Christmas Countdown Special: EMA reaps what it sows


EMA boss Kim “The Campbell Clown” Campbell can’t be too much longer in his job.

Members of the EMA board have called the tipline begging not to be included in the Christmas Countdown series.

They reckon they didn’t know anything about what The Campbell Clown was up to when he decided to launch a campaign to steal $2.1 billion in Vector shares from the people of Auckland and South Auckland and cancel their $335 Christmas dividend and give the shares and money to Len Brown so he can build his trainset.

They didn’t know The Campbell Clown had come under the spell of Michelle “The Boagan” Boag.

Well it may be too late for the EMA board.  Look what fell off the back of the bus:  

Aucklanders who don’t want their Vector shares stolen and given to Lyin’ Len Brown are planning an advertising campaign for early in the new year to highlight what The Boagan and The Campbell Clown have planned.  ASB will be first to be targeted.





It’s a good first try. Needs a bit of work I reckon.  There are ads lined up for:


  • Open Country Dairy Ltd
  • Cogita Holdings Ltd
  • Kinetics Group Ltd
  • Ports of Auckland
  • Rankin Treasury Advisory Ltd
  • SWL Plumbing
  • University of Auckland
  • Rinnai NZ Ltd
  • Goodwood Industries Ltd
  • Winstone Wallboards Ltd
  • Permark Industries Ltd
  • New Zealand Steel Ltd
  • Planhorse Systems Ltd
  • Temperzone Ltd


With ASB, they are some of the companies in whose name The Boagan and The Campbell Clown are planning their campaign to steal $2.1 billion and give the $335 Christmas dividend to Lyin’ Len.


Instead of wailing to Whaleoil that it’s all unfair, they should call The Campbell Clown and tell him to pull his head in.





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  • Pluto

    You’re doing a great job on this WOBH.
    Just shows some of these people think they are a law unto themselves.
    I reckon you won’t get past the 4th or 5th Boagan Dwarf before we hear “No Mas”

  • Bart67

    Ah, such a powerfult disinfectant, that Sunlight!
    When you are making a proposal like that, in a high profile role like that one, you need to apply the litmus test of the media, ask yourself how that will look on Campbell Live, or Seven Sharp, or, best of all, Whaleoil, and if you can live with that, if you can justify it, then go ahead!
    Morally wrong, legally suspect, and bereft of anything approaching ethical behaviour. However, where Len Brown is involved, morals and ethics left the station a long, long time ago. Hopefully, the backlash will stop this plan dead. It might be December, but the Whale Army will be here throughout.

  • kayaker

    As an Aucklander – of the things that got me fired up this year, this one is in a special class of its own. Well done WOBH. The way this is developing is looking like Auckland’s very own version of Keystone Cops.

  • Curly1952

    This is a real concern. I am with TECT which holds Trust Power shares and we all got upwards of $425 this year. Once the Tauranga City Council plonkers get wind of this they will probably have a go. Come on Auckland make sure this is put to bed asap.

  • Is it just me, or does it seem a number of those companies would benefit plenty should a trainset get the “go ahead” from a Mayor who can’t even trust himself with a “Company credit card” – yet, he has the temerity to try and bankrupt Auckland with a Multi-Billion dollar trainset that duplicates the bus routes?

    With an ex-Prime Minister who lies about lying, trying to be the next Auckland Mayor – and the current Mayor being investigated over election financing and Trusts – it really is time NZ had our own ICAC… starting with those who wish to “Lead” the rest of us.

  • This feels like the company stealing the superannuation fund. It’s not theirs in the first place.

    At least we now know why Len Brown has been so acquiescent about his Train Set setbacks of late.

    He has a Plan B.

  • Alfred

    Is there anything that Michelle Boag has been involved with that’s been a success?

    • Swallow hard now. This is going to hurt.

      John Key.

      • Timboh

        I thought Cam’s father was president when John Key ‘arrived’

  • NotGandalf

    I am particularly concerned that The Salvation Army is caught up in this, as I have a lot to do with them and I think they would not be happy at being involved in a scheme that steals private investments from tax payers to give to a local council – to me that is an illegal act.

    • Jimbob

      Sallies lost my support a year or 2 ago with their anti Gay stance. Wouldn’t surprise me if their bigotted views get it wrong again on this as well.

      • NotGandalf

        I can tell you for a fact that the anti-gay stance that you refer to is fallout from some ill conceived statements made in the early 90’s (and since disowned, but still regretted). The Sallies of today do not discriminate, I know this because I live in their world.

  • Crookednose

    I was listening to a muppet on Larry Williams Last night. Larry didn’t quite give him both barrels. I had the distinct impression that Larry was a bit stunned by all the BS he was hearing and couldn’t believe they’d have the nerve to try it on like this.
    Absolutely no denial what so ever in what they want to do.
    With a day to get his head around it, I’m hoping he gets stuck in from here on. I’m sure Cam will assist with any clarification he needs. :-)

  • Michael_l_c

    It is important to make it clear how lennie is involved in this scam. $335 is more important to many in his support base, particularly in South AK. Remember the change in voting patterns in the election?
    With the right publicity lennie may have stabbed himself with this.

    • Aucky

      There’s no way Aucklanders will swallow this one Michael.

  • Nebman

    This is journalism folks. It’s how it’s supposed to work and look. The great thing is that MSM can only pretend these stories don’t exist for so long before they end up looking like those eco-numpties with their heads in the sand down at the beach.

    They genuinely come across as the three monkeys with hands over their eyes, mouths and ears pretending these stories are figments imagination or a WOBH creation.