Cry Baby of the Week

Not only has this guy turned up to the Christchurch Casino, drunk and argumentative – admitting he was “not entirely blameless in the encounter” – but when he got his beans he went crying about it to the MSM.

He must’ve been carrying on like a right wally because he got himself arrested and spent the night in the cells, presumably to detox, before being released with a warning, but now it’s everybody else’s fault.

The cops viewed the footage and spoke to witnesses that weren’t off their face, and said no case to answer.

He even got it reviewed by a senior policeman – same same.

And now this youth worker, a married father of two, wants everybody to know what a prize fool he was by running crying to the complicit MSM, complaining he was “mistreated”.

If I was ever stupid enough to be in that situation, I’d go home to lick my wounds and reflect on the consequences of being an idiot.

Christchurch Casino bouncers face fresh criticism over their handling of intoxicated patrons, this time from a man who sustained two broken ribs.

The 33-year-old youth worker and father-of-two was refused entry into the central city casino due to intoxication on October 18.

He said that when he denied being drunk, the bouncers responded with violence.  

He ended up with two broken ribs as well as injuries to both arms and his right ankle in the altercation that followed, he said.

The man laid a complaint with police, who investigated but decided not to lay charges after watching security footage and interviewing those involved.

He is considering a private prosecution.

Footage emerged weeks ago showing security guards bringing a patron to the ground outside the casino’s Mashina Lounge and pushing his head into a gutter.

Christchurch Casino chief executive Brett Anderson said that he believed the degree of force used by the security guards in that incident was fair. Anderson also defended the bouncers over the latest complaint.

The youth worker, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said security guards placed him in a headlock and pushed him against a taxi.

A “big unit” from Mashina Lounge “did a martial arts move on me that sent me flying two metres into the road,” he said.

The man was arrested and spent a night in the police cells before he was released with a warning.

He said X-rays taken the following day confirmed he had two broken ribs on his right side.

What is it with the MSM, if they aren’t pimping the poor they are cuddling the criminally stupid.

Good luck with the private prosecution…bet they don;t give you name suppression with that little stunt.


– Fairfax


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  • Alright

    Mr Youth Worker: hhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa!. You idiot.,

  • Eddie Nunns


  • Greg M

    He was being a dick, he got his arse kicked, nothing to see here. Well done MSM.

  • Reaper

    “He ended up with two broken ribs as well as injuries to both arms and his right ankle in the altercation that followed, he said.”

    So the injuries to his arms and ankle were not broken bones or anything, just bruises? Perhaps due to staggering around that drunk that a bouncer picked it up?

    ‘Youth worker’ too. So taxpayers are paying this guy’s salary to act as some sort of mentor to young people.

  • caochladh

    You would have to question this Muppet’s value as a “youth worker” when this is the sort of example he is setting. I would hope his employers are having a serious conversation with him about his future.

  • Eddie

    Clearly another example of an overly-policed state where violence from those in power hurts those poor souls in oppressed positions. The bouncer was clearly better trained and equipped and wasn’t even hurt while the youth (worker) was defenceless and severely hurt by the aggressor.
    I move that we never use force ever again and rather sing songs of peace while handing daisy-chains to all those who might be a little offensive. Let this be a lesson to us all.

  • Wallace Westland

    Idiot entitled muppet. I bounced for years and I have no sympathy.
    However if I had been him I’d have at least had enough brains to
    1) Take my lumps
    2) Come up with a good yarn as to how I got my lumps (you should see the other guy!)
    3) Stay as far away as possible from the Big Unit with the kung fu moves!

  • JC

    Until he identifies himself lets idly fill in some gaps that we know we’ll see on his facebook page.

    He will belong to or identify strongly with a minority race group

    His page will be filled with stuff about “I can’t breath”

    His comments will be about how the authorities have it in for the youth he works with

    He will possibly say it could have been his son killed in Fergusen.

    He will have marched for some cause in the recent past


    • FredFrog

      And either he, or his kids, will suffer from SFNS.

  • Kelvinmyhero

    Let’s hope this idiot gets his day in court and it is proven that he was totally to blame for what happened. This should then prompt his employer to review his position, just like sportsmen who transgress and get pilloried for setting a bad example to today’s ‘youth’.

  • Michael_l_c

    What legal reasons are there for not naming him. Being a woos is not a legal reason.
    No court order, not being prosecuted, you have to wonder. More likely he knows his employment would be in jeopardy & the msm help out to get the story.
    Needs to harden up.

    • Teletubby

      It is a strange one, it kind of implies he has name suppression in relation to the incident, which kind of implies he has been changed with something. Or is “legal reasons” a euphemism for “I’ll only talk to you if you don’t name me”

  • Timboh

    Thank God he wasn’t one of the ‘many’ who have been subjected to extra terrestrial kidnapping, space flights, alien encounters and don’t forget the probing because if he was then a catastrophe worse than ‘Mar’s attacks’ would have happened when they thought we were all this stupid.

  • Imogen B

    You can mock the guy all you want, but I bet we’re picking up his legal costs!

  • Kimbo

    “Youth Worker”. Translation, Used to be unemployed but cried alot and got a job in some taxpayer funded dodgy work scheme pampering to the unemployed and unemployable.