The Beast of Blenheim and preventative detention

via ODT

via ODT

Convicted sex offender Stewart Murray Wilson will be released from prison again next year.

In statement today, the Parole Board said it saw Wilson today for further consideration of parole and decided to grant it from a date in late March 2015.

“He will be subject to a number of conditions, including GPS monitoring. The conditions are very similar to those that Mr Wilson was subject to when last on parole,” the statement said.

The full reasons for the decision will be released on Monday.

Wilson, 67, known as the Beast of Blenheim, was sentenced to six months jail in the Whanganui District Court last month after admitting breaching his parole conditions.

He was charged for using a cellphone to call a woman he is banned from contacting.

So we’re going to let him have another go at it?

A the far, far end of human behaviours, there are those that are inherently incapable of being someone they are not.   In the case of Stewart Murray Wilson, every expert commentators says he’s far from safe to be out in the community.

And yet, the rules force us to do so.

Only a few days ago I said it was good that it is very difficult to deny anyone their freedom.  But in cases like Phillip Smith, and this case, why do we go through the politically correct steps of pretending they are going to be OK?

If a sufficient majority of experts, including the parole board and medical specialists tell you that it’s idiocy to let these people out, and we allow it anyway, I want someone to be co-responsible for anything that goes wrong.

The only person with any skin in the game appears to be the next victim.


– Michael Forbes, The Dominion Post


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  • Carl

    I said last night we should have a sweepstake on how long this creep lasts before he stuffs up and gets recalled to prison, (even though he should not be allowed out in the first place). I give him two months.

    • Alright

      Fine. But what damage will he cause in the meantime?

      I am bereft.

  • caochladh

    I must say, that’s a rather flattering picture of the “beast” you have used. If any of the Muppet’s who signed his release papers was required to actually bear the responsibility for his actions, he would never see the light of day. They will never put their money where their collective mouths are, never.

    • Wallace Westland

      There’s something missing….hmmm…I know!

  • Tom

    Funnily enough theres no dam H in Wanganui. Maybe the person who wrote this should buy a map.