Bail denied for Catholic pedo scumbag

Bernard McGrath, the catholic brother on more than 250 charges of interfering with boys  has had his bail denied.

He will spend his time awaiting trial in the pokie with other scumbags.

After spending Christmas in jail, he returned tot he court today and was again refused bail.

A former Catholic brother facing hundreds of child sexual abuse charges has been refused bail at a Sydney court.

Bernard McGrath, 66, was extradited from New Zealand to Australia earlier this month.  

He did not apply for bail when he appeared at Parramatta Local Court via video link on Monday afternoon, and bail was formally refused.

He is facing a total 252 charges, including 102 counts of indecent assaults on males.

The allegations date back to the 1970s and 1980s.

Detectives had started extradition proceedings against McGrath, who is a New Zealand citizen, in November 2011.

He is set to face Central Local Court via video link on February 12.

Be a shame if he got mistakenly let into genera population.


– NZ Herald


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  • Carl

    What gets me is why it took so long to extradite this piece of scum back to Aussie and all that time he was on our streets.

  • Greg M

    Another example of why our extradition laws need an overhaul. It should not take years for another country to get ratbags out of here back into their jurisdiction to face justice.

    • peterwn

      There has been an idea on the books for a ‘super’ extradition arrangement between NZ and AU, with the processes no more complex than extradition between Australian states – do not know how far this has got though.

  • GerardB

    Pedo scumbags over here in NSW get relatively light prison sentences. I hope that this scumbag is not treated with the usual leniency.

  • island time

    So was he refused bail, or did he not apply for bail.

    • Damon Mudgway

      I’m picking he applied for incarceration. Safer for him inside than out.