Can Phil Goff Raise Enough Money to Win a Mayoral Campaign?


Phil Goff is being talked up as the next mayor of Auckland.

The problem for Phil and his booster is that he is dead set useless at fundraising.

Despite spending most of his life in Parliament he has never built a donor base, and he does not have a fundraiser who can bring the money in to fund a campaign.

To run an effective mayor campaign a candidate either needs a weak opponent or about $800,000. 

The left thought they were being clever and made it very difficult to give large sums of money anonymously to local body candidates, so everything has to be on the record.

A quick look at Goff’s fundraising track record shows that calling him dead set useless is being kind. He has never bought in much cash, and he does not have fundraiser in his team.

As Labour leader he left the Labour Party flat broke. For those who think that the leader shouldn’t raise funds compare and contrast the equally useless Bill English and Phil Goff with the highly successful fundraisers Helen Clark and Don Brash.

The latter two raised a lot of money because they had the connections and the people around them to talk to donors.

Goff has never been any good at fundraising, and fundraising is hard, dirty work that has to be done to win a campaign.

Before the left start anointing him as the messiah they should ask whether he can build a big enough war chest to win a mayoral campaign against a well funded right wing opponent.


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  • Sooty

    Anything that he got would all leak out!

  • Brian Badonde

    If he can’t even raise funds then how can be an effective mayor. We need someone with a commercial background and not a socialist.

  • ratesarerevolting

    If it’s a choice between Goff and Brown

    1. It must have been a very stupid question

    2. I will vote Goff

    • Justsayn

      There will be only one Labour Party candidate so that is not a decision you’ll face.

  • sheppy

    “The left thought they were being clever and made it very difficult to give large sums of money anonymously to local body candidates, so everything has to be on the record.”

    So how come nobody knows for sure who paid into Len’s huge “the New Auckland Council Trust”?
    According to an article in the Herald dated 24th Nov 2014 the Electoral Commission is looking into it but given their past record and Lenny’s politics we can be pretty sure that nothing will come of it

    • phronesis

      Because the law doesn’t apply to those on the left, as they have nothing to hide.


  • Justsayn

    Fundraising won’t be an issue – whomever the Labour Party puts up as the mayoral candidate will have the full might of the Party behind them.

    [great photo by the way]

  • Liberty

    Goff being a Pinko will have the old Media in his pocket
    Subliminally feeding socialist agenda for free.
    Unfortunately for Goff. Hopefully by the time of the mayoral election.
    The new Media will be keeping the people informed.

  • yoyoyo

    McCarten for campaign manager? need to keep the equal employment program alive

    edit: spelling

  • johnbronkhorst

    Time for a ABG….anyone but goofy campaign
    or ABL…..anyone but labour?

  • Hard1

    Auckland would be better off handing over the control of the city to the YMCA.

    “Our Core Values (YMCA website);

    The cornerstones that great foundations are built on; these are the values that we believe in:
    Be considerate of others; be helpful, thoughtful, compassionate and kind.
    Treat others as you would have them treat you; value the worth of every person, including yourself.
    Be truthful, open and sincere; act with integrity in all that you do.
    Do what is right, what you ought to do: own the task at hand; be accountable for your behavior and obligations.”

    When did we last get any of the above from our Local Body Illuminati ?.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Am a bit slow this morning.
    or do all the red jacketed labour MP’s in this photo, appear to have just emerged from a tent labelled…CLOWNS?
    How unfortunate, apt, but unfortunate.

  • Dairy_Flat

    All good except who will be the well funded right wing opponent? No sign of any prospects at the moment and anyone Boag wants I don’t.

    • The National Party refuses to operate at local body level. We live in a country where almost half of the voters picked a National government, but Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington have Labour and Green mayors.

      • peterwn

        If the right wingers in Auckland cannot find a blockbuster candidate and raise the funds, then Auckland deserves what it gets. Surely they can do better than that. I do not see why National supporters around NZ should be bailing out a weak right wing base in Auckland.

        • Aucky

          I guess the same could be said about a blockbuster for Wellington. The rest of NZ is not that ecstatic about our capital city being controlled by a Green mayor.

      • sheppy

        AND that is the most pathetic thing of all, they can do whatever they like with the economy but it will never reach its full potential whilst its being continually undermined at the local level!

    • ex-JAFA

      I believe Stephen Berry is seriously considering gearing up for another crack at it. And contrary to what the Horrid says, Cameron Brewer hasn’t ruled it out either.

  • taurangaruru

    Goff’s biggest challenge will be getting Brown to step aside, a split vote on the left is risky especially if a viable candidate stands on a right (ish) wing ticket. Brown is such an egotist he will believe he can win again, would Labour cut a deal & give him a route into parliament?

  • Wheninrome

    I see Goff got Off because he made an Apology. This is a “sorry” state of affairs.
    This gives us licence to do anything we want just apologise and we all move on.
    So Goff as mayor, apologies all day long for not running the city in the hope that he will be forgiven. Hasn’t worked for Brown.

  • Graeme

    The more Labour supported candidates for the mayoralty the less chance of success. Go for it.

  • Mickey M

    The more I learn about Phil Goff the more underwhelmed I feel.

  • caochladh

    There will be no shortage of money to fund his campaign if he wants to walk the “funds for favours” path.

  • Jimmie

    If Goff becomes Mayor we can look foward to Auckland being sister city to Gaza City and having a bylaw banning Israelis from entering Auckland city or applying a Juden tax on Israeli tourists.

  • Bruce Rayner

    Glad I don’t live in Auckland. Goff is not just useless at raising money he is useless at everything, except telling lies, being untrustworthy and a hypocrite.

  • Timboh

    Photo looks like he is going to smoke that bull horn

  • Sunshine

    I am writing to Santa to ask for a proper Auckland Mayoral Candidate for the next election, because it’s not looking good for Auckland – Brown or Goff – I may have to move otherwise.

  • Peter

    Bring back JOHN BANKS

  • Peter

    If I still lived in Auckland I would vote for the JOHN BANKS. A strong leader. You know where you stand. Good track record of achievement and getting things done in the face of all of the haters and naysayers. Unflappable.

  • Mainstream Mike

    Goff won’t get a “right wing opponent”. He’ll get a “centre-left” opponent if we’re lucky and a “hard-left” opponent if we’re not.

  • D.Dave

    The best thing about Goofy possibly being the ‘next ‘ mayor of Auckland, is that he won’t be the Mayor anywhere else in the country. 75% of the population are breathing a collective sigh of relief.