Australia quite proactive against Jihadi “lone wolves”

An Australian man has been charged after he allegedly was found with documents designed to facilitate a terrorist attack against potential government targets in Sydney.

Sulayman Khalid, 20, appeared in Parramatta Local Court after he was charged by counter-terrorism police overnight.

Australian Federal Police Deputy Commissioner Michael Phelan said officers seized a significant amount of material during raids on a property on Thursday last week.

Among that material were documents that police allege were “designed to facilitate a terrorist attack”, as well as a rifle, a shortened shotgun and a double-barrelled shotgun.

Deputy Commissioner Phelan said he could not go into great detail about the documents that were seized.

“But there was enough there that gave concern to us that something was being planned, and that’s why a person was charged. He was charged in relation to having a document that was designed to clearly facilitate an attack,” Deputy Commissioner Phelan said.

“Certainly the documents talked a little bit about potential government targets and so on, and what that did, coupled with other things that were seized during the search warrant, gave us significant concern to be able to act early.”

I guess they have good reason to feel a little proactive, having not taken the Lindt Cafe “lone wolf” seriously enough.  

A second man, Maywand Osman, 21, was also charged by counter-terrorism police overnight, with breaching a control order. He is also due to face court today.

Only four people have ever been issued with a control order in Australia. One was David Hicks in 2007.

Osman and Khalid were arrested by the joint counter-terrorism team as part of Operation Appleby.

The arrests come a day after Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said there had been a “heightened level of terror chatter” in the wake of the Martin Place siege.

The National Security Committee met on Tuesday and intelligence officials briefed Mr Abbott, who said the national terrorism alert level remained on high.

“As you’ll all understand, at this level, an attack is likely, we don’t know when and how an attack may come, but we do know there are people with the intent and capability to carry out further attacks, and that’s why it’s important that as well as being reassured that people are aware of the reality of these times,” Abbott said on Tuesday.

It is a delicate balance between panic and complacency.   I just have this feeling we’re due our own little incident, as we’re the only 5Eyes partner who has so far gone unscathed.   Hope the experts are on the job.


– Sydney Morning Herald


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  • Bart67

    A ‘pack’ of ‘lone wolves’? A little oxymoron-ic wouldn’t you say? If there are a group of people with similar motives and similar backgrounds, then surely they can all be called ‘terrorists’ rather than trying to minimise their actions by calling them something else!

    • Nechtan

      Without any possible hint of legitimising their cause. Its a knife edge.

      • Albert Lane

        Perhaps it’s time for me to think about going on a deer-stalking trip, and I should look for a decent rifle with a scope and plenty of ammo.

  • Jimmie

    I can say that there are a fair number of cops half expecting something to happen here as well…

  • Honcho

    This guy isn’t someone who has come out from nowhere, police and intelligence have been watching this young man for over a year now.

    Ethnicity; Iraqi

    DEC13 – Passport revoked by ASIO

    JAN14 – was due to highlighted on channel 7 (Lawyer stepped up and lodged an injuction)

    AUG14 – appeared on SBS television show about fighting in Syria wearing an IS emblem on his jacket

    AUG14 – was arrested after harassing a cleaner at a bankstown mall (who happened to be an Iraqi Christian)

    Tells government they need to stop picking on muslims (they are not, him and his mate needs to stop picking on Christians)
    His lawyer says he is just a ‘young kid who is passionate about injustice’
    (the lindt terrorist also claimed he was a ‘peace activist’)

    his lawyer also admits her client “Khalid believes muslims are obligated to help fellow muslims overseas and reportedly does not feel connected with his home country of Australia”

    source – dailymail uk –

    The fact that since then he was able to get his hands on a sawn off shotgun, the same weapon used in the Lindt hostage situation is extremely troubling.

    • Whafe

      If he doesn’t feel connected, he knows where the airport is, it is not to far from Bankstown… See ya later

      • Honcho

        “Khalid is by no means alone in Sydney with his blatant support for the Islamic State, an Iraq and Syria-based Sunni extremist group and former al Qa’ida affiliate that adheres to the global jihadist ideology.

        On August 19 Wissam Haddad, the head of the al-Risalah Islamic Centre in Sydney’s southwest, revealed he too followed the ‘flag of Allah’, the Daily Telegraph reported.

        He denounced the Australian flag and said the Shahada, used by Islamic Stat militants, is a flag he will ‘live and die’ for. ”

        He’s not alone, the Shahada was the flag that Haron Monis used in the Lindt café.

        I wish they would sod off back to where they bloody well came from but the call from but the call amongst them is to ‘remain and expand, god willing’ they are actively trying to establish a caliphate in Australia, they are not even trying to hide that fact.

  • stephen2d

    This could all be sorted by the U.S. who are to partially blame for the expansion of these looneys via Saudi Arabia. Oil talks and they (Americans) have tolerated them (Saudis) for soo long “just” to have access to their oil and ordering them to speed or slow their production at a phone call. Send them their Arab Spring, and to Qatari and sort it out. Saudis are the main financiers of Al Qaida and IS maniacs.

  • taurangaruru

    Don’t worry, Hager, Campbell, the Ploughshares mob all assure us there is nothing to worry about. Even Aunty Helen tells us we live in a benign security environment.

  • thehawkreturns

    I couldn’t say I actually expected it but I did check to see and YES sure enough the Emerson cartoon in the Herald the day after the Sydney Islamic terrorist attack went straight down the “it’s only a lone wolf, nothing to do with peaceful Islam, move along people”. There have been 24681 Islamic terrorist attacks since 9/11 (
    Maybe Emerson, the Herald staff and all deluded infidels should look them up. They would have to take the hoods off their heads first as they will be under the Muslim sword early in the Jihad.

  • Hans

    They are not lone wolves, they are self starters and self motivated. They are all mentally deranged, thinking you will receive 72 virgins is not normal behavior for any human being, 2nd I heard this mother of a suicide bomber saying it feels so great when the vest goes bang that you want to do it over and over again.. how can a mother of all people say these things unless she has a mental problem.