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Pete (not ours, the other) had a pearler this morning

As I was eating crayfish last night I was wondering who is feeding all those 10,000s of starving kids we keep hearing about who are living in poverty over this xmas New years break while the schools are closed?

I haven’t read any reports of them turning up in droves at A&E suffering from malnutrition …or are they only starving when politicians are not on holiday???


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  • Ginny

    Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to the City Mission we go!

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      “Little” Santa will be there waiting to take you into his arms…..

    • OneTrack

      Hang on, they just need to look up the address on the iPhone 6 Plus.

  • George

    Andrew Little has got it sorted. First serving at the New Plymouth mission and now feeding the multitude. Is there anything this man can’t do? “A star on the rise” according to Andrea Vance.

    • Rick H

      I hear he’s been given 5 loaves of bread and a couple of Snappers to feed everybody with.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      I am waiting to hear Angry Andy’s Christmas miracles from Moonman Armstrong, Fran O’Sullivan and aunty Audrey…according to unconfirmed sources, Handy Andy walked on water and plucked out bread from thin air….

      • OneTrack

        Armstrong has already confirmed that Little is a “game-changer”.

    • Soleman

      Andrea’s being complimentary as she is probably looking for a new cycling companion now that Trevor has been put on a leash

  • Sailor Sam

    They all drove up to Auckland to the City Mission.

  • Timboh

    The Harawhira’s put on a hangi for the hungry.

  • munzrat

    Angry Andy , all those years as a table slammer … his closet choka full of revelations and unusual friendships . The interest is going to be who spills the juicy fillips first ….

  • dgrogan

    Oh no, not crayfish again.

    • Nige.

      Don’t joke. A workmate of mine says his wife (who lived in the Marlborough sounds when growing up) used to have crayfish sandwiches for school lunch EVERY DAY. She would have it worked out for days in advance whom she would be swapping lunch with as she was so sick of it.

      (Come to think of it, I think she had to walk to school in bare feet over the top of Arapawa island each day because that’s where the family farm was. I could be mistaken though. Makes a great story.)

      • murrayirwin

        We lived across the Sound from Arapawa. My mother would ask me to catch dinner – I was maybe 8 or 9 – and 10 minutes later I’d be back with plenty of blue cod. We thought we were hard done by… But I don’t remember there being a school on the island though…

    • Pete

      Yep, and a nice salad….with beer.! :)

  • exactchange

    That is one very sad photo.

  • Chris Chitens

    Have just been at Castlepoint- feed of paua without getting hair wet. Couple of crays (hair wet) and Kahawai hot smoked. Amazing dinner. Happy new year everyone! Cop out there keeping an eye on helmets on quads but seems to ignore everyone but teenagers.

    • pisces8284 .

      Great place, son spearfishes butterfish beneath the lighthouse

      • Chris Chitens

        Hi Pisces!
        I have never tried butterfish but I heard it is theee best there is. Sharing is caring. 0278282440- for your son.

        • pisces8284 .

          He would if he was here! He lives in Turkey and isn’t home this Christmas, but he heads out there every opportunity when he is

  • Chiefsfan73

    Great comment

  • cows4me

    They only starve when parliament resumes, it’s a seasonal thing.

  • waldopepper

    yes, like everyone else im getting fed up with the made up or manipulated figures i keep hearing that are used to back up the agendas of politicians and lobby groups. the other one i loved was when i heard that auckland was the 6th most smoggy and polluted city in the world. this was when they were pushing the whole kyoto thing. ive lived all over the world and to claim that was simply a joke. london was way better than auckland at number 26 on that list, and i can tell you there were days there when you literally couldnt breath from the diesel fumes from the taxis and busses. in another instance, i also recall my father, who is built like a jockeys whip and has a runners physique, was told by his doctor he was obese lol. apparently its based on loose skin ratio to body mass, versus what any sensible person knows obesity to be. and because hes old he had saggy skin, hence he was obese. im now essentially distrusting of any figures that are quoted.