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Credit:  SonovaMin

Credit: SonovaMin


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  • 1951

    The MSM ‘Pack’ giving full support from behind.
    Pack:(Oxford) a group of similar things or people, especially one regarded as unpleasant.
    :an organized group of Cub Scouts or Brownies
    : the main body of competitors following the leader or leaders in a race or competition
    :a group of wild animals, especially wolves, living & hunting together
    i.e. those who lack the ability to think intelligently as an individual.

  • cows4me

    The easiest way to kill off JK and Cam would be to lock them in a room and play lefty speeches given it the last couple of years, madness would soon set in.

  • Hang on, is there enough people why care enough about dirty politics to form a crowd that big? Or have they just pushed the crowd sides in just to make it look like a real protest. I wanna see what it looks like of you turn the camera 15 degrees either way?

  • Sunshine

    Yay, welcome back SonovaMin, it was a long week without one of your brilliant cartoons.