BREAKING: Flight AFR733 called Mayday

H/T:  Dan News

On way to Paris, but has since diverted to Shannon, Ireland



Listen in on Air Traffic Control here.


Suspected fire in cargo.  Not confirmed.

10:48 pm:  flying at about 3,300 ft (1 km) and 117 knots (216 km/hr)


10:58pm   LIVE flight tracker reports plane has landed.



They won’t open the cargo hold until all the people are off the plane first.




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  • BP

    see live tracking of where the plane is

    • intelligentes candida diva

      Amazing technology. So many planes in such proximity

  • EveryWhichWayButLeft

    Why on earth would they divert to Shannon?

    • Jax

      Closest airport that can land a 747 – standard practice.

  • Jax

    Doesnt sound to major – front cargo hold warning light activation. Most likely a short circuit – seems pretty calm.

    • intelligentes candida diva

      Easy to say from ones safe position. If I was on board it would be major! :-)

  • Monty

    On then traker it seemed to overshoot the runway by 250m

  • Bryan

    its landed the tracker often is out a bit due to a number of reasons

  • intelligentes candida diva

    Doing a wee review to see if I missed anything before going zzzzzz and yup this first hand news!

  • Gaynor

    Seems to have ended ok..was fascinating to follow,

    • From a news point of view: DAMN! ;)

      • Alright

        It was, though, a good (and appropriate) “follow” Pete. Read above.

        • It was kind of tense as it came in to land and we lost regular updates on the live radar feed.

          It also appears some Whaleoil readers are in the wrong place. Choosing to escalate an obvious joke by inferring I genuinely wanted harm or damage and choosing to be offended by their own inference by putting it on me.

          I’m offended they’re offended. It’s a joke people, and this is Whaleoil. And… this is Whaleoil.

      • cmm

        Sick point of view, even if you added a smiley at the end.

  • Alright

    This is interesting. Nothing I can see on the Herald or Stuff. “Reporters” gone home.

    It is bizarre. And I heard a talkback host say on a national radio network the other night that there wouldn’t be any news about a NZ earthquake because the news was pre-recorded and there was no one in the newsroom.

    These people have civil defence responsibilities.

    They’ll come unstuck (as probably will lives) one day.

    Freed can rely on its “reporters.”

  • Alright

    Re my post below..

    The government licencing authority should have insisted that national broadcasters granted broadcasting rights have at least one person manning their newsrooms 24/7.

    Ironically I think National Radio does. But the two “commercial” networks apparently think saving $50k a year is more important.than a) real news & b) civic responsibility.

    • Jp

      To be fair if something did happen. They can switch networks over to other channels. Perhaps the talkback host could do the news.

    • cmm

      There are some “official” radio stations designated to Civil Defence etc. You can find out what yours is. When the first Canterbury EQ struck we tuned in to RNZ.

      Unfortunately the media, including radio, seem more interested in the gossip than feeding the facts of the matter.

      Surely though something happening in Europe does not need to be tracked 24/7. What are are you going to do about it? It isn’t information – it’s just being sticky-beak.

  • Never in the dark…..

    Caused by fruit and vegetables….not the first time either it’d seem:

    EDIT: it’s amazing how a person talking to you can affect what you’re typing…