I await howls of outrage over Tony Abbott’s latest comments + Sledge of the Day

Tony Abbott is not one to mince words…and he has got stuck into the Greens over their attack on toys and who should or shouldn’t pay with them…yes…they are attacking toys.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has weighed in on a debate about gender-specific toys in the lead-up to Christmas, saying boys should be boys and girls should be girls

Greens senator Larissa Waters has backed a “No Gender December” campaign, aimed at breaking down stereotypes around buying dolls for girls and trucks for boys.

But Abbott, a conservative who has three grown-up daughters, said parents should be allowed to do what was in the best interests of their children.

“I certainly don’t believe in that kind of political correctness,” Abbott told Channel Nine television.

“Let boys be boys, let girls be girls – that’s always been my philosophy – and above all else, let parents do what they think is in the best interests of their children.”

Sensible stuff from Abbott and nutty crazy stuff from Greens.

The campaign is asking anyone concerned about gender marketing to children to sign an online pledge that “there is no place for gender stereotypes under my Christmas tree”.

Waters said “separate aisles of pink and blue, catalogues categorising toys as for girls or boys and advertising showing just girls or boys playing with particular toys” reinforced inequality between men and women.

“Setting such strong gender stereotypes at early ages can have long-term impacts, including influencing self-perception and career aspirations,” she said.

“Outdated stereotypes about girls and boys, and men and women, perpetuate gender inequality, which feeds into very serious problems such as domestic violence and the gender pay gap.”

And now for the sledge of the day.

But Conservative senator Cory Bernardi backed Abbott, calling Waters’ comments “bizarre”.

“I hope that Santa brings Senator Waters some common sense for Christmas,” he told reporters.


– The Telegraph


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  • “Outdated stereotypes about girls and boys, and men and women, perpetuate gender inequality, which feeds into very serious problems such as domestic violence and the gender pay gap.”


    So playing with some toys one Christmas day will feed into domestic violence and also decades later, some kind of pay gap?

    No wonder the Greens can easily see a link between farting sheep and rising sea levels in 50 years time.

    Too bad – they can’t accurately forecast their fortunes at election time though.

  • Alexander K

    This current nonsense from the Aussie Greens IS so OLD – I was hassled for buying my daughter a doll by a PC person, who belonged to the long-dead Values party when she was little. My daughter is now a grandma herself, and her daughters have all played with both dolls and trucks. Greens think gender issues with toys matter!! wOW.
    Says it all about said Greens.

  • SlightlyStrange

    We are buying Son a digger, a bike and a duplo farmyard for Christmas. No dolls.
    Not because we don’t think boys should play with dolls, but because he is simply not interested – including not interested at daycare where he has the option of playing with dolls and dressup clothes with other kids whenever he wants to.
    None of us are pushing him to not play with dolls, he is simply opting for other things.
    That said.
    I do get peeved at the rows and rows of “girls” and “boys” toys in some shops. Why do we need pink lego for example? Why is a doll considered something that should be packed in a pink box and put in the girls section? Why is a Tonka truck a boys toy?
    Toys are toys, and at a toddler age, clothes are clothes, and there is no need to put a gender construct on them.
    So, to a degree, I agree with them – the marketers need to go away and stop with the gendering infant and toddler toys. And the only way that’s going to happen is with pushback from current parents.
    Of course, there is also a lot that parents can teach their kids through this – there is no need to be squeamish about buying something that appears to be marketed at the other gender for your kids if you think that’s what will interest them.

    • The Whinging Pom

      Pink lego – is it a cause or effect?

      Has Lego and other toy manufacturers specifically marketed pink things to girls because, somehow they’ve got a supply of pink paint and plastic they need to use up? Or is it, perhaps, but some strange strand of human nature little girls do actually like pink things and little boys don’t, and they’re just marketing their products to fit in with that?

      We had a neighbour a few years ago whose daughter was absolutely obsessed by all things pink. To the extent that they we constantly trying to persuade her to wear clothes of another colour (if only for variety). The only non-pink things she wore acceptingly was her school uniform.

      Much of the left wing/feminist rant-o-sphere in the last half century has been built around the assertion that there are no significant innate differences between males and females. That after decades of encouraging (‘non gender specific parenting’) we still have boys wanting to aggressive and play with guns and girls wanting to be nurturing and play with dolls should tell them something. But as it doesn’t fit into their prejudged position they don’t want to know.

      EDIT – clarification

      • SlightlyStrange

        Its hard to know which way it goes.
        I know a lot of the academics say there is no way that a girl will want pink things unless she is conditioned to that, but friends who have girls say that even those with older brothers (and so more trucks than dolls) still want dolls, even without being exposed to much advertising.
        My personal theory is that they introduced SOME pink lego, it sold well (it was different, so it would have), so they took that as a suggestion they should introduce more. There is some evidence out there that a chunk of the gender segregation in products is marketing department driven.

        • The Whinging Pom

          In my experience a lot of academics saying something tends to have no bearing on whether that statement has any validity…

          I remember reading somewhere (sorry, can’t cite) a posting from a woman who had held these stereotyping views very strongly. When she gave birth to a son she vowed that she would ensure that he had dolls etc to play with, be encouraged into caring, nurturing roll play etc etc.

          She gave her crusade up as totally pointless when, one day, she found that her son had used the moveable limbs on Barbie to form it iinto the shape of a gun and was using his invention to shoot at things. She commented that there was no way that her son could have been socially conditioned into that sort of behaviour as an abhorrence of guns and other violent toys and discouragement of aggressive play was part of the ideologically package to which she’d signed her son up to.

          It was, she said, a life changing moment for her.

      • Imogen B

        Yes, there’s pink Lego.
        I bought some pink mecano for a grand daughter.
        It may be pink, but she still ain’t interested in it!

  • 40something

    What a headline grabbing waste of breath from the Greens – again. Kids will play with what they like. Both boys and girls in this house and it makes no difference at all – toys being toys, the inanimate objects of childhood imagination that they are.
    Two weeks ago – youngest boy is at kindy and the teachers have put all the dolls out in the sun to be bathed in warm coloured water in a collection of baby baths.
    Left a supply of towels and talcum powder and let them go. Guess what, girls are off playing on the swings while four little boys are attending to the dolls with liberal shakes of talcum and vigorous towel drying then lining them up in a row like a Russian nursery. Our future Dads – go boys! Wish these Greens would crawl back into their terrariums where they belong and leave the real world alone.

  • El Diablo

    Utter rubbish. I have two daughters and I wanted nothing more than for them to play with “boys toys” – cars, trucks, Star Wars lego etc. as I preferred that stuff myself and I didn’t want them being too girly. Try as I might they were only interested in fluffy toys, barbies and Friends lego. Girls will indeed be girls.

  • Reaper

    A further sledge from National MP Mark Coulton:

    “Farm sets show the terrible oppression of farm animals and we all know they should be running free – except maybe in the alpine regions,” he told reporters in Canberra.

    Barbies were made from plastic extracted from petroleum and wrapping paper was made in the paper mills the Greens opposed. “If the Greens are against extractive industries, intensive agriculture and paper, it doesn’t leave a lot for Christmas.”


  • CheesyEarWax

    I wonder what non-gender specific toys senator Waters would suggest for my 3-year daughter who wears princess Elsa outfits and sings Let It Go all day long? Or is it too late that she was born…..i don’t know, a female?

    • Theoneandonly

      Or my nearly 3 year old daughter who plays with her massive Thomas track and 30 odd engines, while wearing her princess Elsa dress and Frozen plays on Blu-Ray in the background.

  • The Whinging Pom

    It’s a bizarre world when you can get praised for buying a boy a Barbie or a girl a digger but pilloried if you did it the other way round.

    Gee, these Greenies are the most mixed up bunch of misfits world wide.

    Is there anything about modern society that they DO like?

    • dgrogan

      Yes. Solar and wind energy. Unfortunately, as with their views on Global Warming, they have managed to ignore science, so that it doesn’t get in the way of a green story.

    • Whitey

      They like printing presses, which enable them to print money to fund their poorly thought out policies.

  • Anyone who has walked past a schoolyard durring a lunchbreak in the last 10 years will have noticed a major change in play group behavior from when we were in primary school (By that i mean those of us over 35). There is a much much higher number of mixed gender friendships than any i ever seen at school.

    As these kids start to enter the workforce we are going to have some very interesting times in gender politics. We’re going to have young men that can talk and understand their female customers or partners to a much higher degree than probably any generation in history. We’re going to have young women with the self confidence and balls (for lack of a better colloquial term) to smash the glass ceiling. The time for positive gender role manipulations like this are past, Let kids be kids, let them play how they want to play, let them grow to the adults that will make them happyist.

  • Chris EM

    Here we go again, socialists telling people how to go about daily life: Don’t do it like that do it like this, it’s my way and I’m right. Child abuse a la Greens.

  • papagaya

    This little issue is the least of Tony Abbott’s worries. He’s fallen out of favour with leading Australian conservative talking heads and there’s conjecture he’ll be out on his ear.

  • Catriona

    I can remember when the Clark Govt was in control – they tried to bring in policy saying that little kiwi kids playing with play dough was offensive to the you know who’s, because playing with food was so un PC. Needless to say there was an uproar. Bugger the immigrants I say – when in Rome do as the Romans do.

  • Eiselmann

    If I had young kids I’d be very interested in having this Green loon release a list of approved toys, so I could avoid buying anything that is likely to be bland and uninteresting and be completely ignored by any child just as soon as its hippy parents decided to give them some personal space.
    When did buying children’s toys stop being about what a kid would enjoy and perhaps learn from and become all about politics.

  • cows4me

    This is part of the Marxist/ progressive agenda . These clowns see the definition of someones gender, male/female, as oppression. All are equal in Marxist fairyland and pointing out gender has been used in the past as a controlling factor or oppression. By not acknowledging someones agenda they can not be sexually oppressed, these people are as loopy as a slinky toy.

  • Red

    So… A No Jewelry Christmas then. No Perfumes…. A guy I know bought his wife a set of rally tyres for an anniversary. That didn’t go so well

    • Tom

      When my son was 4 he bought his mother pegs for Christmas.

    • BooHooNotMyFault

      I bought my wife a water blaster for our anniversary :)

  • BooHooNotMyFault

    Funny, my son came home from school outraged by this. His teacher had told him how outrageous this was. When I explained the principals behind both sides of the argument, all of a sudden the outrage shifted from one side to the other…

  • The Accountant

    Ah, I see! Boys toys must be the cause of gender discrimination! Let’s just ban all boys toys and all gender discrimination will end. Ah, the simplicity!