Cry Baby of the Week

Cry Baby of the Week: Recovering alcoholic Mario Marzola, of Picton, is outraged over a display of a wine bottle in the Blenheim Work and Income office.

Cry Baby of the Week: Recovering alcoholic Mario Marzola, of Picton, is outraged over a display of a wine bottle in the Blenheim Work and Income office.

People are outraged over all sorts of things these days, but check the outrage of this cry baby of the week.

A recovering alcoholic says a new display at the Blenheim Work and Income office which simulates wine pouring from a bottle is putting his sobriety to the test.

Picton man Mario Marzola said he found the display, near the centre of the office, highly offensive and undermining for recovering alcoholics.

The display features a wine barrel with a bottle of wine on top, tipped over and pouring water into a glass.

“Winz deal with people with addictions all the time. You get people in there who are really struggling with addiction. You shouldn’t advertise it [drinking] to them,” Marzola said.

Oh dear lord how will he cope?

What happens when he walks past a bottle store? Does he go on a rampage, his sobriety in tatters as a result of advertising?

He first saw the display on Monday when handing in paperwork for his sickness benefit, he said. Looking at the display while waiting in line brought on a desire to break his sobriety. “I’ve struggled with this [addiction] all my life. I’ve been sober for four years, and I think this display is totally inappropriate.”  

Marlborough Addiction Services district manager Eileen Varley said government departments should be mindful of people struggling with addiction.

“It’s really hard [for recovering addicts], especially at this time of the year and any little thing can spark them off. I can see where he [Marzola] is coming from. I’m sure it wasn’t their [Winz] intention to create a problem, but as government departments we need to be mindful of those struggling with addiction.”

And what is the display all about?

A Ministry of Social Development spokeswoman said the display was installed two weeks ago and promoted a cellarhand course.

“[The display] is part of the promotional display which includes a large poster promoting the industry course and vine leaves. No alcohol is used in the display.”

The spokeswoman said it was intended to encourage jobseekers to inquire about an industry partnership course which had been run successfully for four years. “[It] will be removed once the course is filled which we expect will be in the New Year,” the spokeswoman said.

Oh that’s right…Marlborough is one of our premier wine making regions…with jobs available…and WINZ is advertising course to enable you to get a job in the industry.

But oh no, Mr Pisshead wants it removed.

However, Marzola is demanding it be removed immediately.

What next? People suffering RSI outraged that WINZ has keyboards to process their applications?

I’m surprised this moron is out of jail at the moment.

A example of the bottom of the barrel.


– The Marlborough Express


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  • Hard1

    How did this get to the media ?. I’d love to know. A friend has epilepsy set off by fluorescent lights.

  • Wheninrome

    I love the “struggling with this addiction all my life” it presents all sorts of images. Alcohol from the breast of his mother, drinks at kindergarten, etc.,
    When does he feel his life started, has it in fact started?
    Did it start when he first signed on for a benefit?
    There are people who genuinely struggle ALL their life with medical conditions from birth.

  • Will Travers

    Sounds like a regular winer.

    • Justsayn

      Beerly funny.

      • Will Travers

        Scraping the bottom of the aforementioned barrel for sure!

        • Will Travers

          Probably feels he has had a rum deal in life.

          • Davo42

            Enough of the booze puns, I can’t beer anymore.

    • Show some Christmas spirit.

    • burns_well_eh

      He deserves a chorus of boos

    • Saggy

      Glass-half-full sort of guy. Needs to fortify himself against his alement.

      • Will Travers

        3 in one sentence, that’s good going!

  • Justsayn

    Quite right Mr Marzola! We should be thankful that he doesn’t suffer Ergophobia – that could wipe WINZ out completely… or maybe he does, who knows.

  • Just a thought….

    Here’s an idea, all be it a radical one – go and get a job and then you won’t have to go to the WINZ office and be all offended. Opps, no sorry that won’t work for him as the place he gets a job might have Friday drinkies……… Best you just stay on the benefit and keep trying to dictate to everyone else you weak and somewhat ( no, totally irrelevant ) ideas…….

    • peterwn

      He could work at a vinyard. Turn up at 4pm or so for a full days wage – so the parable says.

  • Never in the dark…..

    I wonder if he’s the one who complained about the stupid ‘no beersies’ campaign on telly.

  • 1951

    The greatest gift a parent can give their child, teach them to take responsibility for themselves. This guy is a classic case of never having learnt how.

    • dgrogan

      Reminds me of those cigarette smokers who, when asked why they won’t give up smoking reply: “I’m addicted”.

      Disclosure: Reformed smoker.

      • 1951

        Same here.

  • Kip_Dynamite

    I’m highly offended my tax dollar (you know, the one I work to earn) keeps going to fund morons like this.

    I request that the Government stop that offensive behaviour immediately!

  • Woody

    I know my rights.

    Sorry, it seems I don’t actually have any, I am a taxpayer working full time and I understand that rights are only for those with their hands in my pockets.

  • Markus Aurelius

    How is that a display at an office issue and the kilometres of grapevines and wineries he drives past on the way to Blenheim not? Why isn’t he demanding the winemakers rip all their vines out and shut up shop too lest he be tempted? Whys he on the sickness benefit anyway?

  • Whitey

    “…any little thing can spark them off…” Sorry, I have no sympathy for people who can’t be bothered to exert even a small amount of willpower.

    • Kip_Dynamite

      Willpower and work ethic are missing in equal measure.

  • HogsWorth

    It’s a wonder Winz allowed him in to their offices with his weapons conviction of 2012?

  • T. Akston

    What an ungrateful self centred prat.

  • island time

    “No alcohol is used in the display.” = there were no grapes harmed for this display………… That’s a relief

  • Tony

    Maybe he could be appeased with a cash payout……probably what he’s aiming for!

    • Mark

      He already gets a cash payout…every damn week, courtesy of the NZ taxpayer…

  • Mark

    Does he sit in front of the TV, remote in hand, ready to switch off as soon as a scene appears involving the consumption of alcohol? I seriously doubt it…

  • metalnwood

    Seems like we ducked a close on here. Imagine what could have happened if the winz person suggested he went on that course.

    • Kevin

      And no doubt one of the idiots at WINZ would have.

  • phronesis

    Surprised he didn’t complain about the potplants in the office given he has previously been convicted of growing pot plants

  • richard.b

    The real question would be why should WINZ need to promote a course.
    Shouldn’t they grab the first 20 names who would be suitable for the course off the list and say ‘Do this’. If they won’t then their payments are reviewed (stopped?)

  • cmm

    This bloke is never a “recovering alcoholic”.

    Step one to recovery is to take full responsibility. You cannot do that unless you stop playing the victim card. You need to change, not society. If you continue to look for excuses and other people to blame you are not yet recovering.

    My father has been an alcoholic for 60 years. I have the greatest respect for those that take their problem by the throat and fight it.The successful ones them try to blame anyone for their problem.

  • wooted

    This guy is not a recovering alcoholic, going by his recent convictions for disorderly conduct and growing cannabis, and his reaction to the display of a wine bottle.

    “Recovery” implies abstinence of both alcohol and drugs, and a programme to deal with life’s issues without the use of mind altering substances.

    Disclosure: I am a recovering alcoholic.

  • Timboh

    Is this the famous Mario Paul Marzola, 43, of Renwick?

    • Mark

      He’d be closer to 46 now…

  • SP

    I’m afraid I totally disagree, a nominee certainly but surely Bradley Ambrose is cry baby of the week?!

  • D.Dave

    If he can’t cope, why is he living in the premier wine region? Oh, I forgot, he is whining….