Christmas Countdown: The Boagan Who Wants To Steal Christmas (and her Ten Dwarfs)


Whaleoil is launching a new series today. It’s called the Christmas Countdown and we’ll be introducing you to a whole lot of Michelle Boag’s friends this side of Christmas.

It seems like the Boagan has a new client. Is it John Collinge continuing his boring feud with Warren Kyd? Or a construction company like Downer, Hawkins, Fulton Hogan or Fletchers?  

Anyway, the Boagan’s trying to get her mates Paula Bennett and Simon Bridges to NATIONALISE the Auckland Electricity Consumer Trust, the outfit that holds shares in trust for the people of Auckland and South Auckland and gives every family in Auckland and South Auckland a $335 Christmas dividend cheque each September.

With about 300,000 households getting the $335 each September, that’s $100 million the trust gives to families each year, from the dividends in the shares they own.

But it’s worse. You won’t believe this.

The Boagan plan is to give those Vector shares, worth about $2 billion, to Lyin’ Len Brown’s Council. Then, one of three things can happen:

  1. Lyin’ Len will sell the $2 billion in shares to part-fund his train set


  1. Lyin’ Len will borrow a $2 billion against the shares to part-fund his train set and use the $100 million a year that used to go to households to pay the interest on his debt


  1. Lyin’ Len will use the $100 million each September to pay for another hundred meters for his train set

Remember, the trust isn’t part of the council. It is a private trust. The Boagan wants Bennett and Bridges to NATIONALISE it to give to Lyin’ Len’s council. And every family will miss out on $335 a year every year forever.

It seems ten dwarfs have lined up behind the Boagan:

  1. Kim Campbell – from the Employers’ and Manufacturer’s Association
  2. Michael Barnett – from the Auckland Regional Chamber of Commerce
  3. Tony Garnier – from the Auckland Business Forum
  4. Stephen Selwood – from the NZ Council for Infrastructure Development
  5. Barney Irvine – from the Automobile Association
  6. David Aitken – from the National Road Carriers Association
  7. Heather Shotter – Committee for Auckland
  8. Cameron Pitchers – from the Campaign for Better Transport
  9. Connall Townsend – from the NZ Property Council
  10. Jeremy Sole – NZ Contractors Federation

You’ve got to give it to the Boagan. She’s lined up a whole lot of business groups to help her get the Vector shares.

Tomorrow, Kim Campbell’s called a big meeting to plan the big campaign. Here’s his email:


You will have read several commentaries and letters lately regarding the Auckland Electricity Consumer Trust suggesting its assets should be made available now for Auckland’s development rather than in 2073.

After careful consideration EMA agrees the Trust should be wound up and its assets returned to Auckland Council control provided the Council uses them to build new infrastructure for Auckland.

To achieve this outcome will require a majority of Aucklanders to agree, but to inform them further about the AECT and the benefits of an early transfer of its assets a public campaign may well be required.

To canvas this issue and the nature of such a campaign and the possible ways forward EMA is calling a meeting of interested organisations including we hope, yours.  A list of those invited is below.

We have scheduled the meeting to be held at:

EMA, 159 Khyber Pass Rd, Grafton

For Wednesday, December 17th at  4pm.

Please RSVP to xxxxx

Warm regards
Kim Campbell
Chief executive


I never thought I’d see the day when the EMA called for a NATIONALISATION of a private asset especially to help Lyin’ Len build his trainset.

This is the board of the EMA:

Laurie Margrain Open Country Dairy Ltd
Margaret Brown Cogita Holdings Ltd
Andrew Hunt Kinetics Group Ltd
Simon O’Brien ASB Bank Ltd
Richard Pearson Ports of Auckland
Derek Rankin Rankin Treasury Advisory Ltd
Colleen Stairmand SWL Plumbing
Andrew Phipps University of Auckland
Chris Davis Rinnai NZ Ltd
Charles Black Goodwood Industries Ltd
David Thomas Winstone Wallboards Ltd
Graham Mountfort Permark Industries Ltd
Scott Fuller New Zealand Steel Ltd
Bob FenwickLes Kendall Planhorse Systems LtdTemperzone Ltd


Do these people know that the Boagan has got Kim Campbell to back her plan?

Does ASB Bank really want to put its name to a campaign to take $335 a year off each Aucklander?

Is the Ports of Auckland getting behind this to stop people asking why it hasn’t be sold?

How is the AA’s fundraising going to go if people find out its trying to take $335 a year off them to build a trainset?

More needs to be told.


I will be introducing each of the Boagan’s mates to you over the next little while. And telling you why they want to NATIONALISE your shares in Vector.

Who should I start with?

And don’t worry. One of those going to the meeting tomorrow is a Whaleoil spy. So I’ll be able to let you know how the Boagan’s little meeting goes tomorrow afternoon.



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  • sheppy

    Good work in exposing this – you forgot option 4. waste the money on miscellaneous items yet to be decided that ratepayers don’t need or want or will ever get any benefit from.

    • phronesis

      Come on, this is Len, he would probably spend it installing his own personal Bat Cave under his office and accessed through a concealed entrance under his desk.

      • Tom

        The underneath of his desk already gets used for other things

  • ozbob68

    Amen, I think the dividend is a great idea (and i used to put mine straight into my power account as credit). Let’s see much more of this reported.

  • kayaker

    “After careful consideration EMA agrees the Trust should be wound up…” I would like to see evidence of this careful consideration.

  • Euan Ross-Taylor

    In the next post, it would be good to have the present ‘ownership’ structure ie the trust, explained. What is the 2073 date for the asset return to council? and just what is the asset?

  • OT Richter

    We don’t get the dividend anymore (moved) so I think it’s a great idea to give it to Council and keep my rates down.

    • NoEyeDeer

      I agree and I still get the dividend. However what makes you think lying Len won’t ALSO increase rates. I think his ethics won’t restrain him.

  • This initiative should be encouraged. Vote Lyin’ Len out or lose $335. That should translate into the ballot box.

  • LabTested

    I had read that Michael Barnett was talking about running for Mayor. If so, it’s not a great plan to hitch his horse to this proposal

    • burns_well_eh

      Agree – hitching your horse to a train is never a good idea.

  • KatherineS42

    Why is Boag supporting Loopy Len’s train set? What is in it for her?

  • Wallace Westland

    It is not true that ” the Auckland Electricity Consumer Trust, the outfit that holds shares
    in trust for the people of Auckland and South Auckland and gives every
    family in Auckland and South Auckland a $335 Christmas dividend cheque
    each September.”

    I’ve certainly never had one and neither has anyone else on the North Shore. The payout as I understand it goes to households that were in the original Mercury Energy area or something? So why should I give a rats?
    The way Auckland and South Auckland have been bleeding the North and Rodney dry personally I think it’s time they gave up something.
    And before the snivellers come out about their berms I have always mowed mine AND i pay for a rubbish bag each week not a free wheelie bin.

    • Bart67

      Absolutely, I am also on the North Shore, and I have yet to see any evidence of a rail loop appearing anywhere near my residence and place of work, yet my rates will be going up to fund it!!

  • Sunshine

    Hands off MS Boag, I like my dividend every October. I have been a Mercury customer for over 30+ years. I do not want customer perks given to Lenny to waste.

  • Kevin

    But how if the AECT is private and has nothing to do with the council then how can the council nationalise it? Isn’t beyond it’s legal power to do so?