Bludging Team NZ seeking new marks for more bludging

The Colin Craig of sport, Team New Zealand, who have spent millions of dollars of taxpayers money losing, are now seeking other targets for their corporate bludging.

And the cash strapped Auckland Council is one of the marks.

Auckland Council’s major events funding body is interested in working with Team New Zealand to secure hosting rights for the America’s Cup Qualifying regatta ahead of the challenger finals and 35th Cup match in Bermuda.

America’s Cup organisers revealed this week they had received a “serious proposal” from the Kiwi syndicate to host a “major event or events” in the lead-up to the big show in Bermuda in 2017.

Emirates Team New Zealand have been reluctant to discuss the details of that bid, pointing to commercial sensitivities.

Given Team NZ’s continued involvement in the America’s Cup now looks to hinge on securing the hosting rights for the key pre-regatta, their caution around revealing their plans is understandable.

With the Government making it plain they do not see any leveraging opportunities in Bermuda, Team NZ boss Grant Dalton hinted their business case for further taxpayer money will focus on the potential economic benefits from hosting the month-long event in early 2017.

Here’s a thought…how about some of the multi-millionaire sailors…including Dalton take a haircut on their pay.

“As a pre-eminent country of the America’s Cup and a country that understands it more than any other country, bringing the racing here – which wouldn’t be able to happen without this organisation’s existence – I think is a pretty big drawcard,” said Dalton

But staging an event of that scale would require support from various Auckland Council agencies – the net result being even more public funds being poured into Team NZ.

The America’s Cup is not a contest, like Rugby, between nations it is a contest between rich prats with more money than many small countries…including NZ.

The game’s up…find money elsewhere and not from the Council.

Still the little Napoleans at ATEED are looking at some weapons grade troughing to go with “sponsorship”.

Brett O’Riley, chief executive of Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (Ateed), said his organisation was made aware Team NZ would be pursuing the opportunity to host the America’s Cup qualifiers, slated for early 2017, but he had yet to receive any formal proposal. “If we can manage to secure a challenger series here, that’s something that we certainly would be very interested in,” said O’Riley.

“But like all these things it comes down to running the numbers and seeing if they stack up.”

They don’t, and never will.

Team NZ should be sold off and money gained from that given back tot eh government.

Game over chaps, hope you enjoyed your state funded hobby.


– NZ Herald


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  • Admiral_Moorer_believed

    “find money elsewhere and not from the Council”?

    I wonder if any of the people coming to view the pre-regatta races will spend any money in Auckland? Causing additional employment and profits for that time?

    Maybe the restaurants, shops, etc should front up with some money. . .

    Maybe the council can put an additional tax on them to fund some of the public stuff. . .

    But then. It seems as if we don’t want them here. . . Eh Cam?

    • MoggieManiac

      What I would like to know is how much the Government of the Bahamas is contributing to the America’s cup or to Team America (whoever that is.)

      • Admiral_Moorer_believed

        How many people live in the Bahamas? Any idea?

        • Calandre

          It’s Bermuda isn’t it and the population is about 65,000. It’s about half the area of Waiheke Island.

          • Admiral_Moorer_believed

            My bad for following on from Moggie above.

            Bermuda then. I am guessing that they will need help from outside the country then. . .

            Maybe NZ with a population of over 4 million would be in a better position to support a team. . .

    • Hard1

      “find money elsewhere and not from the Council”

      Then try Hill, Watson, Glenn, Fay, Richwhite, Emirates(we snubbed them on the airport), Chandler, the Headhunters, Hells Angels etc., first. Retailers are already maxed out with GST, rates and rent. And ban accidents during the regatta, or give the cops 20 minutes to clear the scene.

      • Admiral_Moorer_believed

        I am guessing that the shops and restaurants that could make money from the visitors coming to watch a pre-regatta will be happy that they are saved from contributing by not having the event in Auckland at all.

  • John1234

    You can’t blame them for asking.

    However you can blame the government for giving public funds – assuming you don’t think it is worth the spend.
    It could be argued that the wonderful public spaces around the Viaduct Harbour would never have been built if not for the AC win in 1995.

  • Charlie

    Come on Cam, get out on the water and enjoy the sailing, best sport there is to get away from all the stress and worry of the everyday life, all you have to concentrate on is getting that boat to go as fast as possible. Excellent therapy to get you primed for your next attack on the lefties, greens etc.
    They may even make you an honorary Greenie for using wind instead of oil!

  • rangitoto

    They could put a secret bathroom on the boat. That would get Len to sign up the cash for sure.

  • notrotsky

    ATEED will be in for the trough just like before.

    They have nothing better to do than spend our money on their self aggrandisement.

  • CheesyEarWax

    Lets put the bludging in perspective. We have funded $$$$ to many Olympians and Commonwealth Games athletes to come last. Even ones that can take podium placings, few would bring any financial rewards to NZ Inc. Take our current 1500m champion Nick Willis, arguably our greatest middle distance runner since John Walker. Because of his placings he is very well funded by NZ Athletics, but he doesn’t live NZ (he is based in the US) and so limits his ability to be able to “give back” to NZ Athletics. Moreover, there isn’t any athletics events in NZ that would benefit the economy as a whole. You can apply this a lot of other athletes/teams that we currently fund.
    Like it or not Team NZ is a major force in sailing, the AC would be less of a competition without them as a competitor. Yes, they are run by a bunch of millionaires, which sport isn’t? Even coming second I bet the AC have brought in more $$$ into the NZ economy than any other sport we have funded, bar the RWC.

    • Alright

      CEW, I broadly agree with you (although the RWC left a debt-legacy).

      Taxpayers spend gizzilions on the Arts,etc, at behest of very rich people, and stuff that I am mostly not interested in.

      Taxpayer subsidy of the AC of circa $30 million is pocket change compared to other things, things that provide no measurable economic benefit at all.

      • CheesyEarWax

        AC funding is under more scrutiny than any other types of sport funding. Yet no one have questioned funding of the rowing teams, Valeri Adams, even the Sevens rugby team for Rio Olympics. There are plenty of commercial benefits in Team NZ and AC, otherwise major sponsors like Emirates wouldn’t be on board, more commercial benefits than many other sports we currently fund.

        • Alright

          You make some very sail-ient points.

  • cows4me

    For God’s sake don’t let Lenny out with the cheque book.

  • Michael

    I assume that, like most Cities, businesses pay rates on a commercial scale rather than residential so are already contributing more to the council coffers than residents. If that is the case, maybe it is OK for the council to spend some of that extra loot on something that may benefit those same businesses? Or maybe we cut those rates and let those businesses that do want to contribute do so of their own volition. That way, however, there may never be enough of a pool to get any proposal over the line.

  • Vlad

    I am a fan of yacht racing, and a fan of motor-racing, both of which have been supported by “ATEED” and the government in the past.

    But I can’t help thinking, why don’t we just plain get rid of ATEED and Sport NZ and all these tax and ratepayer funded subsidies and let talent and private enterprise speak for itself?

    If you are good enough on the world stage, you will find a way and win.

    • John1234

      I dunno about that. I think if government funding was removed, many sports in NZ would cease to exist within a few years. Personally I would find that very sad.

      • Vlad

        I cannot imagine that sports would cease to exist. If someone wants to play, they will. If someone wants to watch, they will pay. If nobody wants to play or to watch, what is the loss?

        • John1234

          I said “many sports”. You can’t just go out and row a skiff, for example – you need a boat, club and a coach to get into that.

        • Brian Hurren

          i agree with that, i dont see why art or sport should be govmnt sponsered. both are self indulgant and only benifit the partisipant

  • Sunshine

    Oh so now the whining bludgers are gunning for the double dip. Damned if I’m paying through my rates and my taxes for these greedy losers. The gall of these rich listers, who are wealthy due to the public handouts asking for more. How about if they are desperate to front another campaign they sponsor themselves. Between the lot, they are have a sizeable nett worth – put your own dosh up first boys!!

  • Damon Mudgway

    You don’t see Larry Ellison asking for handouts. Nuff’ said.

  • David

    Arch bludger and trougher Grant Dalton has enriched himself with millions of dollars courtesy of the NZ taxpayer. No more. If Dalton is sure the regatta will be a money earner why doesn’t he fund the campaign himself?

  • Brian Hurren

    under the americas cup argument. we should build a formular one race team, and build a track. or host a fifa world cup compotition.