I bet he was registered too

A ratbag school principal has been suspended for serious misconduct.

This is exactly the sort of thing that Labour and the teacher unions claim teacher registration is supposed to prevent when they claimed that lack of registration would put kids at risk in charter schools.

A school principal who formed a sexual relationship with one of his teachers and mismanaged school funds has been suspended after being found culpable of serious misconduct.

Dwayne Puruatea Hapuku behaved in an “unprofessional manner amounting to serious misconduct” while the principal of Otane School in Central Hawke’s Bay. He was charged with serious misconduct by the New Zealand Teachers Council’s Complaints Assessment Committee on March 26, and following the release of a Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal decision yesterday, details of the investigation can now be published.

The “core allegations” laid against Mr Hapuku included bullying staff member Kate Kimber-Jones, by threatening her employment if she disclosed their relationship and that he’d made her pregnant. 

The committee also said he failed to follow instructions from the board of trustees not to contact Ms Kimber-Jones, failed to account for school money and failed to engage in the investigation. Following a string of emails, the school’s chairwoman, Claudine Greenwood, launched an investigation.

She received an email on September 6, 2013, from Ms Kimber-Jones, who indicated she was in a “romantic relationship” with Mr Hapuku, and that he had told her “if she told anyone about their relationship she would lose her job”.

On September 9, the school’s board arranged for the matter to be investigated by an independent party and the two were not to discuss the allegations.

However on September 10, Ms Greenwood received an email from Ms Kimber-Jones stating Mr Hapuku had contacted her five times by text. Later that night, Ms Greenwood received texts from Ms Kimber-Jones who said the principal was at her house and “banging on the front door”.

Ms Greenwood and her husband went to the teacher’s home and found Ms Kimber-Jones “visibly upset and frightened”.

On September 12, Mr Hapuku was suspended as principal.

More teachers and principal  are now before the courts than even Catholic priests.


– NZ Herald


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  • Monito

    Yeah and the best bit is that they are now living together with their child – what a tangled web we weave…

  • symgardiner

    Should be sacked. If you can’t maintain professional boundaries in one area, how can anyone expect you to maintain them in other areas. If the board doesn’t, the school will die over the next few years.

  • Nige.

    How many charter school teachers are up on charges? Go on. We all know the answer.

    ZERO (bold and underlined)

  • This seems to me a bundling of many different faults thats only real link is the principal.

    A Sexual relationship between consenting adults in a workplace is fine as long as it does not affect the workplace. Its not our place to comment on it as long as it does not break the law. But having said that I would advise anyone not to “screw the crew”.

    The Bullying and violence after the relationship ended are major problems, and best dealt with by Police. This is perhaps one of those effects the workplace things that need to be considered before starting a workplace relationship and one of the reasons its advised against. The article made it sound like the board member got involved before the breakup of the relationship, and may well of been the instigator of the breakup and resulting violence.

    The Financial mismanagement seems to be the only place that the board member had any legitimate reason to become involved other than to simply contact the police for her friend. The financial allegations if proved should be all the proof needed to remove the principal.