It’s Christmas, time to pimp the poor

It’s Christmas time and so we will see a constant stream of bludgers being pimped out to readers of the mainstream news outlets.

They will tell us how hard done by they all are and the reporters and papers will print their stories without a hint of irony or even bare research.

As is usual the Herald uses the same useful idiot to run their stories.

Simon Collins seems unable to realise his lack of perspective.

Hundreds of families from as far away as Hamilton are queuing at the Auckland City Mission for help to put food on the table this Christmas.

City Missioner Diane Robertson said the queue started at 1am on Monday after word got out on social media that Work and Income staff would be at the mission’s Hobson St offices from this week to process applications for emergency help.

The mission gave out 125 food parcels on Monday, compared with 39 on the first day a similar pre-Christmas Work and Income service opened last year.

It closed when the queue reached 200 families on Tuesday, up from 160 on the second day last year, and expected to feed a further 200 families yesterday.

Ms Robertson said the mission did not advertise the service, but word got out through local Work and Income offices and spread through word of mouth and social media.

Bludgers will be bludgers, if you are giving stuff away for free of course you will inundated…but hey it makes a great story to pimp out…and City Mission does this every year.

But let’s look at these so called poor.

Vanisa Samuel, 34, from Papatoetoe, saw it on a Facebook site called South Side Freebies.

Bludgers telling other bludgers where to find free stuff…on Facebook no less.  

Trudy Tapu, 25, grew up in Mangere and came last year and the year before. She now lives in Hamilton, but drove up to stay with her mum on Tuesday night and was in the queue by 6am yesterday.

“They don’t have many places like this in Hamilton so it was worth my $20 gas to come here,” she said.

I bet the petrol was more than that. Worth the petrol to bludge free food though.

Then there is Charlie Holmes…who consented to being photographed.

Just knowing the City Mission can help with food and presents at this time of year takes some of the stress off Ange Tuala, 41, and Charlie Holmes, 40, who have children aged 10 and 5 and twins 4. “Because we don’t have much family support, I’d say last year, when I found about this, it was a great relief,” said Ms Tuala. Both parents are on benefits for health reasons. “If I have a lot of hospital and doctor’s bills I know I can come here and get a food parcel,” Ms Tuala said. “I’m very grateful to the City Mission.”

They are poor but have managed to produce 4 extra mouths to feed…and food is something Charlie doesn’t look like he’s missed much of either.


Instead of lining up for free kai at City Mission he looks like he could do with lining up at Weightwwatchers.

Then there is Betty Morris:

Sole parent Betty Morris, 26, lives in a state house with her three children aged 2, 1 and seven weeks. She had not been to the City Mission before. “Last year I was doing all right. Now it’s just getting harder because I have a hire-purchase and too much money trouble. I can’t afford the payments after buying all my newborn stuff,” she said. “My mum used to come here when we had money troubles.”

So…just making ends meet…and goes and gets hire purchase debt burden to add to her poverty…and popping out another baby as well…a victim of her own stupidity. The entitlement mentality was strong in this one…I’ll bet the kids all have different fathers too.

The Hamilton bludger isn’t much better. Birt poor but popping out even more children ensuing she remains in poverty.

Trudy Tapu, 25, has three children aged 9, 8 and 6, with a fourth due in July. Her partner is a seasonal farm worker who has just finished a job, so the family are on a jobseeker benefit. “I came here last year and the year before. I used to live in Auckland,” said Trudy. “I brought my brother and the whole family, just for the Christmas spirit.”

Just for the Christmas spirit eh? Christmas bludging more like.

And then just for added insult, what do we find at the bottom of the article…oh look…


It appears this whole article is nothing short of some native advertising for the City Mission.

It’s Christmas time, get used to more pimping the poor stories.


– NZ Herald, shills for City Mission


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  • Toasty

    Quite staggering really. There wasn’t a bludg….beneficiary on that list who couldn’t have made better decisions. Its frustrating.

  • Timboh

    “Both parents are on benefits for health reasons” . No doubt afflicted with that work allergy.

    • John1234

      Healthy enough to continue dropping sprogs at or near the maximum possible human fertility rate.

      It’s a common thread – no job, no money, breeding like rats and living off the taxpayer tit.

      Everyone keeps saying it, and it’s too obvious, but hand out free stuff to the indolent and the indolent population will grow.

      • Cowgirl

        Healthy enough to stand around for hours in the damp, cold air outside City Mission.

    • No, they are just shy.

      Work Shy

  • Horseboy

    Just as the movie Idiocracy foretold

  • JustanObserver

    NZ has ‘Appalling Poverty’ …
    Appalling Poverty of Attitude & Responsibility that is !

    • Cadwallader

      Wonderful! NZers are further impoverished in another sphere, that is a poverty of optimism. This poverty is fostered by a negative, glib msm who either cannot, or choose not, to affirm anything positive.

  • cod

    If you stood at a corner on Queen Street, handing out $20’s, a queue would form.

    • DavidW

      Wrong. If you stood on a corner in Queen St handing out $20 notes you would be mugged and trampled in the rush. No such thing as a polite queue in that case.

      • sarahmw

        and the people who missed out would go on Campbell Live and say it wasn’t fair, I missed out, no one told me there was free money, I feel bad,I need compensation!

        • cod

          Presumably $20 compensation

    • Stephen Last

      exactly, every one wants something for nothing. and everyone is a hypocrite

  • George Carter

    A frustrating abuse of the Missions good will. They should start saying we want to see proof of Auckland address or you can bugger off! Mind you if they can organise a Facebook page telling them where all the free stuff is you can guarantee there would be one offering false address information if needed!

    • Stephen Last

      I blame it on the media hyping it up and telling everyone ‘free grub dig in’

  • Simon

    Yep and the OECD wants us to hand out even more to these people, what a joke

  • cows4me

    This type of bludging is fast becoming a national sport but in reality the crowds with their hands out are simply being used as political pawns or useful idiots . Of course the city mission does good charity work but charity work hides it’s underlining motives, political activism. Seems to me many of these orgainisations are now simply mouth pieces for the left, stuffed to the gunnels with left wing nut jobs . How better to cry poverty then to give free stuff away and watch as the crowds swell . And every time you give more stuff away the crowds get bigger, it’s like feeding rats. Of course the noble souls giving away this stuff will cry “look at the huge crowds oh there is so much poverty, some thing must be done”. It’s not poverty, it’s a political con to convince other useful idiots, voters, that we need more, much more, socialism, don’t be fooled.

    • SlightlyStrange

      See, when I was on a benefit and pretty close to dirt poor, I assumed that a food bank would require me to prove financial hardship in order to get a food parcel. So I went without rather than admitting that shame in public. (ETA: I went to my case worker once in six months to get extra money for food, the allowance was generous enough it got me my toiletries too. Good thing I was taught good budgeting by my parents!)
      Turns out that’s not the case.
      Whats to stop me turning up for a free food parcel now, when we had a six-figure household income this year (due to overtime mainly), apart from my own personal sense of humanity?

      • cows4me

        There’s nothing to stop you SS except your own conscience. Those running this scheme want as many as possible to turn up, it makes good propaganda.

        • Wheninrome

          It makes them fell good about themselves and enables them to forget some of their less than nice actions.
          Bit like the Catholic Church, I always thought it wonderful the concept of starting the week afresh clean of sins, trouble is I was bought up non believer, or C of E if I had to make a choice on a form, not any longer.

        • Wheninrome

          A bit like Scout Masters, doing good to hide what they are really doing, or have done in the past.

      • MrsRight Winger

        Yes, why does the ACM hand out peoples’ kind donations without question? I’d resent my hard-earned donations being given out to those who quite clearly are not lacking food, just work ethics.

      • Wahbonnah

        I’m glad the welfare system was used properly and actually helped someone get back on their feet, in their time of need.
        Congrats SS.
        I needed it briefly when in between jobs, just to try and help me get by briefly, but they denied me. It felt like a kick in the guts when I looked around and saw the majority of dark faces in there happily collecting their tax payer funded benefits. Many with a number of kids in tow.
        Luck created an opportunity for me with a job soon after.
        I still feel resentment to a system that was set up to help us out on a temporary basis, but wasn’t there when I needed it most.
        It still annoys me greatly (would’ve used stronger words in the “old” days here), seeing how many bludgers are out there using our hard earned taxpayer money, on their luxurious lifestyles.
        Rant over :-l

        • SlightlyStrange

          Thanks. It was partly the fault of the folly of youth – moving to a big city with no job and needing to pay for accommodation since I knew no-one there to go and live with!
          But yes, supported me through finding a job, and then a second time when that maternity leave contract ended. So 4 months the first time, and about 3 the second.
          I was incredibly glad for it.

          • Wahbonnah

            Good on you mate.
            That’s what it’s there for, and your drive to get back on your feet, says a lot about you!!!
            All the best :-)

        • Stephen Last

          I have had that happen a couple of times. makes you resent paying your taxes. when i was a student at AUT. studylink stuffed up my payments and I had to go 8 weeks without any money or food. I went to the city mission and asked for a food parcel. the turned me away and acused me of spending my money on booze and drugs, which I don’t do. so I went to the salvation army and they gave me one…I no longer support city mission.

    • Aucky

      How right you are Cows. I have already mentioned elsewhere that we had a very long family association with the City Mission in terms of donations and volunteer work but that all stopped a few years ago because of its increasing politicisation by the left.

    • Stephen Last

      Don’t quite agree with you there. I surly does seem that a lot of the charity organisations are becoming de-facto departments of the government. what are called NGO (non government organisations) which to me look a hell of a lot like the old qangos of the 80,s . a case in point, take the Salvation army. they are vaeing for some of the state housing work, they are running the risk of becoming an organisation that works for the government if they do that. they also arguably have an agenda. these days they seem to be profit driven, expecting people to give them quality goods as oposed to old warn, but still usable goods, and selling it in there shop at ‘cash converter’ prices. I think that by working this close to the government they run the risk of losing some of their autonomy, losing site of there mission and losing some credibility.

  • HR

    When I was a kid I used to work at a place that sold horse feed and other rural supplies. A little further down the road was a food bank. Around Christmas time we used to watch people come out of the food bank and drive into our store. Then they would buy hundreds of dollars of horse feed. I had to stack it in their 4×4 ute next to the boxes of food they had picked up from the food bank. I was only about 16 but it used to make me really mad….

  • BlitzkriegNZ

    Pathetic stupid idiots! So some of these cabbage brains can afford to pay for the internet to go on Facebook to join pages all about scabbing free stuff but are too thick to prioritise using that money to feed their kids. Birth control must require too many brain cells to figure out, they obviously their heads are as empty as their wallets.

  • Whitey

    How is it that every time one of these stories about poor people who can’t afford food comes along, we’re treated to a photo of someone who clearly never misses their routine pilgrimage to KFC?

  • Citizen

    Too sick to work….but popping out kids….

    • Mick Ie

      They are an asset in the Business of Beneficiaryism: More kids = More Benefit.

    • burns_well_eh

      And she ran into money problems because she loaded up the hire purchase for “all her newborn stuff”. For goodness’ sake, she has a 2-year old and a 1-year old – what’s wrong with using what they used?

      Our family is by no means badly off, but our two when they were born got given a whole lot of hand-me-downs from my sister (who had 5) and my wife’s two elder sisters (who had 4 each) so there was plenty to go around. We also passed it on to wife’s younger sister when she had her first – that’s what families do.

      Every kid in the extended family had the same first crib – a well-made wooden device with a drop-side and a good mattress. I asked both kids at 6 weeks if they felt hard done-by for not having the latest stuff from Pumpkin Patch – not a peep.

  • DavidW

    What staggers me is that the Herald can produce this bland report without comment, opinion, critical analysis or bias of any kind. It is almost unknown for the former “journal of Public Record” to these days not put a slant on its reporting or to use emotive language (vis a vis that “vile attack blogger Whaleoil”). uneffingbelievable really.
    I have to conclude that the article is designed to outrage both sides of the political spectrum simultaneously and to then produce comment that can be reported in breathless and suitable slanted tones.

    The right can be reported as being heartless and cruel for promoting personal responsibility and an end to intergenerational welfare dependancy while the left can be suitably “outraged” (watch for that word in particular) at the National Government’s heartless approach in not providing greater amounts of cash for the great unwashed to wallow in (“think of the children”, “child poverty” etc etc)

  • Wheninrome

    Back on time I heard that someone used to assist with mortgage money to assist the poor to buy their own home, you know the sort of thing, rent to buy. That really helped them, lost their home. Combined all their loans into one debt against their house, really wonderful, valued the houses at more than really worth, justify the debt when couldn’t pay the rent to buy payment forced sale, funny no money left over and surprise, surprise who might or might not have bought the house back.
    Brian Henry lawyer was taking cases back in time. and reported in the paper.
    My point being that sometimes some of the poor are made poorer with the “assistance” that is given.

    • Stephen Last

      people caught in the 1990’s ‘negitive gearing’ trap was another. unfortunatly even the smartest of us can be sucked in. whe all have the same human frailties. Here is a classic ‘the law of averages’ the kind of thing believed by gamblers and others not versant in the laws of statistics. this classic misbieliefe sucks in a lot of people. also, when it comes to money and economics everyone thinks that they are an expert, when they are not. btu the finance advisers ( the industry with the biggest number of con artists by the way) are only to eger to play on this. this is a sad fact, in a largly deregulated industry.

  • Woody

    I really feel that I should have gone on a bludging trip to Auckland to get my share and I should have taken my two staff members with me, after all, according to the weird mathematics used to calculate poverty, we are all living in poverty, so I really must be owed something by somebody or if I use the wonky beneficiary mindset, everything by everybody.

    Of course people are going to front up in droves for free stuff, there isn’t any story there it is and always has been a simple fact of life.

  • DavidW

    Interesting that one participant cites the possibility of “lots of Hospital and Doctor’s bills”. Unless they frequent the local private hospital, it would be a surprise if a public hospital charged for its services.

  • R&BAvenger

    Poor people make poor choices, keeping themselves ‘poor’. Exacerbated by minimal effort to improve their circumstances by finding work/extra income or making use of contraception.
    Always taking the easy way out, is a recipe for a continuing problem – that of welfare dependency. Unfortunately the welfare agencies who do help those in genuine need through no fault of their own, actually contribute to the welfare dependency problem by encouraging the bludgers.
    The mentality- – no need to budget, save, put off spending, take/use cheaper alternatives etc. etc. when you can pick up ‘free’ stuff.
    Underlying this is a combination of no shame/self respect and no responsibility.

    • Stephen Last

      and people who have a political agenda and don’t know what the are on about tend to generalise and paint all with the same tarred brush.

  • Jas

    For every genuine case of need (and there will be some) there is probably a case where someone sees it as an opportunity to get some free food so as to divert funds to other activities.
    I wonder what the results would be if the people obtaining the parcels were tested to see if consumed alcohol or drugs in the last few weeks.

  • Hard1

    There is one thing about New Zealand that stands out. We have world class “poor” people that own cell phones, drive cars, indeed have every convenience that the billions of poor in most countries will never have.
    I am proud to live in a country that has yet to parade a genuine poor person this millennium.

  • sarahmw

    Why would you drive from Hamilton to Auckland for free food? Oh wait…..because it’s free. I agree there will be people who are genuinely in need and I hope they do not miss out because of the freeloaders. I thought it was food for christmas day so should be a box of say Chicken, veg, dessert and some snacks and treats, so driving from Hamilton is bizzare to say the least. Lets see who turns up for the christmas day dinner.

    • Aucky

      Probably the same family whose mother bailed me up last year at the lights on the corner of Hobson St & Cook St just down from the City Mission. She had pulled the frozen chook straight out of the Mission Xmas food parcel and offered it to me for $5 because she needed some cigarette money.

      We don’t give money to the Mission any more which is a real shame because we had a family association over many years. I know several other families who have terminated donations, bequests and volunteer work because the Mission has become way too politicised. The same applies to the Sallies and the CAB.

    • steve and monique

      And you would also have been given the petrol vouchers probably courtesy of the tax payer, if that’s the case, WINZ need to do a lot more work and have more stringent checks in place to find out where this money was going, i’m sure if they knew it was to fund a trip to Auckland for a free handout they would not be so obliging. That is of course assuming that WINZ handed out the money but maybe it was some other poor sap. Imagine all the food she could have bought with the money (in reality it would have been more likely $60 + for petrol) the rest of us aren’t that gullible. Why are they called WORK and income anyway? I propose a change of name to WORKERS income. All those in favour……..

  • Eiselmann

    Hey all you bludgers out there want to swap with a seven year old who spent Christmas day on his own because his father had to work that day just to make ends met, especially after his mother died 6 weeks earlier and lost her income as well. You wouldn’t get any money form the state and no help from the community, presents didn’t happen and the Christmas meal was eggs on toast…oh sorry I forgot you all have it so tough , my heart bleeds for you.. b o o h o o

    • Wahbonnah

      Hang in there brutha.
      Good to see some people still have the same moral fibre not to take the easy option and ask for a handout.
      It makes me proud as a New Zealander that we still have people instilling in their kids the moral standards they live by.
      Merry Xmas Eiselmann :-)

  • MrsRight Winger

    I wish some of the posters here would head over to this post because the bleeding hearts are totally convinced that this country is being turned into Povertyville by the National government.

    • Mark

      Yes, it’s as though prior to 2008, there wasn’t any “poverty”…

  • Salacious Crumb

    “Vanisa Samuel, 34, from Papatoetoe, saw it on a Facebook site..”

    Presumably this was accessed via the local library……

    • Rusty B

      Probably the new iPhone 6…..

  • Reaper

    It’s not just NZ. I see the UK is having the same problems.

  • Jonathan P

    I wanted to hold back and not say it but the hell with it…

    This is pretty rich coming from you Cam.
    Giving people who get themselves in the … a hard time for asking for handouts.
    Didn’t you just put your hand out for a fairly substantial amount.
    You got yourself into trouble and wanted money from other people to bail you out.
    I’ll probably get railed for this but its a bit rich you coming off all high and mighty about these people when they are only doing what you have done yourself.

    If I’ve gotten it wrong I’ll happy to be shown where I got it wrong and how it’s different but it looks the bloody same to me, someone wanting something from other people for their own mess

    • R&BAvenger

      You are drawing a very, very, long bow in this comparison.
      The people that you are comparing Cam with, are the authors of their own misfortune and in addition are taking advantage of free stuff, coming from a huge distance away to take advantage of genuine charity efforts.
      On the other hand, readers here chose of their own free will to support Cam to clear his legal obligation. You might paint it in the same light, but the background and circumstances are completely different.

    • Sally

      There is no comparison. Cam’s misfortune was caused by a group of people who by an illegal act and then by compliant media started to expose his, his friends and family’s personal details to the world. He the had to use legal means to stop that and that came as a price.
      The people in this article have made some personal decisions which have lead to where they are today.

    • cmm

      While I see your point, there are huge differences. Freedom to choose, with all the information provided, is what makes the difference.

      People giving to Cam know exactly who he is and who the money is going to. They have all the information to make a free choice as they see fit.

      The food bank is different. When people give to foodbanks, they do not have the full information. They’re sold the story line of helping out people in dire need, but in fact a healthy percentage are just freeloaders.

      People that freeload off the taxpayer are also different to Cam’s case. You have no freedom to choose whether you pay tax. You’re forced into it whether or not you agree with how it is used. You cannot say: “Ok, I’m sick of these bludgers. I want my tax to only go to building roads and education and helping people in dire need.”

  • kiwirog

    The issue here is that the msm continues to report such story without an economic overlay, namely that when you price a good at zero demand will continue to rise, especially in these days of social networks where info is distributed so quickly.

    But we need to have some compassion, even to those who are less fortunate through a lack of intelligence, judgement or fortitude (in large part of function of genetics and parenting). Some of the people using this service will be “bludgers” but I suspect a good many will be really on struggle street and I don’t think it is good form to go through the article person-by-person and have a dig at each one.

    • cmm

      I doubt anyone has a real concern about people in dire need getting a bit of handout, particularly if that is temporary. That is just part of being a caring society.

      What is more of a problem are the people that shamelessly take stuff that was intended for people in need, and how that has become normalised.

      Somehow it is now Ok to spend time organising charity rorting on facebook.

      Somehow so society’s concept of “poverty” has been so distorted that the people are not called out for this type of activity and we’re supposed to feel sorry for these people and guilty as a society.

      People that give to food banks have a mental image of a person sitting down to share a can of baked beans between a family of four. Would it not be good to bring that family some cheer? They do not envisage someone with the resources to drive from Hamilton to Auckland, or who lives in a $400/week rental freeloading.

      Screw that! If City Mission etc cannot find a responsible way to distribute the donations people make to them, then I for one am finished with making donations. I do enough through tax already.

      The reason MSM have certain privileges (press freedom, source protection,…) is because they are supposed to be watchdogs for society. When they fail to report things properly they are no longer worthy of those special privileges.

      • kiwirog

        Well put, i guess my inner economist would say that the only “cost” in taking such free goods is the shame of being on charity and the guilt of perhaps taking resources meant for more worthy subjects. You are saying that in modern society the normalisation of charity (and perhaps an entitlement culture that rises through each generation) means for an ever increasing number of people these costs are now effectively zero.

        But the journalist in me (I have a varied career!) still says Cam’s personal attack style, as in this article, is sometimes a little blunt and overdone.

        • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

          “the shame of being on charity”
          Yes, it does exist, but the welfare state has managed to completely breed out this genetic trait from many, many

    • Stephen Last

      thats more or less what I was going to say.. the city mission is and the xmass dinner is for the genuine homeless destitute and truly needy. of later years the whole city mission Xmas dinner has turned into a free for all circus. I have herd of cases in previous years where bus loads of people have come in for free grub. this is in part due to the big mouthed media reports incourage people to come down and have a free feed. So when the author of this artical says ‘bludgers will be bludgers’ I asume you are talking about those looking for a free feed who don’t need it.

  • munzrat

    from Hamilton Aye , $20 petrol the least of it really . Guessing at least one stop for road tucker one way down and naturally the country now littered with fast food dumps so it would be a no brainer that there would be a stop on the way home also . I wont even got into the obvious (easy 100+kg starving needy guy in photo ). Pitiful .

  • Nugog

    “I can’t afford the payments after buying all my newborn stuff”

    Dear me. Really? What happened to the newborn stuff from your one year old? What about buying it bit by bit when you were pregnant for nine months?

    Hell – why get pregnant again if you cannot afford it? Honestly – it’s not that hard not to get pregnant.

  • Aucky

    There’s a certain irony with the Herald featuring the opening of Prada on the previous page to the Mission feature with Sally Ridge posing outside the ritzy opening bash. Talk about from the sublime to the ridiculous. Troughers of another kind?

  • LesleyNZ

    When will those promoting these freebees realise that a hand up NOT hand out is the only way to sort out the bludgers from the real ones needing help. My favourite story is “The Little Red Hen”. Every kid at the City Mission should be given a copy for their Christmas present.

  • coltheman

    Just what is that you people want? surely you don”t expect these poor people to get out of bed before noon and apply for a job or something? In actual fact why should they, when we continue to hand them everything they need on a silver plate.

  • steve and monique

    “If i have hospital and doctors bills” Excuse me, does that mean you are also a non-resident to boot? We generally don’t charge for hospital visits unless it is the dental department, audiology, physiotherapy equipment or the obesity clinic for optifast products. Health reasons obviously don’t affect putting your body through a massive change by bearing and delivering a child. Our over generous welfare system is to blame for this, the more you give some, the more they expect. No way should we be paying people to have children they can’t afford, we are paying twice by also donating to places like City Mission who I have no problem with helping genuine cases – pehaps an elderly person who is really struggling and has contributed to our tax system for decades who should get something back, not for bludgers who have done nothing but bleedi it dry for years and if people don’t stand up to this now, then this will continue a downward spiral out of control. These people are parasites who need to be pushed into becoming self sufficient. Stupid is as stupid does

  • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

    Saw this in yesterday’s H (no, I do NOT buy it, a workmate is Sudoku’d)
    Article was biased, of course, but at least did have some quotes from the poor pimpees, plus some good pics.
    NOT ONE of them looked like they had gone without food for a couple of days a week as they were saying – some looked more like they were ten-meal-a-day types.
    And on Cambell tonight one lot were piling up the packages in the rear of their very late-model WINZ-car, and the bad-teeth guy reminded me of pictures of meth-addicts.

  • Andy Brown

    This service in general is meant for people who otherwise wouldn’t eat. On the other hand if these people make good donations for Christmas then it might be beneficial.