This comment is not satire but it should be


John Minto

Below is a comment from John Minto, which would be satire at its finest, if it wasn’t for the fact that he actually means every word.

From the outset Mana realised there were big risks in the arrangement because of the massive wealth and polarising character of Kim Dotcom but it was a risk we were prepared to take. I’m proud of the fact we risked our parliamentary representation for something much bigger – challenging corporate wealth and power which is expressed politically through the Labour and National Parties.
-The DB



Kim Dotcom’s massive wealth was a risk John Minto was willing to take. -photo

Forgive me for my contempt, but isn’t using Kims ‘ massive wealth ‘ to challenge ‘ corporate wealth’ like, screwing for virginity?


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  • WordWeasel

    Sadly, like many, he simply doesn’t see hypocrisy in himself – only others

  • Whitey

    I’ll say this for Minty: when he’s on form he is can be highly entertaining.

  • notrotsky

    Minto is, was and always will be batshit cray cray.

  • conwaycaptain

    Out of the mouths of Minto and Harre come gems.
    What is his take on Martin Place and Rawalpindi???

    • taurangaruru

      I imagine Minto believes it is a Satan USA conspiracy & it never actually happened, filmed somewhere in the Nevada desert & broadcast by complicit media organisations backed by Jewish Hollywood producers… or something of similar ilk.

    • Isherman

      No Israeli’s involved so he probably wont have much to say on it at all. even though you might think as a teacher he would express some sympathy or solodarity with the students and their families..don’t hold your breath.

      • OneTrack

        No young female tennis players involved either.

    • Kopua Cowboy

      The same response he has given regarding Egypt going even further than Israel to sort out Hamas… deafening silence.

  • taurangaruru

    “risked our parliamentary representation” – more likely risked NZ’s economic viability, imagine if these numpties had pulled it off & the likes of Minto, Norman, Turei, Harawira et al were at the helm now.

  • roxo

    It’s up there with the KKK now accepting Jews and African Americans.

  • edee

    Thank God he didn’t and …. please God let us hope this man and his cohorts never get anywhere near parliament. It scares the heck out of me just thinking of what might have been.

  • Quinton Hogg

    While JM is a member of the wealthy 1 percent, it doesn’t surprise me that he tries to maintain his credentials with rubbish such as this.

  • Jas

    The thing I find the funniest is that if KDC wasn’t being extraditated to the USA he wouldn’t give the left wing the time of day

  • Dairy_Flat

    Earlier this year the screaming skull was spotted by self at the Neil Young concert. Down in the mosh pit? Nah – gold reserve seating for this hypocritical bottom feeder.

    • kloyd0306

      Birds of a feather…….

      Neil Young is similarly challenged when it comes to political commentary.

      • Dairy_Flat

        True. Great musician though.

  • john Doe

    The comment is an oxymoron. To be fair John Minto is an oxymoron.

    • Dairy_Flat

      Oxy thief too.

    • SkeptiK

      And a moron who is a waste of oxygen.

    • Christie

      Well, a moron anyway…..

    • The Accountant

      A thick bull?

  • Hedgehog

    I feel sad for the guy. To have so much hate inside one’s self can’t be healthy.

    • Dog Breath

      Hence why he looks like a victim of a Nazi death camp.

      • wooted

        From his expression it’s clear he’s been sucking lemons again.

  • Kevin

    So corporate wealth is bad but wealth gained through theft isn’t …

    • phronesis

      When you put it like that it actually makes sense. The left aren’t interested in making money, they plan to take yours.

  • dgrogan

    “I’m proud of the fact we risked our parliamentary representation for something much bigger”.

    I wonder what Minto’s definition of “OUR” is in this quotation. Somehow, I don’t think it had anything to do with IMP party supporters’ interests [not that there were very many of them, fortunately]. I imagine the party’s actual raison d’être had little to do with anyone’s representation, other than to secure the part hierarchies’ own interests.

    Edit: clarity

  • Benoni

    I don’t believe what Minto is saying. Before the election the loony left believed that sucking up to Dotcom was a teensy bit unethical (thats why Bradford left) but that it was a brilliant masterstroke of real politik which would easily lead to power for the way out left. The left have always believed that they alone represent the hearts and the minds of ordinary NZers but lack of funds has stopped them winning elections. What an absolute fail. The reason they failed to understand ordinary NZers is they despise and hate their middle class aspirations.

  • CheesyEarWax

    Minto is a nobody, thats why he relied on Hone and Dotcon to get him into parliament. It astounded me he used to have regular Marxist columns on Stuff and the Horrid when its obvious no one cares about his opinions.

  • zotaccore

    Whenever I see that ugly mug I think of the ogres in the Lord of the Rings movies – scary at first, but easy to laugh at later on. He’s a strange fellow that one and will continue to supply me with fits of laughter when hearing his utterances or reading often really weird political commentary.

  • benniedawg

    The man is a complete fool looking for a village that has just lost their idiot. If he is still a practicing teacher god help the young minds he is perverting.

  • Eddie

    This guy taught in some of our secondary schools!