Christmas Countdown: Boagan Dwarf One – Heather Shotter


Wait until I get my mitts on your cash

Wait until I get my mitts on your cash

Heather Shotter is the first of Michelle Boag’s ten dwarfs.

The Shotter’s an old, old mate of the Boagan’s, a keen gardener and a big fan of immigrants.

She was a PR flack at Sky City and moved up the ranks to become head of operations. Coincidentally, she got in a relationship and later married its CEO Evan Davies. Unfortunately the marriage didn’t last as long as it might have. Still, The Shotter’s come a long way for a girl from the Hawke’s Bay.

Now her close connections with the city’s most powerful men and women have landed her a job with the “Committee for Auckland” over which The Boagan has influence.

And now The Shotter’s signed up her “committee” to support The Boagan’s plan to take the $2.1 billion in shares off the Auckland Energy Consumer Trust (AECT) and cancel the annual $335 Christmas bonus it pays to every house, flat and business in Auckland and South Auckland.

They’ve got Kim Campbell’s EMA to back the confiscation and theft as well.

The Boagan, The Shotter, and Campbell want the $2.1 billion in shares to be given to Lyin’ Len Brown’s Auckland Council.

The plan is that Lyin’ Len would then sell the $2.1 billion in shares that had been stolen from Auckland energy consumers to pay for his trainset.

You are reading this right: The Boagan, Shotter, Committee for Auckland, EMA plan is to confiscate $2.1 billion in privately owned shares, give them to Lyin’ Len and then try to get him to sell them, including to the people they stole them from.

National rising star Jami-Lee Ross puts it best: “Surprised by EMA’s stance on AECT. When was the last time a business lobbyist called for a $2 billion private asset to be nationalised??”

So who is The Shotter’s “Committee for Auckland”

Here’s the truth: it’s mainly a front for Lyin’ Len himself.  

It’s funded by the Auckland Council, Auckland Airport (which Lyin’ Len’s council already owns shares in), Lyin’ Len’s Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development agency (ATEED), his Auckland Regional Facilities agency, Ports of Auckland (100% owned by Lyin’ Len’s Council), Watercare (100% owned by Lyin’ Len’s council) and Waterfront Auckland (100% owned by Lyni’ Len).

Just how much ratepayer’s money goes into funding The Boagan’s mate The Shotter each year?

And what about taxpayers’ money. The “Committee for Wellington” is also funded out of Wellington by The Boagan’s mate Murray McCully through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Also Jonathan Coleman’s Auckland District Health Board and Counties Manukau Health.

And The Boagan’s mate Dame Jenny Gibbs.

Others are:

  • AIA Insurance
  • ANZ Bank
  • ASB Bank
  • AUT University
  • BNZ
  • BECA
  • Boffa Miskell
  • Chapman Tripp
  • Chorus
  • Cooper and Company
  • Deloitte
  • EY
  • Fletcher Building (what a surprise they support Lyin’ Len’s trainset)
  • Fonterra
  • Forsyth Barr
  • Hawkins Construction (another surprise!)
  • IAG
  • Jacobs
  • Kiwi Income Property Trust
  • KPMG
  • Manukau Institute of Technology
  • Massey University
  • Mighty River Power
  • MinterEllison
  • NZBus
  • Precinct Properties (which will make a fortune if Lyin’ Len’s trainset goes ahead)
  • PWC
  • Rider Levell Bucknall
  • Simpson Grierson (Auckland Council’s big lawyers)
  • Sky City (what a surprise)
  • Stevenson
  • The Warehouse
  • Todd Properties
  • Unitec
  • University of Auckland
  • Westpac
  • WT Partnership
  • Auckland Arts Festival
  • Auckland Museum
  • Jasmax
  • Institute of Arhitects
  • Opus
  • The Conference Company
  • THL
  • Tuai Group
  • Warren and Mahoney
  • Auckland City Mission
  • Auckland Communities Foundation
  • Australian Embassy
  • Chinese Embassy
  • US Embassy
  • NZ Council for Infrastructure Development
  • Property Council of NZ
  • Salvation Army
  • Icehouse
  • Anne Blackburn
  • Sir Ron Carter
  • Brian Corban
  • Richard Didsbury
  • Sally Garrett
  • Michael Lorimer
  • Chris Mace
  • Kelly Martin
  • Peter Menzies
  • Bryan Mogridge
  • Diane Robertson
  • Jane Vesty
  • Peter Wall

BIG QUESTION: Do all these people know The Boagan and The Shotter have signed them up to steal $2.1 billion of shares and take $335 year off every Auckland and South Auckland household, flat and business? To pay for the trainset?

Does the Salvation Army and the City Mission know?

Do students at the universities and polytechs know?

What are foreign governments funding The Shotter for?

How much does the foreign ministry pay to The Shotter each year out of our taxes?

How much gets taken out of the Auckland and Manukau health budgets to pay The Shotter?

And most of all, how much from Lyin’ Len’s council overall?

It almost seems like Lyin’ Len is behind all this. He’s got the groups he funds to steal the shares to give them to him, so he can sell them and build his trainset?

And if he wants to sell some shares for his trainset, why not start with Auckland Airport and Ports of Auckland that he owns already?

Tomorrow we introduce the second dwarf: Mayoral aspirant Michael Barnett.



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  • Catriona

    Well, how come Michelle Boag appears to be able to wield such influence over Auckland?

    • That’s bothering me too. It seems too much to be just relying on friendships and networking. Can’t someone “show us the money”?

  • sheppy

    I’ve spotted a little hidden payback in Lenny’s maths.
    Council quoted cost of current version of trainset is $2.4 Billion LESS
    Governments contribution in 2020 or whenever he persuades them of the value of his shrine which is set at 50% leaving a cost of $1.2 Billion for Lenny to find.
    Once he has the shares worth $2.1 Billion it will leave him with a $0.9 Billion surplus to waste on yet more rubbish nobody needs or wants apart from his mates on the council.
    Obviously he’d never use it to pay down debt because he doesn’t work that way, so I wonder what junk is he about to waste the surplus on and who’s due a favour for supporting him?
    EDIT: Better English

  • Quinton Hogg

    I am a beneficiary of the AECT.
    Ms Boag and her merry mates can take a hike as far as I am concerned.

    • Wallace Westland

      I’m not and as far as I’m concerned sell them steal them whatever.
      Lens train set benefits exactly the same people that hold those shares so let them pay for it.

      • LabTested

        Len’s train set will benefit only a very small section of people who benefit from those shares. Most people who live in central / south will not use the train as it goes nowhere where they need to be.

        • Wallace Westland

          Oh I agree it is a complete rip off for everyone but the fact is it does benefit those in the south west and central.
          By reducing the traffic load at Gillies Ave, Greenlane, EP interchanges and Nelson St it will have a huge affect on the southern motorway regardless of whether you actually use the train or not and it will also make a difference to the end of the North Western.
          It will not however make a rats nonus worth of difference to the Harbour Bridge and the people that live on that side are the same ones that get no benefits from the AECT dividends.
          My point again is why should we continue to be bled time and again for things that have nothing to do with us while those in the South Central and West that do get the benefits are howling because they might lose their paltry $355 bucks a year?
          I can spend more than that on a good sporting weekend. Time some people hardened up or staged an overthrow. As it was the people of South and central that put Len back personally I think they can lump this one.

          • andrew carrot

            A great many of the people who receive their dividend have far higher priorities to deal with than finding funds for a sporting weekend.

          • Wallace Westland

            You miss my point. How I spend MY money is up to me.
            Everyone that sits on the Southern motorway or Nor’western pissing and moaning every day that also gets that dividend needs to take a good long hard look at themselves.
            I don’t get the dividend and I don’t sit on those motorways but as far as you are concerned my rates should keep going up so you get to keep your dividend..correct?

      • Never in the dark…..

        That’s a negative. It benefits my neighbourhood SFA, whereas our ‘shareholding’ does. Come to think of it, the only people who would benefit from the trainset are those with a vested intereset in it’s development.

        The country will be covering the blowout for years.

        • Wallace Westland

          Sweet FA is not the same as not at all. I’ll take from your response that you are happy to pocket your coin and take mine as well?

      • Dave_1924

        Benefits to a South Auckland beneficiary are zero if a Central Rail Loop is built. They won’t use it and it won’t impact on their suburban transport one joy. If the AECT is wound up and shares sold to fund the Rail Loop, they will get a negative benefit namely no dividend each year.

        Robbing the poor to allow the wealthy residents of Mt Eden, Eden Terrace, Newmarket etc to have a rail loop for their trips into the CBD – its just rubbish.

        • Wallace Westland

          See my reply to Andrew Carrot. I’ll happily lump beneficiaries in there too.
          I’m totally against the rail loop. I don’t need it. Does nothing for me. And it’s an outrageous waste of our money.
          As I said below the loop benefits users of the southern and nor western motorways not just the wealthy you have named.

  • ratesarerevolting

    The revolting Boag should slither off and hide under a rock some where.

    The troughing old haggis is a proven failure and I have as much inclination for her to have control over my cash as i do for Len Brown…. with fools like this abounding in and around the Auckland council it’s not hard to envisage an outraged population running the lot of them out of town after a party involving tar and feathers.

  • andrew carrot

    The EMA has in recent times being adopting some very odd positions (that is, it’s heading to the left) on all manner of things related to the economy. And when you look at the make up of the “Committee of Auckland”, the sectors that live for ‘transactions’ of any variety (i.e. they’re all middle-men – lawyers, accountants, real estate agents and property developers, etc.) – are over-represented. Nothing beats latching on to a good deal if you can!

  • Brian Badonde

    Confiscating?? Put simply, isn’t this stealing?

  • Couldn’t there be a breach of fiduciary duties in what is being proposed here?

    • phronesis

      Breach of fiduciary duty follows an inverse law of prosecution. Take $10 from the till as an employee and you’re screwed. Take $10 Billion from the till when you’re the manager and no one even blinks.

  • johnnymanukau.

    Lyin Len stole from the rate payers of Manukau City the Airport shares, which were owned by the rate payers [ and NO compensation to any one] and transferred the shares to the new SUPER CITY for all to use after the old ACC had sold theirs, what a rort and cunning steal that was.

  • Aucky

    There’s more than a few parties on that list who stand to make an absolute poultice out of the ratepayers, property speculation, construction projects, legal fees, financial transactions et al should the rail project go ahead. I suspect that there’s also fortunes to be lost from commitments already made should it not proceed. There’s plenty of corporate heavyweights on that list and they’ll play dirty to get this through.

    This may just be the catalyst that is required to get Mr & Mrs Aucklander off their arses and on to the streets to oust Brown once and for all.

    • sheppy

      That’ll only work if people get to know about it and the lefty hugging media won’t say a thing unless it becomes so obvious that they have to. Just like with Lenny’s affair when they only spoke up when everyone knew about it and then they went quickly into damage limitation mode.

  • Muzman349

    Not being an Aucklander, would John Banks be a party to this if he was mayor or would he be more likely to put a stop to it.

    • Wallace Westland

      Banks is yesterdays news. JAFAs are tired of his sanctimonious drivel. He’d do nothing more than split the vote…again.
      Time for fresh blood.

  • Muzman349

    That is me not being an Aucklander not John Banks of course

  • kayaker

    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s instalment. He’s an interesting character.

  • peterwn

    If the the long suffering taxpayers outside Auckland have to help further finance Len’s train set if AECT is not sold up, then AECT should suffer first. The Aussie state governments made no bones about it – they just nationalised the electricity distribution trusts, councils, departments etc and that was that. In New South Wales all the electricity distribution outfits have now been merged into one.

    • Aucky

      The long suffering NZ taxpayers (half of whom live in the upper half of the North Island) have been subsidising Wellington’s suburban rail system since time immemorial.

      • Cadae

        Len’s train set will have to be funded on top of existing funding:
        Auckland rail usage : 11 million trips per year (about 20,000 users )
        Wellington rail usage: 11.8 million trips per year (about 20,000 users)
        Already committed Government funding of Auckland’s rail upgrades: $1.7 billion = $85,000 per user !
        Agreed (since 2008) Government funding of Wellington’s rail upgrades : $485 million = $24,000 per user !
        Government and councils need to get out of rail. If it can’t work through private financing, then it sure ain’t going to work under government funding.

  • Reid

    Why does Deloittes, EY, PWC and KPMG get MFAT funding? And weren’t one of them the authors of the business case for the trainset?

  • Dave_1924

    Interesting list. I wonder if any of them are on the list of donors to Len’s election trust?