Australian Media versus New Zealand Media

A number of Whaleoil commenters voiced what I was thinking during the hostage crisis in Australia.

Would our Media work with the Police and put the interests of the hostages ahead of their interest in a scoop?

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Given Campbell Live’s past history I think we can safely assume that they would not follow the Australian media’s example.

John Campbell will be warned by police after admitting he broke an official cordon and snuck past armed offenders squad officers during the Napier siege to get exclusive news footage.

The host of TV3’s Campbell Live was among around 40 journalists reporting on last month’s 50-hour siege following the fatal shooting of Senior Constable Len Snee and wounding of fellow officers Grant Diver and Bruce Miller plus hero civilian Leonard Holmwood.

The four men were shot by gun fanatic Jan Molenaar after the policemen went to search for cannabis at his home.

The Hawke’s Bay city was placed under lockdown with hundreds of residents forced from their homes and countless others told they were unable to return home even to feed hungry pets during the standoff.

But Campbell ignored the police cordon to get close to the gunman’s home in a bid to capture footage.

Last weekend, he told Radio New Zealand National’s Media Watch how he and a cameraman climbed Hospital Hill.

“We walked up a kind of goat track, through some houses, through some back yards, across some sections and around a corner and low and behold we were standing on a road looking directly down on where this was taking place,” Campbell said in the interview.

A resident invited the current affairs show frontman and the cameraman inside her house, from where the TV3 staffers captured footage of teargas being fired into Molenaar’s house.

Campbell defended his breaching of the cordon. “I think that’s our job as reporters to do that we alone had got the pictures and we had worked hard to get them, been sensible to get them but we had got them.” TV3 said Campbell’s actions would not usually be encouraged but the Napier case was unique.

“All journalists want to get close to the story, and provided safety is paramount, that determination to get to the heart of the story is understandable,” said head of news and current affairs, Mark Jennings.

But Napier police spokeswoman Kris McGehan told Sunday News Campbell’s admission he broke the cordon came across as though he was “skiting”.

McGehan said police enforced the cordon during the siege as they would at any crime scene, although in this case monitoring was “probably more stringent”.

If people had crossed the cordon, there is a chance they may have been shot,” she said.

-stuff ( 2009 )


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  • Gaynor

    Couldn’t agree more….I sat up late watching Sky news and the difference was very very noticeable. Makes one wonder what the hell happened to our msm.

  • 40something

    And then there is Rachel Smalley – I just read her opinion piece in full. Am astounded she has so little grasp of Police operational matters. When lives hang precariously in the balance they are not going to consult the media for comment or the families. The Police were not in control – had they been there would have been no hostages or standoff and it would have been resolved in a matter of minutes. Her card carrying security specialist must have got his credentials from a Weetbix packet. There is always intelligence going on in the background but it is a constantly evolving situation dominated by the nutter with the gun. How simplistic her thinking is and how inane. These media types always have a better way with their ‘in-depth’ analysis after the event. Put them in the hot seat and they would soil themselves. All praise to the Australian Journos for keeping their heads and letting the authorities do their jobs without interference.

  • Jimbob

    Check out Andrea Vance’s diatribe against John Key. Not even a semblance of balance. Disgusted me.

    • wooted

      I just read it, and bluntly expressing my true feelings would get me banned.

      Suffice it to say the article should have a footnote saying “This has been a party political broadcast brought to you by the Green Party”

    • Teletubby

      At least for once it is actually headed opinion, albeit in rather undistinguished type.

    • Jdogg

      Can’t even eloquently manage a comment which doesn’t include “Off” when I read this drivel. Sufficiently “shocked” there’s no comments area available.. what Andrea.. no comment required from the NZ public, no right of reply? Pfft, why I no longer bother with MSM!!

      • Yeahright

        There was originall a comments area, all negative, they must of turned it off. Can’t stand the other view, albeit the majority view.

        • Disinfectant

          Wouldn’t be the first time that Stuff has done this.

        • Jdogg

          Ahhh, wimps. If you’re going to write something that would offend the majority then you should be able to back yourself and take the heat. Far easier to toss an opinion into the air and shut down the conversation!

    • She is nothing if not consistent!

    • Michael

      Key is responsible for ensuring that threats like these are detected and prevented. IS and others are actively targeting residents in Western countries to take these actions. Unless IS, Hezbollah, Hamas and others are wiped out then this will keep happening.

      P.S. New Zealand was not involved in the Sri Lankan civil war – that didn’t stop a suicide bomber on a bicycle blowing himself up outside the hotel of the New Zealand Crivket team in the 1990s. The terrorists see all Westerners as the enemy, including Andrea Vance.

      • Bruce Wayne

        Broad brushstrokes. NZ cricket wasn’t the target in the assassination of a naval commander by a suicide bomber in 1992. Neither were any of the other foreigners in Colombo at the time. Terrorists can also be westerners, the IRA, ETA, Brigate Rosse, Carlos The Jackal, and Breivik being a few examples. In this specific incident in Sydney were all the hostages westerners?

  • I’ve recently come across a story that has me questioning the moral integrity of our media. But it boils down to an assault victim having to go to court in order to prevent her name being published and being hounded by media for her story. Surely a decent media only needs to be told once, no, surely a victim of assault gets the right to not be hounded about it by media.

  • Michael Cosgrove

    I don’t think any NZ paper had quite the hysterical front page of the ‘Daily Telegraph’.

    15 takes 13 hostages in city cafe siege

  • Jdogg

    I was impressed at media following the police instructions on a blackout of info. About 9.30 NZT there seemed very little updates from when the last couple of hostages were free’d or escaped? This is what media should do, no coverage for terrorism – this is what they want, recognition. So don’t give it to them.
    Today and onwards – let’s hope the media can be responsible (hah) and victims are given the headlines and lead stories. If you shut the media coverage of terrorism down, one of their main weapons is dis-empowered.

  • Alexander K

    Vance and Smalley are both nasty Leftards – just which of them is more toe-curling is moot, but they are NOT journalists as I understand the term. They are anti-government campaigners, and not very intelligent ones or adept at their line of work.

  • Red

    Norman Russel is all over Red FM this arvo claiming Key’s statement was purely for political gain on the back of this tragedy…. unlike Norman’s criticism of the PM – which was nothing at all like wringing political gain on the back of this tragedy… ay.

    • Chris EM

      Yep, only a total loser like Norman would use the tragic murder of his fellow countrymen to gain political points. Every time this moron opens his mouth he sinks to a lower depth.

    • JKV

      I wish to God that guy would go back to Australia – I’d even pay for his ticket. One way of course!

  • Vlad

    When comments like those made by Andrea Vance are posted by a visitor to a site they are called trolling.

    When they are from an employee or contributor they are called click-bait.

    Worthless witless goading designed to increase traffic and responses.

  • Bruce Rayner

    In one word NO nz media are politically orientated scum

    • Excitedly awaiting Whodunnit

      I agree and disagree. They arent a patch on Aussie media (they arent that good either but still better than NZ), but they arent politically orientated (well not completely), they are also motivated by their own fame and come to believe that what they have to say on any issue is more important than just reporting the issue and letting others decide how to think.

      They are like peacocks strutting around squacking drawing attention to their “magnificient plumage”.

      • Bruce Rayner

        Totally agree with the peacock plumage, and apologies to peacocks
        for the comparison. You and I are on same wavelength.Thanks

      • JKV

        Sorry mate but the Australian media are utterly vile. They’ve been rabbiting on about this guy being ‘disaffected’ or ‘deranged’ – any excuse will do. That’s the local media as well as the ABC. They have been totally going along the with the multi-culti line. They are totally brainwashed. Believe me, I lived there for 5 years. A very depressing place to live.

  • Eiselmann

    Our MSM would be ripping into the police about now for using excessive force…the Greens would be calling for an enquiry and John Campbell would be doing a hug interview with some Muslims who’s biggest concern will be people might think that Islam isn’t the Religion of Peace

  • Teletubby

    This article has reminded me that my hatred of John Campbell goes back to another tragedy. I was already getting tetchy about his swelling head and his developing belief that the show was about him and not the story and then came the Samoan Tsunami. Campbell flew over there and did the first segment of the show live from the beach and dealt with the tsunami. He then proceeded to do the rest of the show about unrelated stories from the beach. In the background we could see people combing the beach in the background looking for the remnants of their lives and possibly even the remains of their loved ones while Campbell was smiling from ear to ear doing his show all about completely unrelated material. It was macabre and insensitive in the extreme and really spoke a lot about who John Campbell is with his fake sincerety and over blown ego. That was the last time I watched Campbell Live and I never will again. Although I did stream one episode when I read on here that John Key had eviscerated Campbell in an interview, that was too good to miss. Does anyone know if John Key was ever invited back after that?

  • JKV

    Having read the comments here it really saddens me. I think that the New Zealand media has been pretty hopeless – but comparing it to Australia?? Come on guys – some of the Australian media won’t even admit that this disgraceful man has anything to do with Islam. The ABC (groan) won’t even mention Islam. I think that the NZ media has been far better dealing with this compared to Australia.

  • pisces8284 .

    Not sure why the TV news channels have to send their newsreaders to overseas trouble spots when they already have perfectly capable overseas correspondents who can do live crosses. It’s just a junket

    • Just thinking that myself. They could buy the coverage from Australian media or use local staffers. Maybe a bit less junketing and we’d see higher standards of programmes

  • zotaccore

    The NZ MSM have not the discipline, rather they are much more interested in sensationalist reporting to get the first breaking news out without little regard for the consequences. The MSM still rank below 2nd hand use car dealers (sorry guys if that sounds bad!) when it comes to trust.

  • 2rotorbro

    The presumably lefty kaftan wearing Aussie media didn’t take long to jump on the “i’ll ride with you while you are wearing your desert mid east garb’ tweet and proclaim to all & sundry that ‘omg it’s gone viral!’. Utter tosh.