Christmas Countdown: Boagan Dwarf Two ? Kim “The Campbell Clown” Campbell



There?s a bit of a change of plan.? Kim ?The Campbell Clown? Campbell made such a goose of himself on Larry Williams last night we?re looking at him today rather than Michael Barnett.? But don’t worry, we will deal with all The Boagan?s friends soon enough.

For those just catching up, the story goes like this.? It looks like Michelle ?The Boagan? Boag is working for someone like Hawkins to try to get Lyin? Len?s trainset underway sooner rather than later.

The Boagan and John ?The Dining Table? Collinge, now 104, have a decades-old feud with Warren Kyd and other members of the Auckland Energy Consumer Trust (AECT) ? the outfit that owns $2.1 billion in Vector shares in trust for the people of Auckland and South Auckland, and which pays them a Christmas dividend of $335 a house each September.

So, The Boagan and The Dining Table have got The Campbell Clown to try to put together a group to try to steal the $2.1 billion in shares and give them to Lyin? Len so he can sell them and build his trainset ? potentially lining the pockets of the likes of construction firms like Hawkins.

The Campbell Clown called a meeting of The Boagan?s Ten Dwarfs for yesterday afternoon:

  1. Himself
  2. Michael Barnett ? from the Auckland Regional Chamber of Commerce
  3. Tony Garnier ? from the Auckland Business Forum
  4. Stephen Selwood ? from the NZ Council for Infrastructure Development
  5. Barney Irvine ? from the Automobile Association
  6. David Aitken ? from the National Road Carriers Association
  7. Heather Shotter ? Committee for Auckland
  8. Cameron Pitchers ? from the Campaign for Better Transport
  9. Connall Townsend ? from the NZ Property Council
  10. Jeremy Sole ? NZ Contractors Federation

The idea was the put a few million in the bank for a big campaign to steal the shares.

The bad news for The Boagan is that a couple of these are longtime sources through the tipline, so Whaleoil knows exactly what?s going on.

Like, for instance, that the Automobile Associatiom, the Property Council and the Contractors Federation don?t want anything to do with The Boagan?s plans.? So the Ten Dwarfs are already only the Seven Dwarfs.

And like that Russell McVeagh is going to get a call today to be the lawyers for The Boagan?s campaign.? (Russell McVeagh and The Boagan go way back to the Wine Box days.)

But, back to The Campbell Clown.? After his big meeting, he had a chat with Larry Williams on NewstalkZB.? The Clown lived up to his name.? Take a listen just after 6.15 pm yesterday.

Here?s Whaleoil?s (lightly edited) personal highlights:

Larry: ?Is there any possibility [of getting what you want]?

The Clown:?I?think it’s a remote one – because of the politics which of course are very difficult.

Larry: ?So who’s driving this?? Is the Auckland Council behind this.? Are they in on the deal?

The Clown: No, not at all.

Larry: What’s this Auckland Committee?? What?s the self appointed group? Who are they?

The Clown: It’s not an Auckland committee.? It’s basically us and a few other people

Larry: Okay, the trust they say that this would be tantamount to confiscation and nationalisation.? Aren’t they right?

The Clown: I’m not suggesting nationalise. You couldn’t anyway.

Larry: Okay.? What would the deal be? That the shares would go to the council and they would sell all of those shares? – Is that a condition and then that would fund other infrastructure like the trainset?

The Clown: No well I don’t know – that’s too far down the track.? First thing you access the cash from the funds, you know, the cash flow or whether you sell shares, all of that is much much further down the track.? The first thing is who is going to have the benefit of what this trust produces.? And then we’ll decide what mechanisms there will be in place.

Larry: Isn’t another problem here Kim that you’ve got a council who won’t do the logical thing and sell some port shares or airport shares?

The Clown: I would argue the first point of call would be to sell those assets.? Absolutely.? No doubt. But also bearing in mind that this trust is owned for the people of Auckland and those folks who benefit can choose, they can choose to forgo that benefit.

Larry: Yeah, they’re not likely to do that are they?

The Clown: Well no.? I wouldn’t take it.? They’ve got to vote to do it.? And the point is in a very unscientific sample of our own in asking people what they think if you give them a choice between foregoing the $300 and actually seeing our transport network, every single person that I spoke to says hey I’d give it in a heartbeat.? So it depends who you’re talking to.? Now, if you compel people of course many of them would say no I’m not having nationalisation.? They need to choose to do this and the reason why they choose to do it is to make sure the transport network gets completed, and don’t kick things down the road.? That’s what this is about.


Looks like The Boagan?s going to have to do the next radio interview herself.

And what ever happened to the Auckland Regional Development Board.? Kim? Kim?? Are you talking Kim?