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For today, I am designating the number 27 as the number of shame.

27 being the number of members of our House of Representatives voted against the recent anti terrorism bill, and thus sought to play politics with a bill to address one of the most fundamental responsibilities of any government, that being the security of that country’s citizens.

No piece of legislation will ever be a magic bullet against the tragedy we have seen unfold in Sydney, but in my opinion, those 27 members have failed to act in the best interests of all people in this country, and I hope this causes long reflections on the conscience of those 27.


The above party leaders, three Maori and an Australian, voted against New Zealand’s Anti Terrorism Bill.


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  • Great comment – now call me cynical but…

    These clowns will be the first to find a TV camera and their sycophantic buddies in the media to build a soap box to wring hands of angst and proclaim – after the fact – “Why didn’t the police do something?” and “Why did no one in our respective authorities know this was about to happen?” Whilst out the other side of their mouth’s play to the shrill Leftie’s about there being no reason for additional security measures by the SIS and GCSB.

    Regardless – tragic events of yesterday only highlights just how out of touch with reality those cocooned belt-way tragic’s actually are… and us tax payers are paying for it.

  • Pluto

    Well said Isherman.
    Winston bangs on about not trusting the Government.
    I for one trust the Govt way more than the 40 odd potential nutters running around in this country, or than him for that matter.

    • Justsayn

      Is the question whether I would trust those running the GCSB over Winston… hard question… let me see… historical precedents… I know, ask the man himself…

      Winston, should I trust you?

  • jaundiced

    There is some rather bizarre semantic arguments happening in the comments section of the media pages, aimed at downplaying this event.
    It is to the effect that ‘this man wasn’t a terrorist, he was just mentally deranged’. Well excuse me, I struggle to tell the difference. In the name of religion, those we call terrorists behead, murder, take sex slaves etc. If that isn’t mentally deranged, what is?

    • phronesis

      Those people are treading a very dangerous path. Suggesting those you disagree with are mentally ill was how the Soviets maintained their power. Next thing you know we will be locking up (without trial) all those who are against muslim immigration for being “mentally ill” i.e. not thinking as they are told too.

  • 40something

    From all these apologists I want an answer. How much terror has to be created to label someone a terrorist? Is 17 excruciating hours at the hands of a madman enough?

  • Ilovelife

    I’ve just seen someone praising Russel Norman’s stance and saying that John Key is way more dangerous than the Sydney hostage taker. What planet are some people on?

    • Edward Bufe

      Russell would say that wouldn’t he. Thats all he can say, he was probably upset the terrorists was shot.

  • Cadwallader

    Andrea Vance was ranting about Key (negatively, what else?) on Stuff today.

    • Edward Bufe

      She definitely is not cute in any way or form.

  • 1951

    None so blind who will not see – look above.

  • Fat Sally

    So if they weren’t Maori or Australian they would have voted for it?

    Pleased we cleared that up.

  • NotGandalf

    One of them is quite cute really.

    • Edward Bufe

      I wouldn’t go that far to say any of them are cute. I don’t think rats are cute but comparing them to that lot i guess rats are kinda cute.

  • timemagazine

    I would make it 28. The MSM.

  • conwaycaptain

    And one is an ex soldier

  • johnbronkhorst

    If we were to treat these 27 with contempt that they deserve….we would be giving the attention and credit that they so clearly do not deserve.

  • Mine it,Drill it,Sell it.

    three Maori and an Australian, voted against New Zealand’s Anti Terrorism Bill.

    That only confirms what we already know,Maori make up for the largest part of the prison population and Australia was founded with convicts.

  • Ilovelife

    And now some moron on Russel Norman’s page….don’t blame me it showed up on my FB page…says that it is an amazing coincidence that this happened just when Australia was tightening it’s terror laws and actually inferred that the Australian Govt had engineered the whole incident. I’m speechless!

    • Honcho

      From the instant the story broke the usual nutcases (hiding behind fake facebook accounts, etc) started labelling this a ‘false flag’, and part of a wider American agenda, trolling anyone who didn’t drink the kool aid and labelling the rational as sheep

      • Damon Mudgway


  • Curly1952

    I may be wrong but I don’t think anyone of them has made a public comment on the Sydney terror issue. I would suggest they are too embarrassed because they know they made a huge error

  • Angus Robertson

    To be fair to Winston he tried to make the law a bit broader, not against it per see.

  • zotaccore

    The toxic greens are cowards and that’s why they voted against the bill and it’s also why they won’t move to correct their vote on the bill. Let’s put Norman and Turei out on the front line in a cafe and see how they react – utter yellow-bellied cowards and they deserve not to be represenatives of the people.

  • maninblack

    Whats the “three Maori and an Australian” got to do with it?