Council arrogance under Len Brown

You can’t really expect civil servants to respect ratepayers when the Mayor doesn’t.

David Seymour relates a discussion he recently held with an arrogant Auckland Transport official.

“Get a life” -Auckland Council to Mt Eden residents.

I had the most extraordinary conversation with a senior Auckland Transport staffer on Sunday afternoon. He introduced himself as a key part of the City Rail Link team and asked if I supported it (I’m very leery of it). I said:

“Well I think it’s fair to say that while everybody would love to have a train service like London or Tokyo, my constituents in Mt Eden, for example, don’t want to live in the kind of density required to support it.”

To which he replied:    

“Those people need to get a life.”

Slightly taken aback, I asked him if that is really the attitude of Auckland Council to the people of Auckland, and should I tell them that? He said yes. So here I am telling you.

The thing is, I am an elected representative. I’ve promised to speak up for my constituents. Civil servants are supposed to be just that. Granted, I’m not elected to Auckland Council, but is this what Auckland Councilors and Local Board members get from their civil servants when they express citizens’ concerns, told that their constituents should get a life?

Perhaps this is the kind of arrogance that underlies rates blow outs, fireplace bans, restricted access to mountains, and so it goes on. In any case it’s an unacceptable attitude from a Council to ratepayers.

David Seymour should name this individual…then we can start asking questions of him.


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  • Rod

    Of course he should name the individual, and he shouldn’t be waiting for someone else to suggest it.

    • Brian Badonde

      I think David Seymour is being quite clever – he deliberately not releasing his name. It highlights the council arrogance which is the whole point. He will release it once it gets more coverage.

  • maninblack

    its just the lefty, “do as i say, I know best” attitude.

    Even the lefty bloggers think that anyone who doesnt agree with them is “anti intellectual”, and “midle Nu Zuland” etc.

  • LesleyNZ

    Yes – name this AKLD Transport employee. This is also the arrogant attitude espoused by the “Transport Blog” and “Generation Zero”. When you read the above no wonder they become so nasty when you disagree with them. I can think of a few councillors who also have this arrogant attitude towards those who disagree with intensive housing and their CRL pet project.

    • Quinton Hogg

      The comments on Mr Seymours blog reflect that I know best attitude as well.
      As to Auckland Transport they waste money at the drop of a hat.

  • OT Richter

    I can think of more than a few people I’ve dealt with at Council who would deliver that sort of reply when challenged. Trouble is that they take these projects so personally that any discussion or questioning results in a defensive response.

    • Monito

      It my experience it is a prerequisite of being a council employee. Attack attack Attack – they would be much better to listen, council and resolve.

  • EveryWhichWayButLeft

    If David Seymour carries on like this on behalf of his constituents for the next three years… he might just get himself re-elected.

    All he needs is the support of a decent party around him – wake up ACT!

  • Damon Mudgway

    Just more confirmation of a self important attitude displayed by beurocrats.
    “We will spend YOUR money however we like. We don’t care in the slightest what you think”.

  • Angus Robertson

    Any move away from the densify and centralise policy in Auckland, towards a multi-centric spread exerts a downward pressure on the house prices of inner surburbia. The question becomes how much is the preferred low density of David Seymour’s electorate worth to the landowners. I mean if to be less densely packed will make them $200,000 or so poorer, are they really going to be happy?

    • Albert Root

      According to the Census, Epsom is already the most densely packed electorate in NZ.

  • Guest

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  • Never in the dark…..

    Why is that whenever I open a thread that mentions LB, I get this ad?

    EDIT: I had to repost, as the image was corrupted…..a mere coincidence I can assure you.

    • burns_well_eh

      I’m nit sure if you’re going to like the answer, but your browsing and search history has a big influence on what adverts are displayed in your session. If you search for sunglasses for example, the next time you come to Whaleoil the odds are you’ll see adverts for sunglasses.

      So if you’re seeing adverts for ladies that are single, 40+ AND WILLING, then….

      Out of interest, this is the ad that I get

      • Never in the dark…..

        I omitted the bit about it only occurring on my phone. I use the Firefox browser, which has it’s history and cookies deleted at the end of each day. Whaleoil is typically the first thing that gets opened after my eyes in the morning. All the other threads give me ‘House of Travel, ‘Archibald and Shorter – Jaguar’, but anything with LB gives me results of the ilk shown above…..curiously the same with Josh Forman articles too.

      • Excitedly awaiting Whodunnit

        Funny how I get the singles ad too but rarely use my browsing for anything other than 4wd or hot rod sites. Gun porn and big V8s are my poison of choice. Ah well i guess google knows best soid better click on them.

  • Whitey

    A disgusting comment from the Council employee in question, but sadly not a surprise. Our council has exactly the same attitude.

  • Mav E Rick

    Get a life eh! Shows how arrogant civil servants can get. I think they need to remember who they are servants to. People who wear cardigans to work with grey zip up shoes, who take their lunch of cucumber sandwiches to work in a brown paper bag and rush home at night to watch Campbell Live at 7.00 pm on free to air TV are the ones who need to get a life. Bureaucracy is the biggest hindrance to the progress and development of a city. Amongst our friends in Mt Eden there will be many who have contributed hugely by way of financial support to the city and those who have had a practical involvement in making this city the great city it is. Great thanks to them from a paid employee of a Auckland Transport who to date appears that they couldn’t even organise a decent booze up in a brewery let alone provide a working, functioning transport system that meets the needs of the city. The post by David Seymour just confirms again why I have a deep seated resentment for so many civil servants.

  • Tanmedia

    Sure. Auckland doesn’t need a subway anyway. It’s a lifestyle city, not Tokyo or London. The council worker is parroting the ideals of his or her boss.

  • Nige.

    Get a life. Like a Councillors life? One where your snouts so deep in the trough that it blocks your ears?

    If that’s the case and there is a ‘culture’ of “get a life” within the council then that council needs clearing out.

    Saying “get a life” is a bit like “let them eat cake”.

  • Isherman

    A representative on the public tit says ‘Get a life” to constituents?, Ok, I say ‘Get a Name’, we’ll take it up with him(?) from there.

  • Mine it,Drill it,Sell it.

    Maybe Mr Seymour has one hour free to talk with me as I live in Epsom and I will tell him and show him documents that proves Auckland Transport is corrupt from the very top down.

    • Dumrse

      We keep hearing this but we don’t get to see supporting evidence. Makes it all a bit ho hum really.