Cantab invents can tab

cantab-reseal-cansHere’s something interesting, and I don’t mind putting some attention his way

A Canterbury man has invented a seal for aluminium soft drink cans.

“Since the invention of the aluminium can, the ability to reseal it has never been available,” Warwick Taylor said.

His little rubber CanTab Seal solves the problem.

“I set out to solve a personal issue,” Taylor said.

His children, aged 17 and 14, would open a soft drink can while camping, for example, but not finish the drink. The opened can went back into a chilly bin, where it often spilled.

“I had to change to bottles or find something to resolve the issue,” he said.

After some tinkering, he came up with the rubber seal.

Rubber firm Skellerup created five prototypes from food-grade silicon and Taylor settled on the best.

He is trying to raise $35,000 on Kickstarter New Zealand to fund commercialisation.

Late last week, $620 had been pledged on the crowd-funding website with about three weeks to go.

Taylor is not the former All Black and father of current rugby professional Tom Taylor. “We know each other,” said the inventor. He used to get Christmas cards and letters addressed to the World Cup-winning second five-eighth and would drop them round to the right address.

Taylor is a first-time inventor. He runs a fire protection company. “This is new territory for me,” he said. “This is not a lifetime revenue stream for me,” he said.

Good to see people have an idea and actually taking it somewhere.  Most ideas die inside the heads of their owners.

I would really like to see this guy do well.  Drop in on his Kickstarter page, and see if you want to help out too.


– Will Harvey, The Press


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  • ex-JAFA

    Well done, that man. I’m surprised that nobody’s thought of it before. It could go on to unexpectedly earn Taylor squillions, like the original pull tab on cans did for its inventor; I believe Coca Cola paid him 1c for every one made.

    I’ve come up with two inventions, but have no idea how to go about getting someone with the requisite skills to help me do something about them. One may be impractical, and the other probably requires official approval (or at least confirmation that it’s not illegal).

    • Michael_l_c

      the club is in recess but there are phone nos etc

    • Bruce Wayne

      They’ve been around since the 70s. Stop-Top from memory. Dare say beverage resealers are available on Amazon. This one ain’t flying.

  • blairmulholland

    Only in NZ could someone be such a tightwad that they’d want to save half of a 330mL can…

    • ex-JAFA

      It probably fits 440mL and larger cans, too.

    • Cowgirl

      It’s for when you need a mixer, but don’t need the whole can :)

    • maninblack

      why waste when you dont need to?

  • Grendel_from_the_dead

    Nice one, backed it. He needs to tweak his kickstarter to ensure he has a chance to actually get over the line as he wants way more money than the pledges (that actually get you the cantab) will get you.

    • NotGandalf

      No point in putting a tab back on the Canterbury Draught mate, it was flat to start with! ;) Seriously though I wish you luck Warwick, would love to come out with one good idea myself one day that helps other people longer term.
      EDIT – added final comment.

  • Peter

    great idea!

  • Platinum Fox

    In my drawer of “gadgets that seemed like a good idea at the time but didn’t achieve the status of regular usage” I have two almost thirty year old can re-sealers acquired in the USA. They bear the words “per alimenti”, “Made in Italy” and “Int. Patent.” (no patent number unfortunately) and are designed to clip onto the can’s rim and seal down on the lid around the hole left when the tear tab was removed. I believe they pre-date the push down tab. On the top side there is a spout with a flip off cap. I have a vague memory that when I returned to NZ I found that the size of cans sold here was different than that used in the US (2.5 inches). In the interests of certainty, I have purchased a can of soft drink and can confirm that they will not fit as the can’s rim diameter is about 10mm too small.
    A gadget that isn’t can-size dependent will be an improvement, but my word of caution would be to check what proportions of drink sales are cans versus bottles, noting that PET bottles have a re-sealable screw cap.

    • Wahbonnah

      You should run a weekly post called “Platinum Fox’s drawer of gadgets that seemed like a good idea at the time but didn’t achieve the status of regular usage.”
      What’s your next installment? :-)

      • Platinum Fox

        That would be the Clever Dick Juice Tap (its real name – I still have the instruction sheet) intended to be screwed into the bottom of a lemon for those times when you don’t need the lemon’s entire volume of juice for whatever you’re making. These days limes and lime juice are my preferred variety of citrus. When I did have a lemon tree it was a Meyer, so had thick skinned fruit, but the device was intended for thin skinned fruit.
        These days I don’t buy single purpose kitchen tools. Most tasks can be achieved with a sharp knife and a cutting board.

  • Kopua Cowboy

    There is a certain energy drink manufacturer already selling a resealable aluminium can.