Not the best blog then?

In spite of the tiresome triumvirate of Russel Norman, David Fisher and Giovanni Tiso doing their best, in their own ways, to damage the Whaleoil Brand yesterday, this blog had already locked in the votes, and no amount of intimidation was going to persuade Netguide’s Sean Mitchell to take action.

Sean Mitchell has been one of the very few to stand strong against the immense pressure from the left of politics and the usual suspects in the media. Where John Key has wavered, Sean told them all to go away.  The voting process is clear – it’s out of his hands, and if hundreds of thousands of people vote for Whaleoil to win a Netguide, why would he listen to half a dozen people with an agenda?

Onya Sean.

Yes, the Netguide awards are a brute force popularity contest.  Those with the most audience votes win the award.

Not sure if that actually sinks in with Messrs Norman, Fisher, Tiso and others like Little, Smalley and other critics.  A bit like the National Party, I guess, in the sense that they are also the most popular political party, by popular vote.   It seems the opponents are unwilling to accept reality.

By telling everyone that I am evil, and that Whaleoil doesn’t deserve this recognition, you are also telling all our readers and supporters that their judgement is wrong.  They are stupid, they are evil, they are nasty, they are to be despised.

And I can tell you this much – it doesn’t work that way.

You may, theoretically turn me into a monster in the eyes of others, if you do the job right – but this specific award was won because our readers made it happen.  

So, NZ Herald, Green Party, and aspiring “Best Blog” man Tiso, you’ve been telling an awful lot of people you don’t trust their judgement, their ideas, their support for me and what we are doing here.

To try and get the Prime Minister to say he will never talk to me again because talking to me is wrong, it is no different to telling my readers that they are wrong to read Whaleoil and support it.

People can see through your agendas.  People can see through your intense dislike.  People can see you have no objectivity.

I didn’t win anything last night.   What really happened, is that my readers and supporters gave me the Best Blog award.  In their eyes, it is the best blog for them.  And because more readers think this is the best blog for them, instead of any other, I got another cute yellow cube saying “Best Blog”.

Thank you all for you support.  Our critics are few, but they are very loud, very determined, and like me, stop at nothing.

But as we sat there last night, with the Whaleoil Ground Crew in attendance as much as “staff”, I was proud of receiving the Netguide Award.

With the backdrop of the last few months, and especially the last 2 weeks in parliament, it is a privilege and an honour to have you as my audience.

To you, I do run the best blog.  More of you said so than any others.






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  • Pete

    I wonder if the media’s constant running interference and white noise against WO and questions and accusations in the house will die down now the awards are over…

    i doubt it, but wouldn’t it be interesting if it did.!

    • Rod

      I hope it doesn’t though. Labour and the Greens are digging themselves ever deeper into the trough of irrelevancy, and are likely to reach a record low in the polls in the next year or so. I can’t wait for Labour’s next leadership change when their new messiah is seen to be gaining no traction at all.

      • The Whinging Pom

        No need to worry. Annette King just kept the party line solid on her ZB spot with Stephen Joyce.

        Christmas really has come early.

  • Onya Cam

  • The Whinging Pom

    If the Left and the MSM had any intelligence they’d be taking note of this as further indication of how out of touch they are with the general feelings of New Zealanders.

    They’ve run a huge marketing campaign against WOBH and the principles for which it stands for months and months. And yet it’s still the people’s choice by far.

    As I see it this points to two possible outcomes – they change their own positions to realign more with the mainstream (and that will take much more than a speech by Andrew Little) or they disappear.

    As they say – your move…

  • Terry

    As long as people like Wussel and his Gweenies, Fisher and his agenda-fazed mates at the Herald and Tiso (whoever he is) remain collectively blind to the true meaning (and value) of democracy, National will continue to govern, and Whaleoil will continue to win awards.

  • symgardiner

    Well done. I bet that doesn’t make its way into the MSM.

  • disqus_DU7T1pNtzv

    Well deserved recognition of Whaleoil’s efforts Cam. Any chance of finding out how many votes you received? It would be funny as hell if you received even half the votes of, say, the green party :)

  • First Canon, now Epson. Soon, the left and media won’t be able to buy any name brand printer!

    • CheesyEarWax

      There is still the Brother brand, suits them actually.

      • andrew carrot

        Prone to sitting forever behind a desk (the small, disfunctional ones especially)? Output very slow and of dubious quality? Stratospheric cost of consumables?

  • GoingRight

    Finally mentioned on newstalk zb news, and extensive chat with steven and Annette, neither of whom have sent their congratulations on the ground that they didn’t think either of them was well liked by Cam!

    • Pete

      And King is pushing hard the new narrative that Cam has dirt on Key.

      • King and Cameron should debate each other on TV. He’s have her gasping for air not knowing what to say in 30 seconds.

        Joyce is no friend of Cameron either, so he wouldn’t have put up much of a defence. As far as he is concerned, a New Zealand without a Cam Slater will be a better place.

        • Pete

          I really find it fascinating that one man CS can attract so much attention from the opposition and media. If I were a betting man..which I am, I would say that the boot is on the other foot when it comes to having dirt on people, and Labour are running scared. We shall see I guess.

          • The problem for Labour is that the dirt will come out when the Police progresses their investigations. There is nothing much we need to do.

        • Woody

          I did think that Joyce was taking a much more reasoned line than that of Attack Dog MP Annette

      • cows4me

        And it’s not even full moon.

  • Alexander K

    Just shows how far off course the meeja and their pet politicians can stray – WO’s popularity can’t be okay (in their opinion) as us citizens ‘out there’ are thoght to be utterly clueless. I chuckled listening to Annette King this a.m. as she attempted to justify the current ravings of Angry Andy about work, a subject he is no doubt totally unfamiliar with at first hand. No doubt getting his mate Grant to study the subject at great length and cost to the taxpayer will really be helpful – NOT.

  • I loved this comment on your Backchat thread last night (for the benefit of those who didn’t see it). Perhaps the seed needs to be planted for a patsy Supplementary Question next time Norman attacks the PM for actually having txt with a private citizen…

  • Disinfectant

    Nothing on Stuff or in the Press about the latest award.

    • That might be because the Herald won the gong for best news site.

      • Reaper

        If the Herald is the best news site, it shouldn’t take too much for Freed to surpass them.

        • Aucky

          Now wouldn’t that be a ballbreaker for the MSM if FREED took out the best news site award in 21016

          • If you can guarantee I’ll live that long, I will promise to do my best!

  • Jonat

    I’ve never been a blog reader until I started coming to this site. I don’t read any other blog, and can’t see myself doing so any time soon. This is it.

  • Dairy_Flat

    Cam, you received the best blog award because you operate the best blog and we your readers support what you are doing. There are no other political news publications of any sort that even come close to the clarity that WOBH does. Keep up the good work and your readership will continue to grow.

  • Kev

    I no longer consider this a blog site but the go to news site for balance and “no bull”analysis. It’s the first site I check each day and I hardly ever bother with the Herald or Stuff anymore. I’m a proud member of the “silent majority” that the left continue to believe is incapable of thinking for themselves or seeing through their Dirty Politcs agenda. They just don’t get that the more they try to demonise Cam and sideline WOBH the more popular this site becomes. And that is why they will be doomed to irrelevancy.

  • Michael_l_c

    ‘Our critics are few, but they are very loud, very determined, and like me, stop at nothing.’
    And this is the point of democracy. The wannabes only have one vote, just like you & me.

  • El Diablo

    Congrats on the win. Well deserved. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  • mommadog

    Congratulations Cam. You are spot on with your observation that by trying to demonise you and WhaleOil they are telling me as a reader that my judgement is wrong, that I am delusional or whatever derogatory term they want to use. Not only is this a good news site in and of itself (the reason why I visit) but their attitude really peeves me off. It is my right to vote for the party I want and to read what I want and I will fight to the end to keep that right. The leftie MSM and politicians who believe they know what is best for me with their socialist / communist views can go take a flying jump.

  • Wendy

    Im gutted I missed Petes announcement yesterday. I would have been in like Flynn.

  • Cadwallader

    There’s another important factor at play here: This blog/news-site possesses a degree of humour and whimsy which the leftie msm will never hold. If there is one defining characteristic of NZ’s leftie msm it is its dour pomposity. This factor above all else is the turn-off so many of us are tired of tolerating. Added to that is the dishonesty/bigotry/sensationalism/glibness which permeates the msm as it is populated by mindless semi-literate un-employables…not just you Smalley.

    • Gaynor

      You are so right , the left do not have any sense of humour. I’m just thinking about friends who I know vote lab/green ..they don’t get jokes and are quick to be offended . I wonder why….

      • Cadwallader

        But; maybe some of them do? Rachael Smalley just championed Phil Goff as an ideal Mayor of Auckland. Given the conduct of the current leftie Mayor this idea is beyond hilarious. Needless to say, as soon as Larry stated he didn’t think Goff would add up to a Mayor Smalley changed her stance. I wager there’s ample room for a baseball game in her cranium.

  • ex-JAFA

    I’ve known Sean since his teens, and while I don’t agree with everything he thinks, he’s as honest as the day is long. I’m not surprised he stood up to the noisy few to back the support of the majority.

  • Mick Ie

    Congratulations. Your smiles must reach from ear to ear!
    I’m betting that MSM and the Lefts faces look like they’ve had a suck fest in an orchard of lemons today.
    Has anyone else noticed that the more negative they become, the more twisted their faces turn?

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Congratulations and a fine example of the significance of the “vote” being the real decider. Before becoming a regular visitor to this blog it took a lot more digging to find the “real” stories behind the news.
    Viewing a recent program on media trends there was an observation that too many are offering “news” for other media and much less for the reader or audience.
    The muck stops here and like it or lump it visitors get it like it is rather than as somebody else thinks it is.
    Long may it continue and with two cubes Cam can really step up above the crowd.

  • Blue Water Coastie

    To coin a popular phrase and slightly modify :-)… Another step forward for Cam and team, another leap forward for news transparency. Congrats Guys – you give a voice to reason.

  • Michael

    I am fascinated by the reaction I get when I out myself as a WOBH reader – in many circles I am looked at like someone with a communicable disease. What is really fascinating is that when I ask “have you ever read the blog?” the inevitable answer is “no.” So their opinions of WOBH are formulated entirely by the MSM version of the world. More fools them!

  • Dazza

    Brilliant well done WO team, donation going through again today and sending winning link to my non believer friends, see 10,000’s of NZer’s all cant be wrong.
    Again well done!!

  • murrayirwin

    Apparently as we age to the point we are no longer interested in porn, we seek political blogs.