Christmas Loot

Here are two books I got for Christmas…

Madmen by Steve Braunias, which has quite a lot about me in it.

And Spanish Bride also compiled and made me a one off, special book…of all the cartoons published about me this year (well not all, there were too many for just one book, so she has made a second book which is on its way).


Then there is this present…sort of….   

The good folks at Southern Autos have provided me an Isuzu D-Max…I picked it up Monday.

They even made the effort to brand up the ute…and wait till you see The Maverick which is coming next year…a limited edition for just 13 people!


They are good bastards at Southern Autos, go see them for your vehicle needs.

Not only is there a Ford dealership but also Mazda, and then the Souther Autos stable of Peugeot, Citroen, and Isuzu. Check out their Facebook page as well.

Look for some reviews as I take the D-Max for a couple of hunting trips over January. If anyone wants some animals (goats, rabbits, hares, possum, deer) dead then give me a holler and the WOBH team will roll in in the D-Max and do some slaughtering.

Southern Autos

Now how about you guys put your gloat photos in the comments, let’s see what everyone got for Christmas.



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  • Ginny

    Shouldn’t there be a Whale logo on the ute somewhere?

    • Skydog

      Is there one just under the outside drivers mirror?

      • Yes, under both wing mirrors and one on the back as well. This is a firm not afraid of a backlash , boycotts or associating with me.

        • Yeah, because so many labour and green voters buy mid to upper range new vehicles, don’t they?

        • Cadwallader

          Australians often have ‘roo bars on their trucks so how about Prius bars on this one?

          • Dave

            Like this one perhpas (pic)

          • Mark Schmid

            Prius is the past not unlike the ute above….its up to Nissan Leafs now…

        • spanishbride

          The thing is, outrage means free advertising and it is clear that Dirty Politics increased Whaleoils following substantially. Also Utes are meant to be tough and dirty and not for sooks!

          • Teletubby

            Haha, I hope Cam thanked Hagar for being the catalyst behind his new ute ;)

        • Dave

          Suggest a Hagar sticker on the bottom of the exhaust pipe: similarities…….

          Its the waste pipe, full of hot air, no one wants to see it / him, and its of little substance.

    • Cadwallader

      There’ll be a very large logo immediately behind the steering wheel!!!

    • spanishbride

      If you look closely at the photo you will see a logo near the side mirror.
      It has three of them on the Ute I think from memory.

  • Carl

    If I am correct this is the difference between Native advertising and putting in a plug for a firm.

    • 1951

      At least one knows it is a plug. When discussing ‘The Housing Shortage’ article with 3 friends, not one realized it was sponsored by B&T. Eyebrows were raised alittle but I still have a huge job ahead of me to get their brains to list in a different direction.

  • BigDes

    Do they do Isuzu Trucks? Planning on buying at least 2 this year, would like to support sponsors of WOBH.

    • exactchange

      They are Isuzu dealers.

  • Greg M

    I got a cool as .19 cal torch…

  • Tom

    Shameless self promotion.

    • spanishbride

      Is there any other kind LOL? I think Cam being the representative for a brand called Maverick is beyond awesome.Utes get down and Dirty and get the job done so it is a match made in heaven really.

  • Chris EM

    That’ll look really cool with some chrome 20 inch rims wrapped with liquorice straps.

    • Stuarts.burgers

      Do you to ride in it, you want to pay for them when you stuff them on any small bump and finally to you want to fit them,both the tyres to the wheel and also the wheels to the truck because I don’t want to.

      • Chris EM

        Nah, wouldn’t want to do any of that, Stuart. My comment was meant as a joke.

        • Stuarts.burgers

          I am here is Christchurch and the number of Tradies I see with utes and vans rolling on 18 inch and 20 inch rims makes me laugh.
          Hey I will sell you the new tyres but do not come over all “sticker shocked” when I tell you the price . You chose it now live with your choice

          • Chris EM

            I saw a guy driving his brand new Hilux out of the dealer’s yard once, massive rims and low profile tyres. What made it look really silly was the snorkel he’d also had fitted.

          • Yeah if he needs the snorkel then the rims and low profiles aren’t going to help him

    • Excitedly awaiting Whodunnit

      Nah. A set of steel rims with bfg km2 muddies!

      • Stuarts.burgers

        Thats better but even better is is a set of Maxis 751’s on 16’s for around town and light off road then another set of rims with the KM2 on for the serious stuff.
        You do not drive your self nuts with road noise with the 751’s but when you need to go to the source of the Rakaia or up to the Denniston Plateau etc you have something that will do the needed job.

  • Korau

    The strength of the Whale Oil brand.

    Nice one. Enjoy!

  • Awesome job SB, and thanks for sharing a lot of the cartoons with us on the blog over the next few days. It’s great to relive them.

    • spanishbride

      That Tremain fella doesn’t like Cam very much. He always draws him with flies buzzing around his head. However he has drawn lots of cartoons about him due to his fixation with him so helped me to fill the books :)

    • Excitedly awaiting Whodunnit

      Could be a market for those cartoon books. Even better if the victim promotes them. Mud in the vindictive artists eye so to speak.

      • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

        mud in the eye, poke in the eye . . .

  • intelligentes candida diva

    Mutually beneficial. Enjoy the positive attention, the tide is turning.

    No photos, although I got spoilt > gardening tools (needed) a pink external hard drive (wanted one for ages), a Briarwood wallet, a good knife set (needed) & lots more.

    Had day outside where family came to my was good.

  • spanishbride

    Cam gave me a Fitbit flex which tracks my sleep patterns, how much exercise I do and many other things. It syncs to your devices so you can get the info any time. it also acts like a retro digital watch. He got one as well so we can compete. Day one I am in the lead ha with 10,000 steps to his measly 8600 steps. Too much time seated blogging heh.We did however go tuatua gathering yesterday which was fun. They will be ready to cook today now that they have spat out the sand overnight.

    • conwaycaptain

      What did the Whale Calves get???

  • Excitedly awaiting Whodunnit

    Chuck a bike rack on there for show to wind up the MAMIL crowd too.

    • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

      are they the ones complaining about pesky pedestrians on “their” bit of unused spaghetti-junction?
      arrogant bits of lycra-clad s***-producers.

  • FredFrog

    Saving for a deposit, and just moved from one rental to another. So the boss & I had a cheap one, a bottle of Bolly……..

  • andrewo

    Having flogged a D Max around a really rough mine site for years I can tell you it’s as solid as a rock.

    A real workhorse from a company that only makes industrial vehicles.

  • Wendy

    I only get gifts from my boys. I give them some cash then set them lose at the mall while I have a wee bevvie. They outdid themselves this year…Pink Floyd and Foo Fighters cds from Number One and (actual) gold ear rings from Number Two, who said the ear rings were more than he had but the nice lady gave him a big discount because he was so cute and buying them for his mum. The force is strong in that one.

  • kehua

    I am sure that you will get them a heap of sales Cam, way back in the nether days of WOBH you purchased a Dyson for SB, after reading your raves about it Mrs k became the proud operator of the same model. I still cannot fathom why I spent close to a Grand on a damn vacuum cleaner, but it is still going great today.

    • spanishbride

      It is the only vacuum cleaner cool enough to interest the Man of the house in vacuuming! He didn’t actually buy it for me as we were dirt poor back then, I won it off Trademe in a competition. Obviously that didn’t stop him bragging about it here :)

  • ex-JAFA

    Seeing as you lot forgot to elect me this year, a press secretary got me these as a consolation prize (pic)