I bet he didn’t say he wanted name suppression so he didn’t appear in the NZ Herald


I love this article in the Manawatu Standard.

People want name suppression so they don’t appear on WOBH.

I bet he didn’t say he wanted name suppression so he didn’t appear in the NZ Herald.<

Or on radio.

Or on TV.

A man accused of possessing objectionable material has been given name suppression, after concerns were raised that he could be targeted by Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater .

The suppression argument, which was heard today and last Friday in the Palmerston North District Court, revolved around what Judge Stephanie Edwards described as a “protracted” case stretching back nearly three years.

The man had interim name suppression orders rolled over after each court appearance, but an order had not been properly made on the two charges he faces, the judge said.

The man has pleaded not guilty to those charges, and elected trial by jury.

During the argument, defence lawyer Fergus Steedman said he had seen the man at various states of distress during proceedings.

“I know full well what a catastrophic effect publication will have.”

Steedman said the man would likely be targeted by Slater if named, which would have an effect on both the man’s health and his fair trial rights.

The judge gave the man name suppression today, after deciding naming him before the case was resolved could unfairly influence jury members.

The jury members were unlikely to understand some of the steps which had taken place for the case to get to where it was now, she said.

The judge also said naming him before the case was resolved would cause extreme hardship to him and people he knew.    

This man (if you can call him that) is a bully and a coward.

He has systematically bullied two women online for years. He has conducted a jihad against them. Those two women sought out my support against his bullying.

He is also one of the Mad/Bad Dads club and has attacked civil servants and others.

He has previous convictions as well for his online bullying.

The irony is he has also previously been convicted of breaching name suppression but now cowers behind it.

This is the same scumbag who also issued death threats to me and his own violent threats of physical harm to me.

I’m not afraid of him but it appears he is afraid of me.


The judge has been hoodwinked here. This man is a threat to innocent people and he is a coward, sitting behind his keyboard abusing people via his own forums, websites and Facebook.

If scum like him are afraid of them then I must be doing something right.


– Manawatu Standard


WARNING: Suppression orders are in place. If anyone attempts to name him or guess or try to be smart in the comments they will receive an irrevocable life time ban….and I will pass their ip address, email details and id on to the Police to assist them with a prosecution.


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  • Never in the dark…..

    I wonder how left his leanings are…..

  • johcar

    Does this scumbag’s reasoning (or, more likely, that of his slightly more intelligent lawyer) mean that WOBH now has a bigger readership -and therefore a bigger public reach – than the NZH? (Credibility doesn’t even come into it – NZH has none)

    • Cadwallader

      In my experience most lawyers are lefties, most lefties are pro-offender, the outcome is patently obvious. (Sadly.)

  • Catriona

    Well, this is an interesting ploy by the man and his legal team. Wonder how many others too scared to be named and shamed will now pick this up and run with it?
    What the hell is the world coming to I ask.

  • Damon Mudgway

    Nice to see the Judge concerned about impacts (real or imagined) on the defendant. (Sarc)

    Fergus is a good lawyer, and by that I mean one who is able to manipulate the bench to the benefit of his clients. What more could you ask for as a defendant?

  • wooted

    Sounds like a nasty piece of work. I do hope name suppression is lifted if he is convicted.

  • Tony Norriss

    Could you name him as the person issuing death threats? Surely the name suppression only applies if it is linked to the objectionable material charge?

    • Champagneshane

      The courts have extensive inherent powers, so you have to be extremely careful as to the full extent of the name suppression and how it is worded. I would be inclined to sit and wait this one out.

    • Cadwallader

      Thin ice!!!!

  • symgardiner

    That’s not irony. That’s full blown hypocrisy.
    Some of our good lawyer folk need to turn their attention to develop a legal way of naming every person convicted – regardless of name suppression. In fact name suppression should cause those cases to be highlighted.

  • Here’s hoping that when he is convicted, there is no final suppression order made.

  • kayaker

    This judge is drawing a very long bow indeed.

  • Mrs_R

    A clear example of the difference between power and authority. The NZ Herald may have the authority with all their ‘decent, trained and skilled’ journalists’ (yeah right), but there is no disputing that it is WO that has the power. To be the media outlet that ratbags fear is deserving of a round of applause I would think.

  • Honcho

    In light of what you have made accusations of, would it be a good move to make a submission to his next hearing?

    Personally I do not believe in name suppression for pedo’s, anything related to the victims should be protected in legislation with extremely harsh penalties, but it is in the best interests of potential future victims that these sickos are named. There should be a national register.

  • Crookednose

    1) Congratulations to Whale oil. Now the most feared, dominant, influential hard hitting media organisation in NZ.
    2) Muppet judge.

  • timemagazine

    Well done WO! You live rent-free in everybody’s minds.

  • intelligentes candida diva

    Of course these type of people want name suppression because your diligence and continued commitment to write about these type of people where you do not hide behind anything scares them because they dont like the truth.
    You have strength and courage (something they lack)……keep it coming and thank you for not cowering to mediocrity and tolerance of this and similar type behaviours.
    E.g. of “these types of people” > child abusers, bludgers, liars, sexual predators oh the list goes on

  • Proves that the pen is mightier than the sword in this case

    Typically weak of the judge though – keyboard warrior with previous convictions for similar offending hiding behind suppression now that he’s realised he’s not the biggest kid in the sandpit and is scared of getting a taste of his own medicine

  • Chiefsfan73

    What a desperate, sad and pathetic excuse of a man. Gutless.

  • caochladh

    “The jury members were unlikely to understand some of the steps which had taken place for the case to get to where it was now”. If the jury members are that dumb, what the hell are they doing on a jury deciding the fate of someone, or is the judge just being cute with her reasoning in relation to name suppression?

  • Excitedly awaiting Whodunnit

    I bet the MSM are jealous as hell that they ate marginalised like this.

  • Fat Sally

    I look forward to the day I get challenged for jury service because I read and comment on WO.

  • jagjones

    imagine walking into jury service with a WO t shirt on or even a t-shirt with an Orca on it…

  • Curly1952

    When will all this stop – Free advertising for WO & Cam through newspapers, parliament and now courts. I say keep them coming.
    As for this gutless cretin , you certainly wouldn’t want him in your team would you – you would be as good as a man short.

  • Isherman

    So he’s not so worried about any other media, print or broadcast, or any other blog as much as he fears WO having a go at him. Good, as they say, if you cant be loved…be feared.

  • Wheninrome

    So the men in Kaitaia who have not yet been to trial and found guilty are named, and shown on TV and in the Press.
    What if the men in Kaitaia are innocent, their businesses have been shown and they would have no way back, the old story no smoke without fire.
    Don’t get me wrong, if guilty name and shame, but shouldn’t there be the same rule for all.

  • Tom

    It surprises me the standard is still going. It must be the worst paper in New Zealand. Always 2 days behind and half the time wrong.