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  • Whitey

    I love this one.

  • timemagazine

    Could this please be send to the Green Party? Thank you.

  • conwaycaptain

    To the point.
    Why were NINIE THOUSAND troughers flown to Lima for this Gab Fest???? Plus Greenpeace and all the rest.

  • This is making the twitter-go-round, showing the area affected, apparently.

    • Kevin

      Does this look like a giant penis to anybody else?

  • Aucky

    Just remember this piece of wanton vandalism the next time a commission salesperson from Greenpeace tries to sign you up in the supermaket carpark.

  • Lord_Montrose

    Greenpeace’s new logo:

  • munzrat

    how many times in the last 24 months has the CEO of GP flown to Europe ! Big foot print …..

  • dgrogan

    Stomp stomp stomp. Classic Sonovamin.