Connect the dots

An Auckland businessman who had $40 million of assets seized this year has told the High Court he gave away a Rolls Royce.

Yan, who has also gone by the name Bill Liu, yesterday applied to get living expenses out of assets that were restrained by the police in August because of his alleged involvement in money laundering.

As part of the police’s opposition to this application, lawyer Mark Harborow questioned Yan in the High Court at Auckland today about his business dealings and assets.

Harborow questioned the businessman about a 2012 Rolls Royce, which was held in a company for Yan’s family trust.

Asked if he gave the luxury vehicle away, Yan said – through an interpreter – that he had.

“You’re not owed any money or other benefit for the car?” Harborow asked.

“Absolutely not,” Yan replied through his interpreter.

“What I want to suggest to you Mr Yan [is] it was unlikely for you to simply give this away and must have received something or alternatively be owed something in the future for the vehicle,” the police lawyer then said.

“It sounds logical hearing what you just said but it is not true. So this person has the intention to have a good relationship with me, so he can have his company to go to sharemarket in Hong Kong. This is like the Chinese culture between the businessman,” Yan said.

Yan said he gave away the car to a man called “Tony”, whose last name he had difficulty pronouncing. Yan said the man knew internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom.

Mr Yan / Mr Liu is not the sort of person you want to get on the wrong side of.

But there is a fascinating parallel here with him and Kim Dotcom, in the sense that assets are frozen.  In the sense they tried to get some of it to live off.  And in the sense one was trying to sell a Roller, the other gave one away.

And then they are linked through MEGA.

I wonder if Mr Yan/Mr Liu actually told the truth about the Roller?

Or has he copied his mate Kim Dotcom and misled a court…perhaps even perjured himself?

I’m not going to speculate.  But it will be interesting to see this all unfold.


– Hamish Fletcher, NZ Herald


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  • This guy has more names than Martyn/Martin

  • Billythekid

    Muslims, chinese, Germans ???? The old coloniser doesn’t seem so bad after all eh ?

  • Sally

    Hong Kong is also on the radar for both.

  • Justsayn

    So Mr Liu, was this “Tony” overweight? American / Italian accent?

    The “it is just the way we do business” excuse wears thin with me. When you come to do business in NZ you do it by our rules. When I go to do business in China I do it by China’s rules. This is not an explanation from Liu, it is an excuse. But because it is an excuse based on (asserted) cultural practice it might be given unjustified weight.

    Mr Liu might be soon to get a wake up call in the form of an extradition treaty. He might then find out that corruption (the giving of favours in return for favourable treatment – say a Rolls in expectation of a “good relationship”) is not an acceptable practice in China either.

    • Jimbob

      Wears thin? Jealous much? He gives cars away and this isn’t the first time. He can afford to do this and the other car gifts have not been quid pro quo either. Thought this was still a free country, maybe you also have issues with who John Key texts as you seem to dislike free will?

  • conwaycaptain

    I see Little Andy was on RNZ about this Treaty. He said when he was President of Labour they were offered donations from wealthy Chinese and turned them down as he knew there was a Quid Pro Quo

    • Justsayn

      As opposed to unions who are willing to donate their members’ money without any expectation of a favour being returned. Little by name…

    • Sagacious Blonde

      Yeah, right!! Show us the audit trail.

  • Catriona

    I smell a rat!

  • Pete

    Are crypto currencies involved I wonder ?

  • Bill Liu or Kim Dotcom; who is the dodgier?

  • Huia

    What it does show is that these international crooks think NZ is a soft touch which is why they are coming here. We really need to make examples of this joker and the dot criminal.

  • unitedtribes

    This is like the Chinese culture between the businessman,”

    I have had a lot of experience doing business with Chinese and this never included them giving anything away. In fact quite the opposite. If someone left an opportunity open they would take it and think it was their right since you were silly enough to leave it open. The Roller deal will be closed.

  • Jp

    Nice advertising
    Is the Rolls one of the prizes?

  • Bart67

    It would not be a surprise to me to discover that the Rolls Royce in each of these cases is in fact the same vehicle!

  • LesleyNZ

    How many Chinese businessmen of the ilk of Mr Yan-Lui generously give away for free, a Rolls Royce!