it is true that they refuse to provide any money to the GCF.

“It also has very important impacts in the negotiating process. It’s a trust-building process. There is still a large gap toward the 2020 targets of $100 billion a year.”

China, the worlds biggest polluter can shut their gobs. Julie bishop sticks it to them too.

Bishop hit back, saying that Australia would not set any self-imposed emissions targets beyond 2020 until agreement on creating a level playing field could be reached. “The message that I will be presenting on Australia’s behalf is that the new agreement should establish a common playing field for all countries to take climate action from 2020 and seek commitments from all the major economies to reducing emissions,” she said.

Furthermore, Bishop called for details of an agreement between the US and China on emissions to be released, saying: “China has already said that it will continue business as usual until 2030. We want to know whether there’s some sort of binding commitment.”

Commenting on the announcement, climate blogger Joanne Nova said: “Apparently the Australian government can see that funding these UN agencies is hand-feeding sharks. By paying for environmental aid direct, our tax funds might achieve something useful, and it exposes the hypocritical self-interest of the Green Gravy train. Which environmental groups will praise Abbott and Bishop? All the ones that put the environment and the poor ahead of the Blobby [i.e., none].”

Good job, perhaps we should follow.

– Breitbart


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  • Doc45

    The concept of a UN Climate Fund is just one more step toward UN direct taxing as planned by the international socialists like Maurice Strong. “A constant dripping wears away the stone”. They wont give up. Its the real agenda behind AGW. Good on the Aussies for kicking it into touch.

  • EveryWhichWayButLeft

    Wow – $100 billion a year is one massive gold plated trough. You could get more than your snout and front trotters in it and go swimming a-la Uncle Scrooge’s vault.
    No wonder the Taliban shout down anyone that questions the science behind this scam – that’s a whole lot of other peoples’ money to spend.

    We should grow a pair and follow Australia’s lead and withdraw any funding from this rort. The sooner we cut of their funding the sooner the house of cards will come crashing down.

    • R2D2

      And there are plenty more hidden costs. Go to Auckland University and see how many students are studying: “environmental studies, environmental science, engineering and environment, environment law….etc etc” Pretty soon there won’t be any other “profession”. All these students have smelt the trough.

  • The UN’s Green Climate Fund is yet another branch of the biggest troughing agency in the world and provides a pit of money for yet another bunch of academics to tell everyone else how they should live while accomplishing nothing. The only thing they will manage to achieve is keeping some exclusive hotels around the world in business for their regular junket conferences – the bigger the fund the more regular the junkets.

    good on australia for telling them to shove it and cut out the middle man

  • Alexander K

    Way to go, Aussies!
    I hope that our government follows our trans-Tasman neighbours in this. If our totally idiotic MSM, who slavishly follow every UN AGC piece of idiocy, have anything to do with this no amount of money will be enogh for the UN troughers.
    It’s amazing how, with the passage of time, the infiltration of Marxism will make peasants of all but the favoured few of us if we don’t stay on our guard and say no to blackmail.

  • JC

    The UN bosses are saying the $100 billion is nowhere near what they want.. the most recent figure is *$76 trillion* over 40 years.

    Maybe those Aussies are on to something eh?


  • sheppy

    Well done Australia!
    We need this common sense over here, sadly I don’t think we’ll get it, too many MP’s looking forward to the UN retirement trough

  • cows4me

    That will get the bull feces poohing bludgers in the UN squealing, scumbags that they are. It will be interesting to see the response from the UN. The true backers behind this con will be the ones doing the loudest squealing. No doubt the Marxist hand puppet, Obummer, will have something to say about this. His handlers will not like to see their plans for world domination by climate change rules and all that lovely cash going down the toilet, they shall not be impressed at all. They will be very fearful that others will now be telling them where they can stick their scam, good job to. As for the Chinese, I can only assume they were expecting to get some of this cash, don’t they cry “developing nation” when it suits them?

    • taurangaruru

      He lectured Australia on the damage they are supposedly doing to the Great Barrier Reef when he was there recently for the G20 troughing. Like Obama would be capable of pointing to the Great Barrier Reef on a map, probably couldn’t even identify Australia.
      BTW Bishop is a solid performer & Abbott better watch his back or he will be gone. He is doing a very poor job of selling his government’s message/vision.

      • cows4me

        If the barrier reef had a floating golf course on it taurangaruru he would find it.

        • Dave

          yes, but if it had a Golf Course, it would be claimed under “native title” Remember one of NZ finest golf courses, now a gorse patch…….. Raglan!

      • sheppy

        They’d do far better at looking after the Great Barrier Reef if they managed the runoff from the upstream sugar plantations – I flew over there a few years back and you could see it washed a very long way out to sea after a storm.

        • Dave

          The barrier reef is fine Sheppy, far to many greeny do gooders harping on and on. The one threat to the reef, dredging for abbot point has been rectified now that they will use a land disposal technique instead of dumping the spoil near the reef. and PS: The run off after storms has been happening for thousands of years, and will continue to happen, the reef research centre here has an interesting video on reef regeneration.

          • sheppy

            Thanks for the clarification, as ever its difficult to get to the truth once the greenies start pursuing their agendas!

  • Day Day

    Well done, Mr Abbott. I’m troubled by the fact our Govt continues to put a buck each way. I know it’s mainly lip service to “the cause” on their behalf, but sometimes it’s hard to know where exactly they stand.

  • 1951

    Time now for JK to stand-up behind Abbott. C’mon Nick Smith which way are you going step…..?

  • Michael

    Great stuff Mr Abbott – regardless of the science of climate change, the principle that the big players who can really make a difference must commit before any more funding comes from the taxpayers in the minor leagues is a good one. Not obstructive but calling for a fair suck on the sav!

  • timemagazine

    Well done, Australia, for standing up against these wealth redistribution bullies at the UN!

  • Nige.

    Abbott is making the tough calls. He’s not in the job to be popular, he’s there to make some common sense changes and undo as much of the damage that the previous socialist administration inflicted.

    As his popularity becomes less and less I suspect he will make more and more of the hard decisions.

    • Chiefsfan73

      Agreed. Aussies are squealing like petulant four year old having a toy taken off them.