BAN Giovanni Tiso

ban-youre-banned1Brothers and sisters of the right, it is time to break out your banners and placards as there is someone with a different political view to ours who must be silenced. We must boycott any and all organisations and businesses that give Giovanni Tiso oxygen, as his vile, toxic ideas must be purged from social media as well as the MSM.

He must not be allowed to fund his controversial rants by being self employed. To kill the snake we must first cut off its head and in the case of this attack blogger we must go after his source of money. If he is employed we must boycott his employer for daring to employ such filth. If he is self employed we must harass his clients so that they will not associate with such vile views.

This is all for the greater good my brothers and sisters as in a democracy we have the right to persecute and harass anyone we do not agree with.

I have written a sternly worded e-mail that I will provide to all interested parties along with the addresses of everyone who must be contacted to ban and boycott Giovanni Tiso. All you have to do is to add your own name at the bottom, I have done the rest for you.

Next we need to get the message out on Twitter and Facebook. I have started a page called Ban Giovanni Tiso and we need to get the likes over 500 by tomorrow please.

Next we need to get the story into the MSM. I have some contacts who owe me a few favours so that will not be difficult.

Campbell Live are already interested and they do not require any actual evidence of wrongdoing. All I need to do is to front with a stern face and some innuendo and Campbell will do some cool voice overs where he links a lot of things together with a serious voice over. I will demand a government investigation and will hint that the Labour Party are some how involved and that they are Giovanni’s sock puppets.

Yours Sincerely

Righteous Ranty


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  • jabba

    are you sure his real name isn’t Giovanni Bradbury

    • James

      Also on the electoral register as Gyovanni Bradbury?

      • burns_well_eh

        Or John Bradaberry?

  • Michael

    We must ban the banners as this banning campaign is an insidious way to increase the profile of the banee and drive more people to his site.

    • Grizz30

      That is why he should not be silenced. Put the shovel in his own hand and let him dig his own hole.

      • spanishbride

        I agree. I hope no one seriously thinks that I want to actually curtail Giovannis freedom of speech. I will defend to the death his right to have views contrary to mine. As long as he is not deliberately trying to push someone to kill themselves by pouring on the financial and reputational pressure he should hold his head up high and enjoy living in our wonderful democracy.

  • Sally

    Funny thing, Tiso will probably take this seriously.

    • spanishbride

      Giovanni takes everything seriously. I am sure my expose on Key using the same toothpaste as Cam will soon lead to a boycott of Colgate.
      ( Sorry Colgate )

  • Spiker

    *Sigh* remember the good old days when you could just line the dissenters up against a wall & dispatch them. There’s such a lot of work in silencing them these days.

    • Chris EM

      Yeah, thanks to this PC malarky.

  • James Growley

    By the contorted look on his face, I’ve always thought Comrade Tiso was in a permanent state of constipation.

  • Chris EM

    On to it, SB. I will go to all the primary schools and kindergartens in my area and let the kids know about this foreign overstayer. I’ll get them to make up signs and posters demanding Tiso be banned, and the msm can photograph the children holding them. Then published under a sensationalist headline.

    • spanishbride

      That is genius! Have you done this kind of thing before? Can you find some good looking kids and pinch them until they cry? We need to get the public on our side and there is nothing quite like snot running down a child’s face to grab their attention ;)

      • Chris EM

        Haven’t done it myself, but an acquaintance volunteered for the Labour party during the last election and was heavily involved in this sort of stuff. Love the pinching idea.

      • LovetoTeach

        No need to pinch them – just tell them Christmas has been cancelled

    • loonybonkersmad

      Ah, I see you’ve heard the rumours too.

  • rantykiwi

    Go easy on GT – he provides a huge amount of entertainment with my colleagues as we try and guess what his next attack vector and work of fiction will be. Without him we’d actually have to work!

    • Dave

      Totally agree RK, I like following him, a lot of swearing or laughing, plus he is one of the easiest lefty trolls to bait in twitter land.

      • Sally

        He spends a lot of the time talking to himself.

        • Dave

          Therefore, all of audience understands him, well, most of the time!

  • Bobb

    Love the discourse between you and Chris EM, SB, That is my kind of humour. LOL

  • John1234

    Outside of this blog I have never heard of Giovanni Tiso. Why give this nobody free publicity?

  • Fritz

    Bumper sticker anyone?

  • stephen2d

    Giovanni who? Is there a new hairdresser salon in Auckland?