Daily Roundup


A relic about a relic.   The thought someone thought this was a good idea at the time is even more disturbing.



At least the Greens can’t complain.





Another reason to read FREED:  It can’t kill you during delivery.



Not sure if SAS getting awards for “gallantry” is right.  How about rat cunning and low bastardry?



BREAKING:   Police have one of Auckland’s berms under control.



Women in Constuction:  It’s a good fit.  /facepalm






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  • Sally

    I was a woman in construction in the 70’s. One of a kind. Also can thank a local MP for helping me get the job.

    • Dave

      A national Mp who helped you?

      • Sally

        Yep. Dad helped him with his campaigning, He wrote a reference. The job was with the Ministry of Works.

  • Pete

    Listening and watching the Baptist Minister story unfold today, it quickly became obvious it is nothing more than a media beat up. After all, wouldn’t you have thought the reporters would have done a bit of digging and told us all at the time the guy is nothing more than a head case with a website ??? ..and is no more a minister than I am a Dutchman.! Also, why would intrepid little man on the ground reporter Maddy Tin Tin Mc Lean be in touch, especially after the guy told the other “out there” reporter to go and top himself.?

    It sort of sums up the cartoon earlier today about the newspapers….the arse is falling out of them just as it is the C grade “celebrity” news bunnies.!

    Just a nonsense story from a bunch of desperate idiots, that want to be the news.!!

    • Taking your lead, I now don’t believe you’re not a Dutchman unless I see your birth certificate.

      • Pete

        I shall go and find it……! (“,)

  • andrewo

    Tom – now please wash your hands

  • Jp

    Is Roger Sutton the MC the one who did hugs in the workplace?

  • Honcho

    I can think of so many things wrong with that woman in contruction flier, its not that its a not a noble endeavour, more the characters who are behind this, ‘change management specialists’ ‘human resources’ ‘management consultants’ …. they are only missing someone who has actually had anything to do with the construction industry, there are absolutely no barriers to any sex, race or creed within the industry. It is male dominated so expect banter, as any bloke would expect knitting circles if they moved into a female dominated industry …. one final word, if you see anyone with a discredited pseudoscience like neuro linguistic programming on their C.V. … run!!!! (for those who don’t know, it is to psychology, what homeopathy is to medicine)

  • Hard1

    That Police picture, “I’ll release the safety and you shoot the fruitfly’ is ripe for a caption contest.

  • GMAK

    Do we have a minister for men?

    • Dave

      Shadow Labour minister for Men is Grant Robertson.

      • Wallace Westland

        Not in my shadow he ain’t!

  • R2D2

    Yeah well, to be fair, how would this read: “Guys, come and join our awesome construction team, and then we can also see if the tee-shirts fit well”

  • Having been in the construction game, those that need help to get into it don’t last in it.

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    The badge for Helen Clark might of meant she was starring in the movie ‘ Babe ‘