Daily Roundup


And still they can’t let it go.  This story is now in its 3rd week.

Truth is, I sell papers.  

afsdfThe pettiness is… well, at least not constructive.


Tiso and Fran are mates.    Seems an odd match.  Good to have it out in the open though.


Fran and Helen now.   Some odd “mate”-ships from a business editor columnist at the Herald.








Awww, homesick lorry.



That’s because thinking people have given up on Twitter.  92% is lefties and media.  But I repeat myself.



Winston Peters tweeted the above – thinks the OSH requirements are “Nanny State”.  Some wag suggested Winston was just not happy to see leaks shut down.





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  • All_on_Red

    I suspect Vance misheard Key. He probably said ” because I didn’t buy the paper”.
    So Fran is besties with Tiso and Kelly. Sort of explains how Dita de Boni ended up as the NZH’ s business reporter.

  • Nige.

    Re the top cartoon: OH PAAH-LEEEASE (please dragged out)…Im sure those on the right are just sh-shaking in their boots.

    On the bright side, its good that they managed to capture his anger…and made sure that there was spittle shown.

    • EveryWhichWayButLeft

      Looks like he’s inherited the Cunliffe’s clown shoes too. Seems appropriate.

      • NoEyeDeer

        .. and why is he carrying a case with a big L on it. Does he normally do that? Is that supposed to say he means business?
        Is that how socialists view the ideal leader?
        Or perhaps it’s because he reminds me of the small minded career civil servant who likes stepping on the shoulders of giants to get ahead?

        NB: I know of some career civil servants who are a credit to the nation; they would know the particular type I mean.

  • Cowgirl

    The obviousness of the MSM’s conspiracy to start pushing the lines about Little and the “arrogance” of the National government, is really starting to peeve me off. Obviously they assume we are all as stupid as they are.

    • Nige.

      strange thing is though…that we had a poll on whether we liked this sort of carry-on or not…

      • OneTrack

        The MSM didn’t like the answer that was given.

    • wooted

      It will be interesting to see what the polls say.

  • Dave

    Re Frans Tweet, I see she maed it home for an extended time with the commie mates:

  • armotur

    Little seems to have testicles well placed either side of his trouser zip. Those boots are made for walking, but he is going in the wrong direction, he should be directing his force to cleaning out old labour if he is to make any real impact. Silly cartoon. Get it right!

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Actually the best joke is that the communists and socialists of the MSM and the new worshippers of Andrew Little think he is Messiah V3.0 (Cunliffe was V2.0) and he can slay John Key. This is the guy who can’t even win over one electorate….

    My request to Whale Oil – Please stand by John Key and National despite their stupidity. The alternative will take this country back by 100 years….A fourth term for John Key in 2017 will split Labour and also finish off the toxic Greens.

    • Wallace Westland

      Unless Key uses this term to start winding back the excesses of the previous Labour mob he can pretty much forget my vote.
      I don’t give a rats nounou about asset sales and the TPP. Those won’t make me or mine better off.
      Until I see the brakes put on rampant immigration and their unfettered access to benefits along with middle class bludging like WFF and interest free student loans then all I see is one lot of socialists replacing another.

      • But which lot would you like governing?

    • NoEyeDeer

      Yeah / Nah in regards to standing by JK and National. All politicians should be under scrutiny, it’s our tax dollars they are playing with after all. WOBH is an equal rights hassler of numpty politicians, long shall it reign!

  • ozbob68

    Little seems like the Messiah simply because he has not yet stuffed up. The longer he goes on being sensible, the more I think the opposition may start to look credible (now acting credible, a whole nother leap).

    • wooted

      He only looks good when compared with the previous three or four Labour leaders, but then so would anyone with half a brain and the personality of a potted geranium.

  • Pete

    A message to Paddy Gower, You seem to think you can tell the PM what contacts he can have as well !

    You show pony !

  • LesleyNZ

    Judith’s column in the SST was serious stuff. We all thought the asbestos scare was bad news – now builders and others who use linea board and similar product could be breathing in a fine concrete like dust because health and safety warnings are being ignored. Jealous journalists, politicians and trade unionists should NEVER scoff about this in tweets. Shame on them.

  • DemocKot

    I see Fran is over in Russia by her twitter account? if she is she should sign up with either RT TV or Sputnik News, they are full of bias and she would fit in well….

  • Thersites

    Me and the Herald go back a long way … as a student in the 1970s I worked night shift in the printing/packing department. Finally pulled the plug last week. A pity to see what was once a fine newspaper degenerate to that extent.