Why is crowd funding eco terrorism organisations OK?

Sea Shepherd ship Sam Simon leaves Wellington for Antarctic waters today with a crew braced for conflict.

The organisation is famous for violent clashes in Antarctic waters as it battled to stop Japanese whaling, but this time the target is the illegal fishing of the Patagonian and Antarctic toothfish.

The Sam Simon, with 30 crew including three New Zealanders, would meet with fellow Sea Shepherd boat Bob Barker, which was coming from Darwin, Australia, before heading south.

Initially they would track Japanese ships to make sure they were only doing “non-lethal” whaling research, he said.

They would then track six ships that had been blacklisted for poaching, believed to be illegally hunting toothfish.

Sam Simon captain Sid Chakravarty said the crew planned to follow Sea Shepherd’s “direct action” motto.

“We will be putting ships in their way and ensuring their ships are shut down,” Chakravarty said.

Crew member Timothy Evetts, of Wellington, now on his fourth Sea Shepherd mission, had no doubt he was risking his life.

On an anti-whaling trip two summers ago, he was on a Sea Shepherd ship that placed itself between a Japanese whaling ship and a refuelling ship.

In that incident the Sea Shepherd ship was rammed by a Japanese ship “eight times its size”, but added: “If there is something worth risking your life for, this is it.”

This is nothing short of eco and business terrorism.   These fishing companies are going about their legal business.  If they do overstep the mark, there are legal ways to solve these problems.  

To hold up these cowboys as some kind of folk heroes is disgusting.  All they do is endanger the lives of their crew and the safety of those on board other vessels.

If you did the very same thing using a truck on land, the police would come sort you out quick smart.

There is little difference between people sending money to fund the Islamic State, and people sending money to eco terrorist to fund their risky interference in going about their legal business.


In case you think I’m drawing a long bow, check this out.




In a civil society, we sit down and discuss the rule of law, implement it, and police it.   What  we don’t do is crowd fund a bunch of privateers to run an eco and economic terrorism company that risks lives and interferes in the legal business of others.




– Tim Hunt, The Dominion Post


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  • cows4me

    Yes it is strange, the government quite rightly wants to limit the travel for those willing to fight for ISIL claiming they don’t wish to export terrorists. I guess the problem here is that a vocal minority of the public want to export another type of terror, the Sea Shepherd and it’s crew, because they believe the cause is noble. I suspect if our Muslim population was greater their cause could be seen as noble. It’s a funny world.

    • Rick H

      Was I hearing things, or did I hear some silly woman on ZB a few days ago stating that it is “their aim” to have a “meat free” diet for all New Zealanders by the year 2040?
      If that is the case, what do we do with all the Beef Cattle in the country?
      Kill them?
      There is NO wild beef cattle.
      That action would certainly result in many species being extinct.

      • colinrippey

        All is not lost. There is still bacon , and bacon is not meat.

    • marcus

      There is Nothing Scary about Sea Shepherd. People really need to see real Terrorists in action before saying such Nonsense. Its funny. The US and Britain had Nelson Mandela listed as a “terrorist” up until a few years ago. Now they consider him a Hero. Funny that.

  • The Whinging Pom

    Imagine the whining if the fishing companies got together and disrupted the fundraising activities of these terrorists, or engaged in expensive litigation just to deplete their funds.

    • marcus

      Stop loosely using the word “terrorist” to describe people who are trying Save lives. Its such Nonsense. If they ever strap bombs to themselves and walk into a crowd of women and children then spew your nonsense.

      • The Whinging Pom

        Don’t know whose lives these people are trying to save!

        In fact they could be responsible for taking lives – by setting out to destroy the livelihoods of people engaging legitimately in business they could end up driving people into a situation where their businesses collapse with potentially disastrous results for them and their families.

        Also, by creating situations where they endanger those working legitimately, they will eventually engineer a situation where people going about their legitimate day to day business lose their lives.

        They’re using terror tactics to stop people doing lawful things.

        • marcus

          ok so its obvious you have no idea what they are doing. padagonian tooth fish and the fisheries are highly regulated. since the 1990s the catch has been up too 6x the Legal Take. obviously this extra Take is by Illegal vessels. i couldnt care less if Poaching bastards are stopped. in some countries poachers are shot dead. Sea Shepherd are out to Stop the Illegal fisheries. do you understand what Illegal Means?

          • The Whinging Pom

            I suppose we’re at peak Patagonian Toothfish, are we? Lol

          • marcus

            What? you are laughing because you dont understand the effects of Poaching? Or are you laughing because you are confused and dont understand anything ? You are either against Poaching or for Poaching. if you are “For” poaching then you are an idiot.

          • The Whinging Pom

            Like me you must have seen these people in the past behaving like pirates trying to stop Japanese ships just because they didn’t like what they were doing.

            What I’m laughing at is the way in which they’ve managed to suck in support from people like you by claiming to be on some sort of crusade to stop illegal fishing. A nice little sideshow for them when most people are beginning to see through the way they behave.

          • marcus

            In the last 12 years they have saved the lives of thousands of Whales. While everyone like yourself sat back and complained about their tactics they continued to block and disrupt the Japanese. They did this Because they knew there was No science to this Slaughter. And if there was No science then it was illegal. And this has now been proven in court. Sea Shepherd has always gone after illegal fishing operations. they have a ship based out of Galapagos protecting their marine reserve full time against poachers. this is Not a “side line” operation. They do so much against poaching around the world. as far as im aware their support has grown hugely in the past decade. They now have i think 5 ships and support is now massive from around the world.

        • marcus

          Stop say the ILLEGAL boats fishing illegally are legitimate. Because they are Not.

  • digby

    If the whale isn’t an endangered species, then why shouldn’t the Japanese be able to hunt and eat it sustainably? How would we feel if the Hindu population suddenly decided that we shouldn’t eat beef as the cow is sacred to them. Or the Jewish population decide that we cant eat pork. etc.

    • Matt Pearce

      Because those animals aren’t in the worlds commons. Imagine if the Japanese loved some iconic bird that lived just out of their territorial waters and we liked to sail up there and shoot them coz we like the taste. Its not so much about law as it is about courtesy

      • cmm

        A reasonable point, except that the whaling is not happening in anyone’s territorial waters.

        This is not about whales. It is just the thin edge of a diverse eco-wedge. If they “win” the whaling cause then they will move on to no more tuna fishing, no more animal farming,…

        Whales are just easy to start with because they can get more support from the general population and thus raise more money.

        • Matt Pearce

          Would you mind if they won and then moved onto tuna? The worlds oceans will either be over exploited or under exploited, if theyr’e under exploited then their will be more fish swimming into territorial waters to be fished by that country.

          At the moment theyre being over expoited and its because there are no property rights, so fishing companies are in a race for profits, This is called the tragedy of the commons and its a lose lose.

          Also thats what I meant, its not in any ones territorial waters.

  • ex-JAFA

    Do Japanese intelligence agencies know how to procure Swiss passports, a yacht, rubber duckies, scuba equipment and explosives for a trip down this way?

  • munzrat

    unbelievably off the mark (my opinion ) .Maybe as a seafarer I have a feel for the oceans frollickers , you and your “truck” comparison an all , or maybe some one has crossed your palm to balance the opinion .

  • john Doe

    The daily dramas will be beamed into our homes relentlessly on TV news for the next 2 months as these Heroes protect the antarctic from the invading Japanese. Reporters will be breathlessly telling us how these heroes are saving the world….and so it continues. There will always be a cause so idiots can donate, to keep this green conglomerate going.

    • marcus

      Owch. All the while John sits at home over Christmas thinking of ways to pleasure himself in front of his tv.

    • Coffee Connoisseur

      yes far simpler to simply sit back and allow countries/corporations to rape and pillage the planet all in the name of profit.

  • Simon

    I reckon there’s quite a difference between murdering/enslaving innocent infidels and trying to stop the Japanese catching whales. Or is it just me?

    • jaundiced

      Not just you mate. Comparing support for disrupting the Japanese whaling programme, with supporting ISIS, and showing us their black flag as proof, is just silly. Go Sea Shepherd!

  • STAG

    Having been on these vessels, they are nothing more them a cult for Paul Watson crewed by wealthy children who have misguided stars in their eyes and believe that if we all just hug and get along everything will be alright. I can never get off them fast enough.

    • marcus

      Ive been on these vessels also. But most of the crew were older than me at 43. But the older more experienced crew head home or are off ship when they are in port. Most the tours the public do are overseen by the younger ones I was told. I really liked the second mate I met on the bob barker. She works for NASA full time on Quantum physics. Very Very impressive lady

  • IainH

    Certainly NOT a supporter of Sea Shepherd and their attempts to stop illegal whaling. In fact not keen on their whole set up.
    BUT if they are going after some genuinely illegal fishers of toothfish I’m quite comfortable with that.
    Saves the NZ and Aussie taxpayers some money too.

  • conwaycaptain

    Just saw the “Master” of this vessel on TV.
    He tries to make out he is a modern day privateer and that they should have the RAN/RNZN down there to help them.

  • Nick

    Beware of the black and white flags.

  • Nick


  • Dexter

    Good for them. Its laughable to suggest there are legal means to stop the Japanese for all the breaches they have already committed. It’s already a moratorium down there for godsake and yet they are sailing half way around the world to come and kill whales because they have hunted them to extinction in their own waters.

  • kehua

    Geez Cam, stop dissing `cowboys`, these greenpeace nutters are `outlaws`, us real cowboys (and proud of it ) have enough on our plate with the feral vegans from safe lying and threatening our being in conjunction with their complicit leftwing media dawks.

  • Rick H

    They would be far more help to the planet if instead they headed off to the Somali coast to rid us of the Pirates.

  • marcus

    LOL ok so how did you turn Illegal fishing operations into “legal” fishing operations?? how does that work? Best to go back to the drawing board on this article. And those people who throw around the word “terrorist” to describe a group who are actually trying to save lives obviously are a few sandwiches short of a picnic. Obviously you wouldn’t know a True terrorist even if they slapped you in the face.

    • J Subz

      How are they trying to “save lives”? All they are doing is disrupting a legal fishing industry.

      • marcus

        Since the 1990s up to 6x the allowed catch has been taken Illegally by illegal fishing boats. i dont get how you dont understand the huge issue there is with the ILLEGAL taking of this “White Gold”

      • marcus

        They are Not targeting licenced boats only Illegally fishing vessels. the Australian Navy chased an illegal fishing vessel halfway to south America then brought it back to an Australian port and charged them for Illegally targeting Toothfish.

  • Simon

    Think Slates might have received some yen for this one….

  • sarah

    With there out of control actions how damaging would it be if one of the ships were breached and oil started spilling into the pure unspoiled waters of Antarctica? How many marine wildlife and environment be damaged? They are an accident waiting to happen

    • marcus

      Their actions are Never “out of control” the skippers are very experienced. The ships are Ice class and Sea Shepherd do everything they can to avoid collisions in Antarctica. But they wont back down either. These are poachers they are trying to stop. You need to point the finger at the poachers.

  • marcus

    The tactic they use is to get up the Factory ship Slipway and stay
    there. There really isnt anything else they need to do. And its not
    dangerous at all. Then everything that happens around that is usually
    caused by the Harpoon ships coming in and trying to Get them away from
    the Slipway. You getting in your car each day is a lot more
    Dangerous. You are talking about large slow moving ice class ships that
    are built like tanks and skippers that know what they are doing. Thank
    god they didnt just sit back and watch while these poachers killed
    Whales each year. Life is dangerous. You just do the best you can