A tale of two Phils

Right, quick summary of what’s happening out there

AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd has been taken to Tauranga Police Station in a police car.

A witness reported he was put into a police car this morning after an incident in Gate Pa, SunLive.co.nz reported.

Rudd was spoken to by police officers on Cameron Rd, near the central city, before being placed in handcuffs and put into the back of a police car.


Tauranga police are refusing to say whether or not Rudd has been arrested or if Rudd is in their custody.

Senior Sergeant Owen O’Brien said police were investigating an incident, but provided no further information…

Rudd’s lawyer Paul Mabey said he was not aware of details of the incident. He said another lawyer was at the police station looking into the matter. No charges had been laid, he said.

Rudd is facing charges of threatening to kill, possession of methamphetamine and possession of cannabis.

All very murky that one.   Next, going from murky to plain ridiculous

Convicted murderer and paedophile Phillip Smith has met with his lawyer for the first time since he arrived in New Zealand on Saturday.

Tony Ellis says Smith has been on a hunger strike for three days because his dignity has been taken away.

He’s had his glasses and hair piece confiscated, and he’s not allowed a toilet.

Losing his dignity? He already lost that when he decided to wear a syrup.

I would love to know the other side of the story.  Corrections staff aren’t that dense that they are going to mistreat a high profile prisoner in that fashion.

Anyway, is he saying the conditions in Brazil left his dignity intact?  Perhaps we need to give him back his toupée and his glass, but turn the rest of the cell conditions into something closer to what he experienced there.

He’s playing the NZ Corrections Department for soft fools – after all, it worked before.

Somehow, I think they’re especially motivated not to let him embarrass them again.


– Stuff, NZ Herald


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  • conwaycaptain

    What about the 3rd Phil (goff) and the 4th Phil (Twyford)

    • Never in the dark…..

      You mean Goof who might want to be mayor?

  • Jafarma

    Cry baby of the week in my book.

  • ShoreRight

    Good news about the hunger strike – save some money for Corrections for one thing and second thing ……. well without stating the obvious we know what a hunger strike can lead to …Bobby Sands!

  • twr

    How much dignity does someone who abuses kids have?

  • I can say 2 thinks about mr Smith. 1. if hes starving himself that just means less taxpayers money will be needed to support him. 2. If hes not going to eat, he won’t need the can, we’ll hand him a bottle to piss in and its problem solved.

  • Blue Tim

    Let him starve. Save the taxpayer some $

  • Tony Norriss

    It wouldn’t have surprised me if you had a tale of three Phils given recent behaviour of one of our politicians in terms of confidentiality.

  • Dave

    Okay Phil, we have called your mates in Brazil, and you leave on the next plane for a space with the other 35 in the same cell you were in previously. The staff assure us they will leave you with your hair etc, but no guarantees can be given you will have it a minute after you are locked in. Feeding time is between 5.16 and 5.18 pm daily, and your allocated shower time is between 2.00 and 2.02 pm on the 15 of every even month. Their complaints manager is Helen Wait, so any issues should be referred to her.

  • JoJo

    I can’t help but think of…

    Call me any time
    Just ring 36 24 36 hey
    I lead a life of crime

    Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap

  • Vera Fayed

    if indeed P. Smith has embarked on a hunger strike, I would encourage all and sundry to support him in this endeavour. If he can follow it through to is logical conclusion, subsequently to motivate other murdering pedos to emulate him, then maybe he will have have made his miserable existence slightly worthwhile.

  • Wallace Westland

    One Phil needs a good hard punch in the kidneys, the other Phil needs to wind his neck in before things get completely out of hand.

  • Michael_l_c

    How can a pedophile have dignity? Oxymoronic?

  • Nige.

    Dignity. When did he learn THAT word? Certainly didn’t know it at the time he was offending .

    If Phil smith wasn’t a total laughing stock before he certainly is now.

  • shykiwibloke

    Time for corrections staff to get that BBQ out – fry some bacon outside a particular cell?

  • john Doe

    ” A tale of two Phls”
    I thought this article was going to be about Phil the Gooff. Thinking about it Phil the Gooff probably has at least 10 personas. The two Phils mentioned deserve what they get.