Bringing home the bacon


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  • intelligentes candida diva

    I liked aspects of this but think they degraded themselves and men in aspects.

    I know many females breaking the glass ceiling and at the same time completely comfortable in the nurturing role, why compromise ……so forget “b#@%*” now you know its all about the base of being a real WOMAN

  • mommadog

    I loved it and took it for the humour that I believe was intended – no degrading of anyone. It was cleaver how they took aspects of various music videos to put it together and the rap was great. Reminds me of my favourite parody to date – the Auckland law school ladies when they responded to Robyn Thickes song Blurred lines by singing “defined lines”.

  • andrewo

    Product placement…

  • Sailor Sam

    The video also implies that you need supermodel looks to succeed in business.
    And that you must be young.